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Top 15 Smart Wireless Headphones You Have Never Heard of

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When it comes to using different gadgets and technological devices, there are many options available to the users of that technology. The world that we live in is depending on the innovation and different kinds of technological breakthroughs that can provide users with multiple choices and convenience. Be it any department of our lives, technology is playing an amazing role when it comes to providing users with the various choices to make.


In our entertainment department, technology is truly exceptional. The kind of gadgets we have available for our entertainment is something which is brilliant and outstanding. From different kinds of television sets including the smart television and 3D television sets to electronic cinema screens, we have everything available to choose from.

Similarly, when it comes to choosing devices for various other uses like sounds and audio, we can avail the likes of speakers and headphones. Even in the headphones department with some brands really taking a keen interest in developing the best sound experience, users can make a lot of different selections.

The idea of using headphones has become a common trend now with people resorting to various devices which are portable and require personalized assets to experience the real quality and this is where the market for headphones come in. The rise of mp3 players and other self-use or personal entertainment devices has given more opportunities to headphone makers and today we have the concept of using various smart wireless headphones for our personal use. Today’s blog is going to talk about 15 amazing and different wireless headphones to choose from, these are the devices that you probably have never heard of.

Boss Quiet Comfort 25


If you are looking for top noise cancelling headphones, then the first in line is the Boss Quiet Comfort Model. It allows you to have the best kind of sound experience you can imagine. The new updated model comes with a latest technology of noise cancellation, which is even more effective than the previous ones. The headphones are designed with top plastic material that allow the best use of the design and also work perfectly in terms of durability. The headphone designs also come in handy for travelling as they are light weighted and can be used in multiple audio outputs.

Boss Quiet Comfort 3
Another Boss’s headphone model makes it to the list with the best quality noise cancelling feature. We can guarantee the quality and design that comes with it. It is slightly higher in terms of price in comparison to its predecessor model and is more of an ear-on headphone. The headphone has a foldable structure so you can easily carry it anywhere around you. The lightweight design helps you cover the carriage with minimum fuss.

Third on our list is the latest introduced best kind of headphone, called PSB M4U2. The headphones might not be as popular in terms of brands as the Boss, but they do the job in exactly the same manner with less price. The PSB M4U2 headphones have the same kind of noise-cancellation technology, which is used in Boss. The headphones can be a great add-on when used personally in a flight or in the office. The surround sound experience of these headphones is no less.

Sennheiser PXC 450


Sennheiser PXC 450 comes in two different editions; there is also a slightly higher priced model available, which is better in terms of the design.The specifications for both are more or less the same. This new Sennheiser PXC 450 is a mid-range headphones in terms of prices, but they are no less than the top models available around you. The headphone uses NoiseGard technology to execute the noise cancellation process and it has one of the best and effective user experiences.

Monoprice PID 10010
If you are looking for top value for money, then the latest headphones in the list called Monoprice PID headphones with noise cancellation technology should be your ultimate choice. The headphone allows you to perfectly develop a love for wireless headwear and surround sound experience closer to your ears.

The modern day headphone can be easily defined by the design and quality of this newly introduced JVC HA-NC 250. These headphones are the best ear-on headphone device available in the market with a perfect balance of surround sound and noise cancellation technology for your tremendous user experience. The comfort level of these headphones is one of the top class and provides an amazing luxury feel to its users.

Audio Technica Headphones
Audio Technica headphones are the newer models and the versions of already available headphones in the market by the name ATH- ANC 7. The headphones might not be as effective and luxurious as Boss and others in the list when it comes to noise cancellation, but in terms of price they provide a good value for money with a better quality sound, multiple selection modes and light weight design.

Denon AH-NC
If you are looking for a slightly traditional design of headphones and that too at a really cheap price, then Denon AH-NC is going to really make your day. The headphones are wired technology headphones with limited noise cancellation. You cannot really expect a head-on luxury performance from this low priced headphone, but it surely does the job.

Denon AHGC Global Cruiser
Another one of the best headphone models is the Denon AHGC Global Cruiser. These headphones are completely different from the previously mentioned Denon models and they are one of the best headphones to hit the market.

Beats Studio Wireless


Around the world, Beats have become a brand to be recognized, the strength of this brand has amazing audio devices, including the famous Beats portable speakers and headphones. The Beats Studio wireless headphones need no introduction when it comes to buying and are surely one of the best ones to purchase.

Parrot Zik Wireless
Parrot Zik might not be very popular by the name, unlike Beats and Boss, but these headphones are another name in the market that can do a really good job for you.

Sennheiser MM 450-X
The new Sennheiser headphone might come down the list, but this new model adds more to the originally available luxury headphones in the market.

Sony MDR Headphones
Sony cannot be left behind when it comes to the entertainment technology and so are there headphones. One of the best ones to recognize in the market with top notch noise cancellation technology and quality durability as well as design.

Plantronics Back Beat
For all sports fans out there, the Plantronics Backbeat headphones are just the right tonic for your requirements. These headphones provide you with the best quality sound experience and a modern design.

Golzer Banc
Golzer Banc is last, but not the least. They are quality headphone with Bluetooth and noise cancellation technology at the best possible price.

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