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How To Make Money Online through Copy and Paste Data Entry Systems

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Online data entry has come to be one of the popular “make money at home” business niches and as in every lucrative business niche the copying, pasting and entering of data niche also has its highs and lows. The highs of online data entry consists of:

  • Flexibility: As a data entry specialist or worker, your time is yours and you can choose to use copy and pasting opportunities to compliment your monthly income or you could make online data entry your full time job.
  • No extra knowledge needed: Data entry jobs basically consists of copy and pasting, filling forms and the arrangement of data in a given format with the use of software applications like Ms Word etc. Which makes performing these tasks possible without the need for formal training.


The lows of data entry has also been well documented on the Internet and some rightly or wrongly believe it may not be all it is perceived to be. Some people believe that all or most online data entry jobs are:

  • Scams: The amount of fraudulent sites on the net offering copy and paste data entry jobs has given data entry a bad name.
  • Not worth the time due to the perceived low money making capabilities of online data entry.

But I would try to erase some of the doubts you may have about data entry including the points listed above by providing you with legitimate tips on how to make money by copying and pasting data entry jobs.

Important Tips on Making Money through Copy and Paste Data Entry Systems


Posting in Forums: This involves posting online ads on relevant forums for Advertising agencies or SEO (search engine optimization) firms looking to create back links for the clients accounts they manage. The skills needed here are good communication abilities to help you communicate efficiently with others on the forum, registering on multiple user forums and copy/pasting relevant links as directed on these sites.

Forum posting jobs are legitimate ways of making money online through data entry due to the large amount of commercial websites online seeking to create back links for SEO purposes. You can register on freelance websites to get access to legitimate employers.

Affiliate Networking: For an online business to get found or increase traffic to its site, the use of both paid and free advertising processes are employed. Therefore legitimate companies look for individuals to write good adverts, copy them and paste on blogs and online forums. Google Ads still serve as the best example for understanding the use of copy and pasting data entry systems in ad postings. If you have a personal blog (which can be gotten at no cost from and, register your blog with Google AdSense and you would be sent weekly adverts to copy and paste on your personal blog. And every visitor who clicks on these adverts and purchases an item on the corresponding site indirectly provides you with a certain commission percentage. The use of Google Ads is a legitimate, tried and tested copy and paste data entry system that yields good income for data entry specialists and bloggers on a monthly basis.

Classified Adverts Posting: This copy and pasting data entry system involves the posting of ads for business organisations on website directories, message boards and building links with bloggers.

The process is also quite easy and all it involves is registering on these websites and directories, select or go to the categories that allow for the posting of adverts relevant to your business niche and then paste your ads in the provided spaces. Payment comes according to the deal you made with your employer and could be on either a monthly or per the ad posted basis.

How Much Can You Earn?

The earning power of working with copy and pasting data entry systems have always been debated by the data entry community and while there might be no set answer to the above question, it is important to know that your earning capacity depends on your work ethic, diligence and accuracy in executing a giving task. The harder you apply yourself, the more experience you get in selecting the right jobs to increase the amount of money you earn.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in undertaking data entry jobs, is getting hold of the right tools to help you efficiently execute the entry processes. The tools you would need are; a personal computer, Microsoft Office software for pasting your copied Ads or links, Adobe PDF reader and in some cases a file converting software. The next step is finding data entry jobs which was discussed in our previous article. You can find copy and paste data entry jobs on websites that outsource data entry such as, or you can build your own personal outsourcing copy paste blog at little or no cost to solicit for jobs and to participate with affiliate marketing by using Google affiliate programs.

You also have to work out a method for receiving payments from the copy and paste data entry system you employ in making a living. Your choices when working on an outsourcing website are usually straight forward for they provide you with access to PayPal, Moneybookers etc. You can also employ the use of cheques, bank wires and money transfer systems such as MoneyGram to receive payments from your partners/employers when taking part in affiliate marketing.

Finally the key to a successful copy and paste data entry career is diligence. Apply yourself and watch the places you would go.

Author: Purathini.A

Purathini is a webmaster at Dataentryoutsourced, a data entry service provider. She also indulges in writing business and outsource data conversion related articles.

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