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How SEO Helps in Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is critical to reaching success in an online business. However, many people don’t know how exactly it can be helpful in their marketing plan. For example, everyone knows that SEO defines a business’s online presence, but knowing how potential customers find you is unclear but critical information.


Figuring out the different strategies you need to rank higher and reach a large audience is thus the only way to deliver your message to customers and increase the chance of getting a desired response.

How to Use SEO to Advance Your Digital Marketing

One can integrate SEO into digital marketing strategy in a wide range of ways. This is explained by the fact that SEO approach became more holistic and outlined specific areas in which collaborates with other disciplines.

1. Content Strategy

High-quality content is a must in today’s online business. It also happens to be a critical SEO asset that takes most of the budget allocated by companies on optimization. Together, SEO and a strong content strategy can significantly increase the quality of online presence of a business and enhance its authority and image.

For example, SEO defines the characteristics of a content strategy that allows to get noticed.  A holistic content strategy based on a thorough SEO research identifies target audience, their needs and preferences, types of content they want to consume, unique expertise delivered by a business, and how the expertise can be matched to the audience’s needs.

Studying characteristics of high-performing content is an excellent example of how SEO and digital marketing collaborate to deliver better results. For example, one of the characteristics is the average word count of a Google first page result. It is 1,890 words, according to Backlinko.


2. Social Media Marketing

If SEO strategy and social media program are not in line, a business will not accomplish the goals of enhancing online presence. For example, a lack of social media effort results in a loss of traffic that could be generated through social shares.

Additionally, social media marketing could serve as an indicator of the performance of the content strategy. For example, if the content one share on social media doesn’t enjoy the attention of the online community, then one needs to make changes to content strategy.

3. Conversion

A business can improve organic results if it combines the power of SEO and conversion tactics. For example, if one is able to match a great user experience with the right content strategy, more satisfied customers will demonstrate desired behaviors.

To achieve this goal, businesses use heat maps. They can improve SEO in various ways. According to Crazy Egg, it can help to determine ideal content length and structure, test the structure and elements of a website’s pages, improve internal links, optimize image placement with scrollmaps, boost conversions, and engage outbound links and related posts.

4. Paid Search

There are two goals that can be achieved by combining content strategy and SEO: gain organic traffic and tackle expensive keywords. By facilitating collaboration between SEO teams and paid search experts, a business can deliver effective optimization of landing pages, content strategy, and keyword plans.

“Our company conducts two meetings per week between SEO expert and paid search experts,” says Kenny Wang, a marketing head at AWriter. “We discovered that brainstorming of these two teams resulted in resolving most of the issues they faced.”

5. Website Development

Digital marketing success can be achieved by a close collaboration between SEO experts and web developers. There are a number of critical areas that can be addressed by this collaboration, including knowledge sharing, speed optimization, mobile optimization, and technical audit.

All these areas are important for ensuring a perfect user experience, and therefore, reaching business goals.

6. Public Relations

SEO strategy can benefit from effective online reputation management. For example, feedback is an important tool in a toolbox of any SEO expert because it allows to prevent their business’s website from collecting negative reputation.

By listening to the feedback, one can find out what kind of content the people don’t like so one can avoid using it in their digital marketing.

How to Create an SEO Strategy that Works


To make SEO work for your business, one needs to begin thinking of it as a rapidly-evolving tool that needs to collaborate with all other strategies. It can become a tool for tracking the performance of a business.

Here are the areas that you should address to create an SEO strategy that enhances your digital marketing strategy.

  • Identify Target Audience. When SEO became a buzz word, it was mainly about attracting as much traffic as possible. Today, however, businesses employ a more focused approach and target specific groups of customers who have the biggest value for the business. Google Analytics is the perfect tool for identifying them.
  • Identify Needs of Target Audience. The browsing habits of online customers have been evolving rapidly in the recent years, and they affect keywords in a big way. By focusing on SEO, one can generate more traffic, focus on those that translate into conversions, revenues, and profits.
  • Convert Social Media into a Profitable Marketing Channel. Everyone knows how important social media is to business success because users begin Internet search there. By creating highly relevant, useful, and interesting content, a business can increase conversion and greatly enhance digital marketing strategy.
  • Create Quality Content. SEO experts together with content producers are the ones that provide content that boosts traffic. They focus on facilitating the conditions that create positive behaviors on the site; for example, they produce natural, easy-to-consume, and focused content that target audience needs.
  • Conduct Analysis of Ranking. Search engine ranking is a strong indicator of the performance of the digital marketing strategy. For example, a business may track relevant website metrics including organic traffic, organic bounce rate, organic conversion rate, top exit pages for organic traffic, and many more others.

Wrapping Up

SEO overlaps with many important areas of digital marketing, so it can be a great help to achieve better results. It’s an art to the visibility, so one cannot achieve high performance without mastering it. So, work on SEO on a constant basis to make a difference in your digital marketing strategy.

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