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10 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

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Earning money through the use of Internet is now trending. There are various ways using them anyone can make money without any prior investment. The most easiest way is to sell old books online. To facilitate your needs, we have listed below various ways through which an individual can earn money online:


1. Earning Money from PTC and GPT Sites

There are some sites like PTC AND GPT where with just your one click you can earn. You would be thinking of it as illogical by now, but let me explain you how does this work ! At PTC Sites, the individual need to click and view the advertisement for the prescribed time like 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Every time you view these advertisements you earn money.


At GPT Sites, one can earn money by taking part in some activities. These activities include playing games, taking up surveys, watching videos.

Every time you take part in any such activity, you will be awarded with some amount of money. There are ample of GPT and PTC sites which operate free of cost without any sign up fees.

2. Earn Money through Surveys


Earning money through surveys is another very easy method to earn money online sitting at home without any prior investment. Several types of online survey are ongoing these days.

Here, the individual needs to complete surveys; money earned from every survey can differ depending on certain things. The length and the type of survey influence the money that one can earn after completion.

3. Solve Some Captcha


Captcha‘s generally appear on many websites to examine whether the user is real or not. Solving captcha is a left hands play; you don’t need to take out any extra time for this activity. One can solve captcha easily while travelling also. This saves time in the performing this activity. In this activity, one needs to read the captcha images and mention the exact characters. There are certain captcha entry sites where you can take part in this activity.

4. Turn into a Freelancer


If you have any skill, it is the right time to use it now. One can become a freelancer in which ever field they feel encouraged to work in. As a freelancer, the individual can solve multiple projects at the single time without any interference by anyone.

This is a very good platform to earn money using your skills or talent. One can work in ample of fields as a freelancer like content writing, web designing, fundraising, SEO related work, graphic designer.

5. Become a YouTuber


Today, majority of the people in the world are a regular user of YouTube. Let me aware you that YouTube allows everyone to create their own channel of choice in which they can upload their Blogs. YouTube is a platform where you can earn money as well as express yourself.

6. Use Ad Networks


Yes, Ad Networks are a thing these days to earn money. Google Ad Sense is presently the biggest name in this industry. But this steps not as easy as the above ones. Google Adsense allows you to earn a certain amount of money every time a visitor on your web page views or clicks that Ad. To earn money from this mode, you particularly need to have a lot of traffic on your web page.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

With the development in technology, there has also been advancements in the job profiles; the best example to serve this is the post of virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who will not be physically present with you, but will be handling all the work virtually. Generally a virtual assistant is very active in the virtual world. There is an sample of tasks performed by these virtual assistants like writing, proofreading, email marketing, social media marketing, web development, research etc.

8. Become a virtual Entrepreneur

Becoming a virtual entrepreneur is like turning into an online seller. In this process of becoming an online seller one needs to develop his or her own platform to sell the products. But it is preferable to choose some popular shopping websites and engage in working with them through partnerships. Then, one can send his or her products on that website itself.

To make your effort a success, you can choose to sell things or products that are unique and high on quality. These factors influence the buyer and attract them towards your products.

9. Sell All of Your Waste Stuff Online

As things or products get old we as humans have a tendency to take them off from use. The best way to make a purpose of these old things which are still in working condition is to sell them online on seller websites. They will help you in gaining a good amount of your stuff.

Ultimately, this is the best way to discard your old or waste things.

10. Email Marketing


Email marketing is a part of the concept of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a very important asset in publicising the company, that’s why all the major companies in the world are using it on a hike. Email marketing is just a small part of this process. In email marketing, generally the person sends mail updating the onlookers favourable offers or interesting information about your company or brand in order to attract them towards it.

It is a very easy job; you just need to be updated with technologies to handle it proficiently. The candidate can enter this job profile and earn lots of money just sitting at home.

We hope this list of ways to make money online will help you earn money in a legible manner to handle your extra expenses. This will also ensuring in gaining a good amount with the comfort of staying at home using the internet. Nowadays, many people adhere working digitally rather than physically in offices, as it involves much more benefits.

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Nidhi Mahajan is a guest blogger and passionate about content writing. She has been creating SEO friendly content for more than 10 years. She can write on all niches for writing and is great at providing tips on SEO and blogging.

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