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5 Ways to Earn Money Online As a College Student

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In this era of world, we can say that students or even children are smarter in keeping their educational activities continuous along with their sports and exercising activities. If you are one of those students having some extra time then why not to do online jobs in order to earn some extra amount of money at your home.


If you are, then you had just arrived in the right place because here in this post, we are going to share few best ways to make money from internet. Since there are lots of ways that can be used to make money such as working at a shop, bakery, workshop etc but doing jobs on internet is a best way because of having free hand to work or not.

Anyways, if you are on this page then I can say that you are looking for some online jobs to do in order to make money in your spare time, and here what we will be talking about is all the (5) ways for earning money being a college student.

5 Types of Online Jobs for College Students to Earn Money

Now, let get started with few legit online jobs for college students, since there are many types of tasks that can be done by a college student having computer and internet connectivity yet everyone has their own passion and capability, that’s why we had shortlisted few of them in this post in order to give you some ideas so you can find out more details about that specific job and get implemented.


Freelance Article Writing Jobs

Freelance jobs has a wide range of demand on internet. Since there are lots of freelance jobs on internet which you can do if you are skilled in a field but here in this shortlist, we are talking about one of the most famous and demanded that is “ARTICLE WRITING”. If you are passion and have good writing skills as well as has full control over the English language then you can get hired by website owners, product owners and other interested persons to write articles for them.

If you are wondering how people can reach me or how I can reach people that can hire me for article writing then don’t worry about it because there are lots of ways to find places and persons to write for. For such task, you can create a gig at and explain what types of articles you can write. More simply, search for “Article Writing” on Facebook, you will find some groups, join them and look if there is someone looking for article writers. In more simple way, you can join marketplaces such as oDesk where you can get money by writing articles for people seeking for writers.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Youtube is also a good source for making money on internet. If you can make informative, interesting and unique videos then you can earn even huge money through your videos you uploaded to YouTube.

After uploading your own videos and ranking it in Google search results, you can then apply for showing ads on your videos, so the more you’re getting views the more you have chances to get clicks on ads appears on your videos, the more people clicks on those ads the more you are getting reward in case of money.

Selling Your Photography & Get Money

If you are passionate in photography and have good enough, interesting and stunning photos captured by you, why not sell it online and get money?

Yup, idea is not a bad, you can make your student life much easier for yourself and guardians just by selling your photography.

Suppose you’re in the above condition then you might wondering who will buy my photographs? Where to place them for selling? Don’t worry about it, there are lots of companies and organizations looking for unique and self-captured photos to buy. In more simple words, just upload your photos to so whenever someone downloads your photos, you are getting money.

Photo, Logo and Banner Designing

So you are a college student having skills in photo designing? You are a student but also a good logo designer? You are a student and can design attractive banners?

If all or at least for one question, your answer is YES then why not provide your services to photo designer seekers, website owners and advertisers who are looking for such skilled people. They will give you some good amount of money if they liked your designing.

You should already know (or if not then let me know) that there are many websites built on daily basis that are looking to hire logo and photo designers. Logo designing is one-time work while they might be interested to hire you for long term as a photo designer for their projects. The fact about banner designing demand is that it increased day by day as their nowadays, advertising becomes in handy for those to get known by new audience, in order to get audience, they advertise on other websites for which they embedding banners on other sites, for those banners they hires persons like you. And I don’t think there is something missing explaining this point.

So, to notify the interested people of your skills, simply head over to and create a gig. [Note that creating a gig is not enough to bring yourself close to the eyes of interested persons, you have to own some strategies as well because you must need to know that there are many other people having the same skills]. So consider Google searching for a query “how to get success on fiverr”. Read the articles from search results and implement!

Selling Crafts on Etsy

Oh, you don’t falls even in at least one type of skilled person(s) mentioned above or can’t perform any of the above jobs. Don’t worry, there is another great type of job for college student which don’t requires any investment.

The idea is that selling your crafts (or vintages) on Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace where both buyers and sellers come closer to one another to exchange between crafts and money. So suppose you are good enough in making handicrafts, then it is a suitable place on internet for you to post in and get money.

That’s all dear readers, we had discussed five ways (online jobs) for college students to make money from internet. But this is only the end of our article, not online jobs, so if you didn’t found any job that you can perform, don’t be hopeless, try searching on Google or keep in touch with us to get notified by few more.

Author: Basheer Ahmad

Basheer Ahmad, a college student, blogger & freelancer who loves exploring and sharing legit online jobs for college students on to make extra money.

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