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9 Easy and Off-the-Beat Ways to Make Money Online

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Cash crunches and end of months are almost inextricably linked. Every office-worker identifies the time as being the hardest on their pockets. It isn’t only with adults working full-time jobs but it is the same with younger people working part-time jobs too. People only wait for one thing and that is their paycheck. Let us say if you are a student begging your landlord for a week’s extension on paying the rent; what will be the feeling erupting from within? The feeling would be of frustration for not having enough money to pay the rent on time and giving excuses to people for lack of it.


This is not a good feeling at all. People realize that something has to be changed when it gets like that each month, and look to earn some extra cash any way they can. In the advent of digital age, that is a much easier task than what it was previously. That doesn’t mean you can just wake up and grab hold of few bucks just like that; but it sure has given people new ways to earn some much-needed cash.

Here are a few tips on how to easily earn some money online:


1. Sitting for Online Surveys

There are many websites who conduct market research online through surveys and invite people to take surveys and earn money in return. You can sign up for such websites, give an hour for surveys and get some money transferred to your bank account. As internet is bringing everything onto it as a platform, you can even chat in focus group sessions and earn money for that.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This was a way made famous by Amazon to get hold of new customers. There are many businesses that will pay you if you bring people around to it as new customers. If you go on a search engine and try to find any business like that, you will see that most of them are startups. All you have to do is refer people and if they give the companies some business, you will be paid for it. You can go to websites like ThanksForTheHelp and arrange a deal with them for it.

3. Rent and Sell

This one is an off-the-beat way to earn some money to make-do. We always find old stuff kept in wardrobes, basements, and under our bed that is of just no use now. Try to find anything of value in those and then look to sell the items. If it is a utility that can be used multiple times, you can post it for people to rent. This one will get you some quick cash, indeed.

4. Writing Assignments

If you are a graduate or a post-graduate, you must remember what you were taught in the course. All you need to do is brush up on the teachings and apply for an academic writer online. You will be asked to write for school and college students; that seem pretty easy, doesn’t it? All you have to do is send in your CV and writing sample before being assigned any work. There are many websites that offer this opportunity to people based in different countries. TopAssignmentExpertsis one of the many such sites that provides such an opportunity.

5. Work Odd Jobs

If you start looking for different kinds of jobs nearby your area, you will find a whole lot of them do not meet any conventions. This means that you can even find jobs that will require you to stand hours in line to buy tickets or you might be required to clean after a local event. There are many jobs that require people to go off-the-track but they do pay decently enough. You can look for such jobs on Craigslist and go for it.

6. Make a Video

Yes, you got that right. Each day, people go as creative as they can and upload videos of them online. They do it in hope to get popular and earn money in return. I am afraid that though it only requires making a video, it will not get you hefty returns immediately. If you have some talent you can hone and show off, do try hard for it and keep on posting videos for people to watch. There is a chance you might get popular and start to earn some money in return.

7. Create and Sell Stock Photos

Each person is now equipped with a camera, thanks to the advancement of our phone technology. Companies and blogs are always looking for stock photos that portray an emotion or a state. Stock photos are copyrighted by the one who clicked it and they can charge money for it. If that seems a long shot, you can very well click photos and sell it to websites like Getty Images. You can start a steady stream of income soon enough.

8. Writer

English is almost a universal language now with most countries focusing on it being taught across schools and the medium of education in most universities. This has made the world come closer with a common language; it has also increased the employment opportunities of people across the world. You can use your English writing skills to complete work for school students and earn money in return.

9. Freelance Work

If you are a student or an employee, take an introspecting session and find out the number of jobs you will be good at. You can then take time out to create a profile on platforms like Upwork and write what you would be really good at. You can set a very low price initially and get some work for a low amount of cash in the starting. If you get the work done well, you can then move to increase the price and keep on earning decently for your skill.

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