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SEO or PPC: Which One is Correct for Good Advertising?

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Every businessman wants to enhance their Google rankings to get more and more traffic to their website and to improve their business profits. The thing is everybody wants to but nobody knows how they are going to do this. Some people think that SEO is the best method for having good advertisements and making your business popular in the online world. But on the other hand some people say that PPC is considered as the best way of making your business popular in the online world.


When you ask an SEO executive, he/she will say that both are important for advertising your business online. It is obvious that when you will go for both you will get good results but still if we need to find which one is best amongst the two then we have to compare both the practices.

Here in this post we are going to compare both the practices and will tell you which one should you opt for.

Using SEO as your advertising tool, what are the Benefits?

SEO is a continuous process that you have to perform on a regular basis if you want to see good results. The best part about SEO is that it is available for free and anybody can perform it. The only thing required is how you perform and you should only use organic methods for having fruitful results.


The only thing you have to contribute with your SEO is put in the quality content and you will reach the position one automatically. But if we talk about PPC, you need a huge amount of money to make your PPC campaign work for you.

When you decide to go for a PPC campaign you have to set your budget that is going to cost you for having an impressive campaign. Your decision has to be based on your complete advertising budget and on your average CPC. These factors will help you get the traffic that you might be able to gain through PPC. If you are not going through a PPC campaign then you might be wondering to take help from SEO services in India as they are more affordable and is easy to advertise.

Adding more to the advantages of SEO we can say that it helps your website to enhance:

  • It helps you to have a better and more user-friendly websites.
  • SEO helps you to explore new markets. You will be able to reach to your global and potential audience easily.
  • Your website will be able to achieve much better conversion rates using SEO only.
  • SEO brings out much better rankings and all these brandings will help you in improving your brand awareness. This awareness will be highly useful in getting more customers.
  • SEO always help you in building a dedicated fan base with the help of a newsletter.
  • SEO strategies help you in keeping synch with all the latest developments.
  • The best part about taking help from SEO strategies is that because of good rankings your business is available to the users and visitors 24*7.
  • SEO is the best way of exploring social media. You can use social media marketing, search engine marketing and lots more using SEO.

What PPC has to say? Let’s find

PPC helps you to get more consistent traffic. In earlier times it was believed that SEO is more consistent because people used to put good quality content on the website and it used to help them in getting high amount of traffic for years. Unlike PPC that cost you a lot will produce similar results.


If we talk about SEO, the problems that are faced by SEO is the algorithms updates that are implemented by the Google. There is no doubt that all the updates given by Google are only designed to aid high quality websites and they will lower the traffic towards the low quality websites. These updates are not foolproof but they will result in some high quality websites that will get affected by the process. All this tells us that even if you design wonderful websites with good quality content and to achieve high traffic, you might always be under the threat of getting penalized by the search engines, this will make it harder to gather traffic to your website. Using PPC you do not have to worry about all this because you are controlling all your campaign with your budget.

Adding to the benefits of PPC, it says:

  • You can always measure your results with PPC.
  • You are the owner and you know what ads you are going to play on your PPC campaign.
  • The best thing about PPC is that it is a controlled campaign. You can manage the way you want it to be.
  • You can always keep your competitors off the top listings to make sure what all is going on.
  • PPC will provide you immediate results. It is okay if you have to spend some money for PPC campaigns but you can always get immediate results with PPC.
  • PPC is a non-intrusive which means that it is permission based marketing.
  • Using PPC you can always monitor the ROI of your website and business.
  • With the help of PPC you can always track on your conversions.
  • Using PPC you can always pay as you go.
  • With this PPC you can always pause and restart with your will.
  • You have to pay only pay per click and there will be no cost for you unless you receive any visitor.
  • You can always monitor your performance.

At the end the best solution is to use both as your advertising tool but if you still have to make a choice between the two then SEO will be considered as best to get more traffic. Once you get the desired traffic and visitors on your website, earn good profits and then combine your SEO practices with PPC campaign and enjoy the advantages of both.

Author: Anna Brown

Anna Brown is working as a web designer and a blogger with the leading digital marketing agency, Xperts Infosoft. Her major area of job lies with reading and finding new techniques to raise the rankings of websites on Google. Also she manages with the official blogs of the company and writes posts related to SEO and online marketing to tell her readers about the new ways.

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