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Start Building Your Smart Home with These 10 Futuristic Gadgets

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The Future is NOW.

In an era where drones, neural lace, recreational space flights, self-driven vehicles, human tracking chips, robot staffed industries and cloning to name a few have silenced human jolt, “futuristic” home improvements facilitated through smart technology and gadgets is the actually the present and no longer considered to be “the future”.


As daunting and intimidating as it may appear, technology when understood and successful implemented produces advantages that saves time, resources and has long term monetary gain.

Where precisely technological dependency starts and ends can be where you choose to allow it, however in some cases the opportunity costs may be too high to decline technological uptake.

A home with smart solutions can be seen in the following considerations that once implemented can only take your homes efficiency to new heights.

Smart Fibres

Nano Mineral Products and Carbon Fibre are some basic examples of smart household accessories. Nano mineral magnetic energy with deep tissue massage function can stimulate blood circulation together with keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter through thermostatic temperature maintenance. As such, sleep is improved and the blankets serves as a light catalyst with negative ions to remove unpleasant odours.


Want to impress a guest over and above molecular gastronomic meals, try serving them in futurist homeware like elegant and 3D effect plating seen in Carbon Fibre plates. Lazy to do the dishes, there’s always the MunchBowl option that sees you ingesting your actual plate to compliment your meal or after as a “digestive” or sweeten treat.

3D Printer


Not your top of “to get” list but once you understand the amazing things that can be created by a 3D printer, this can immediately replace any recreation expenditure while leaving you with a bunch of awesome items to print in 3D for your home or even to monetise. While there are different variations to pricing and models of 3D printer options, it’s advised to look at a solution that works well with your budget and intent. Perhaps a good way to get your kids inventing and embracing the future starts in selling 3D printed items to raise money for projects instead of traditional door to door cookie selling. Not to disrespect traditional cookie based activities (the dough type of cookie not the ones found on your computer).

Kohler DTV and Digital Shower

kohler-dtv- custom- showering-system

It’s being said that Albert Einstein had superior thought processes while taking showers. Now if that were the case, you too could be met with sublime thoughts with a sensory based, music playing shower head could do anything that you or your family wish it to with temperature, lighting, pressure and choice of music. If your day job often feels like you’re taking on the world, start it with a hydro multi- sensory shower experience. The great part is every household member can pre-program their preference.

Digital Art Furniture


Ambiance no longer belongs only to inspiring spaces outside of one’s home. With clever choices of contemporary furniture like Digital Art Furniture, which like “the little star” table displayed in Paris’s Museum of Modern Art, coffee table discussions with guests will never be the same. These “intelligent” furniture pieces linked to an app can take one on a 3D virtual journey through the imagery they reflect. This also makes for great company and relaxation by unwinding to visually pristine nature and elements after a long day.

Wi-Fi Lighting Controller


You should never have to worry about leaving lights on or to returning home only to be welcomed by total darkness when apps allow for login, regardless of where you are, all aimed to control your homes lighting. A great example to sample the app is Plum Lightpad Wi-Fi dimmer.

The Barisieur


There’s certainly nothing great about waking up to make your own coffee on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter but here’s the thing; with the Barisieur you don’t have to! This innovative dual functioning Alarm Clock – Coffee Brewer wakes you up to the sound of coffee being made through gentle stainless steel ball bearing movements that heat water serving as a “wake up call” and to the beautiful aroma of coffee. Contemporary design excellence bringing you coffee bliss.

PAWBO Wi-Fi Pet Cam and Treat Dispenser


Millennials can safely rely on a Wi-Fi pet camera that allows one while at work or out to check on their pet, engage with them and even at the push of a button, dispense a treat. Now that’s a good cam/treat dispenser.

Home Chore Robot


After a great meal and glass of wine, why ruin the delight of lazing into the savour of a good evening. On completion of a well spent evening of cooking and indulgence, as adventurist as it sounds, what about your own robot to clear the table and load the dishwasher. However if the Spot Mini robot or Aido Next Gen Home Robot option proves way out of one’s comfort zone, you’re welcome to contact Tesla’s Elon Musk and proudly South African Futurist to relook the bot solution! After all, with technology, nothing these days is impossible.



As ones space is where they “nest”, why not amp it with the latest and aesthetically superior Nest range of intelligent security, heating, lighting, sprinkler and even smart mirror connections. Through an app based solution or smart technology compatible to operate of handset mobile devices, these web based solutions keep your home connected and well “nested”.

Halo Sport


Healthy body healthy mind! Well what about healthy tech choices to accelerate your fitness journey? Wearing this headset, small electrical impulse is conducted to the part of the brain that influences movement. Worn during warm up, full session workouts will be improved through Neuro Science facilitated by technology.

With so many technological improvements constantly outdating the former, one’s home could be infinitely “intelligent”. Some of the questions raised when deliberating the future and influencers are based on how far to engage the possibilities, what’s within reason economically and what necessitates purchases with a view to make your home high-tech and efficient. Immediate decisions should take into account long term impact of technology where options are limited. In saying this, one will never really know what the next big tech breakthrough is or how to gear for it.

The only way to start the process of turning your home into a technology influenced and smart haven is to primarily accept that technology is here to stay. Best you smarten up!

Author: Alex Omelchenko

This article was provided by a guest contributor, ApexWindowWerks, a home repair and replacement firm located in Chicago. Feel free to visit their website for the full list of the services they provide.

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