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Top 10 Online Marketing Tips That’ll Rule in 2014

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Whether you own a small business or are keen towards honing the success rate of your established organization, choosing the right online marketing strategy is necessary. Internet is the world of opportunities.


You can definitely take full advantage of different web-based marketing trends that have been ruling in the years that have passed. Through this post, I’ll make you familiar with ten of the best online marketing tips that’ll rule in the year 2014.

What Does Online Marketing Entail?

Online Marketing refers to the act of utilizing the features of Internet for promoting the products and services offered by a business organization. Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are considered two main channels of online marketing that help a business promote itself online. While the Pay Per Click technique involves advertising wherein the advertiser only pays when his/her ad is clicked, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the technique of increasing the visibility of a website by achieving higher rankings in search engine results. Web marketing or online marketing ensures that your business will attain maximum recognition over the Internet.

Online Marketing Tips That’ll Conquer The Business World in 2014

Tip 1: Go Mobile

With Mobiles becoming one of the major promotional tools used by both, small as well as big enterprises, it’s recommended to build mobile-ready websites. Once you’ve a mobile-compatible website, it’ll become convenient for you to find customers who’re genuinely interested in purchasing your products and services. As a business owner, you must make sure your website looks good on every smartphone or tablet, that’d be used by the targeted customers. Mobiles will survive and definitely undergo more improvements in the year 2014, making it vital for you to have a website that loads perfectly on mobile devices.

Tip 2: Build a Rock-Solid Social Media Presence

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg etc. can be effectively utilized for gathering customers from different corners of the world. By promoting your business via these social media platforms, it becomes convenient for you to respond to customers’ queries without having to pick up the phone or worry as to whether the customer is actually seeing your response.

Tip 3: Indulge in Massive Content Sharing, Across Channels

Teasers work best for business promotion. While the year 2014 will witness great levels of business competition, it’d be beneficial to cross-pollinate your content with teaser links across media channels including Facebook, YouTube etc. You may even post teasers about your content on social media sites that’ll hence help you fetch crucial clients.

Tip 4: Pay Due Attention to What People are Saying About You and Your Business and Opt for Online Reputation Management Services, if Required

Running an online marketing strategy is not that simple as it sounds to be. There are times when people might speak negative about you or your business. Hence, as an alert entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to pay special attention to everything that’s being said about you and your business online. If you detect some negativity spread against you then hiring an online reputation management expert is what can save you from falling a prey to such adverse conditions.

Tip 5: Enhance Your Website Content

Google has started giving preference to websites that contain useful and high quality content. If your website still has an outdated content then it’s high time to overhaul each and every detail that’s been included in different web pages. Doing this would improve your site’s chances for being noticed by Google and hence being featured on Google’s first page.

Tip 6: Don’t Forget to Opt for Google Analytics

For a strong online presence in 2014, its crucial for you to be fluent in using the Google Analytics tool. You must be able to analyze, understand and evaluate your online marketing strategy for gathering higher customer traffic. Relying on your online marketing team won’t serve the purpose, you’ll be required to learn Google Analytics yourself. This would aid you in doing a routine check of the online marketing techniques that are being executed for your business website.

Tip 7: Don’t Compromise on Growth in the Wake of Earning Profits

The year 2014 is going to be fruitful for all those businesspersons who’re capable of taking full advantage of web marketing tools. While the sole aim of a business is to gain profits, you must never adopt a state of paralysis when it comes to planning for the future. Focusing on profits while ignoring the planning part is what can restrain you from achieving long-term business goals.

Tip 8: Build a 100% Complete and Accurate Listings Presence

Whether it’s Google, Bing, MSN, or, you should ensure that your business appears on these business listing websites. Following this web marketing approach will help you in determining whether consumers reviewing your listing come to you for making a purchase. Make sure to provide complete and accurate business information to grab the attention of genuinely interested consumers.

Tip 9: Indulge in Email Marketing

Emails have and will always continue to remain one of the best web marketing tools. You may use your email list to remind your customers of the sale deadlines, festive discounts, free shipping etc. Maintaining a good client relationship via emails is considered helpful for ensuring returning customers.

Tip 10: Try Engaging Customers in Person

While online tools work best for achieving marketing success, engaging in person will enable you to create a lasting impression upon your clients’ minds. You may consider hosting an open house, a product launch event or some other type of event to create awareness about your business. Doing this will definitely assist you in strengthening relationships with your clients.


So, this was a list of ten most beneficial online marketing tips that’ll truly prove valuable for all entrepreneurs who’re worried about reaching new business heights in the year ahead.

If you’ve any questions to ask or want to share your web marketing experiences with me, please go ahead and filling in the comments box below. I’d be happy to know about your experiences.

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