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How to Make Money Online Like It’s Your Business

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Many people love to have a small online side-hustle to supplement their monthly income and help them afford a much nicer lifestyle than they could otherwise have. There are many ways you could set up your own little profit haven in this manner. Want to know more? Here are some things you could do.


Invest Wisely

Smartphones and new tech have helped countless people to build their own investment portfolios when they otherwise would not have had the option to. It is now easier than ever to get started with the money maker scheme and you don’t even need to be a financial whizz to do it.


All you need to do is look for an app or service which offers a robo-advisor. Services which offer this, make investing all the easier as the robo-advisor is the one who handles all the financial planning. While you as the account owner have all the control you can let the robo-advisor do its job and seek out the best investment opportunities for you. If you are concerned about anything, just get in touch with one of the human advisors instead.

As long as you remember that investments are not always completely sound and able to give you a return, there is no reason why you cannot get started with your own investment portfolio today. Look into some of the opportunities out there for you now.

Start a Blog

You can literally blog about any interest you might have. Whether it is an interest in rare books or travel tips for single women, or even just a love letter to the area you live in, there are niches for blogs ready to be filled all over the internet. Blogging is fun and can connect you with a whole host of new people you could never imagine having met before.


If you are interested in blogging, you should start to set up some affiliate links as soon as you can when your pages have come together. Affiliate links are super easy to use; you just link to a product you like and if someone visiting the site buys a product through your link, you receive a little bit of commission from the broker. It is very easy to find affiliate links for great websites like Amazon, and it can be a great way for you to passively pick up some income.

Blogging can be done anywhere at any time. If you are on the hunt for something which fits around a busy work schedule or time with your kids or even time travelling, a blog might be just what you are looking for.



Starting your own YouTube channel can be a little like launching a business in that it requires a lot of time and dedication both mentally and financially but it can deliver some great results if you can build an audience.

From commentary channels, to gaming channels, to beauty gurus and more, YouTube offers a diverse platform for content creators to dive into and all you really need to get started is a camera and something to think about. If you can hit the big time, you might very well want to transform this into your fulltime job. Ad revenue can give a lot of money to begin with and you can then earn even more with sponsorship deals and affiliate links similar to the ones which bloggers use. Why not combine a YouTube channel with a blog for maximum impact? It can be a great way to ensure that you are hitting as much of the market as you can while allowing you to get a feel for content creation across a variety of mediums.

Reuse, Resell

While eBay was the first, there are now plenty of resell shops online where people can make money selling on unwanted goods and clothing. Sites like Depop even allow you to customise your shop to make it a little more personable. If you are someone who never likes to wear the same outfit twice, you could manage to make a little on the side while constantly turning your wardrobe over.

Those who do best on Depop emulate real stores and offer personalised experiences which consumers love. If you have an eye for fashion and love nothing more than scouring a vintage shop for a great piece at the weekend, you might want to give this kind of moneymaking a try. It requires a little time and effort but allows you to indulge in a passion for shopping and fashion without completely breaking your bank.



If you have a way with words, you should definitely take a look at copywriting as a way to make a little extras money. There are sites all over the internet which allow you to sign up and offer your services as a writer. You could end up writing about anything and it can easily fit around other commitments like college or a job. It is one of the most flexible ways for you to earn some extra money on the internet.

There are even specialist sites for things like travel. If you are particularly knowledgeable about a certain country or city, you should definitely consider finding one of these sites which cater for your expertise. There might also be jobs available as an editor or translator if writing isn’t exactly your cup of tea. The internet is always going to need new articles and web pages and there are plenty of ways you can get involved in this aspect of its creation.

These are just some of the ways you can make some money online in a side-hustle. Most of these routes do require a little dedication on your part but you can’t make money from nothing. If you are ready to start earning from a side-hustle online, any of these options would be fantastic for you. Take a close look at each one and decide if any of them would suit your lifestyle today.

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