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Top 15 Smart Home Devices You Might Not Know

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The concept of “smart homes” has been in the market for quite some time now. But the actual meaning of what it means is still unclear to many people.


Although we are still in the early stages of smart home devices, but you will be amazed to know that some of them have already hit the market. Having said that, not all these smart home devices are a winner, but among them are a few of them that have stood apart from the rest.

Without any delay, let’s shed some light on the top 15 smart home devices you might now even have heard of.

1. Bluetooth Brush


Do you hate being at the dentist? If you want to avoid visiting the dentist then a Bluetooth brush is a must have. These smart Bluetooth brushes are connected with sensors that will let you know when you are not brushing your teeth properly. This is not it; these smart Bluetooth brushes are fixed with an on board memory that helps you to store up to 30 sessions.

2. Smart Toilet Seat


Yes! This may sound weird, and believe me it is, but the smart toilet seat is for real. This toilet seat is labeled as Lixil Satis G and with the help of a smartphone; you can lift the toilet seat and the other way round.

3. Musical Bulbs


You might have heard of smart bulbs because they are an old invention. What’s new here is the fact that these smart bulbs can play music. These bulbs can play music with the help of a Bluetooth and they even act as intercoms. How cool is that?

4. Auto-watering Plant Pot


For some of you the love for the plants is great, but with the tight schedule for most of us watering them seems next to impossible. So, in this case, you can purchase a parrot pot which will water them when needed. All you need to do is to store some amount of water in the parrot pot. The parrot pot will keep a constant check on your plants and will report you back the vitals via your smartphone.

5. Trash-logging Bin


This trash-logging bin is called Genican and it can make your shopping at the grocery super easy. How? Apparently, this Genican is chipped with a sensor which will scan the barcode of the items you dispose of and add them to a shopping list. Finally, the list gets compiled on an app and then this list can be used to arrange a delivery for all the items.

6. Smart Egg Tray


Planning a dinner, but too lazy to even check how many eggs are left? Why not buy a smart egg tray that will synchronize with your smart phone using Wi-Fi. This application can help you check how many eggs are left behind. Not only this, you can also track which egg in the egg tray is the oldest. One tray can fit in 14 eggs and uses two AA batteries. How egg-cellent is that?

7. Heat Adjustable Bed


So, now is the time to sleep and the only thing you want now is to escape this world of technology. Hard luck! With the new smart mattress named as Eight that seems impossible. With Eight you can adjust the temperature of your bedside to cold and your partner’s at hot, or vice versa. Don’t worry! Eight knows when you sleep, it’ll set the temperature accordingly.

8. Petnet Smart Feeder


Happy to be leaving for vacations, but worried about your pet, who and how will it feed itself? Don’t worry with the Petnet smart feeder all you need to do is synchronize it with your smartphone. With the help of this feeder, you can schedule the time of the feeding and manage the portion size.

9. The Roost Smart Battery


This smart battery will connect to your home Wifi system and your smartphone as well. What it does is that it sends you notifications if something back home is not right. Apart from this, you have to install some emergency numbers on it and when the alarm turns off, it sends notifications to these numbers as well. Such an intelligent little thing.

10. Smart Power strip


By connecting this power strip with your smart phone you can easily turn off the appliances that are plugged into it. This smart device lets you know if your kids are watching TV rather than studying back home.

11. The Smart Coffee Maker
This intelligent device is known by the name of Invergo and if you are having a tough time getting the perfect cup of espresso, then “Invergo” can help. To get a perfect cup of coffee, the temperature of the water must be maintained at a proper level and Invergo does this with the help of a computerized system.

12. SPIN Remote
Now manage and control all the appliances in your home with this single stylish SPIN remote. All you need to do is touch and rotate.

13. Stethee
This is a smart wireless stethoscope. Yes! Stethee claims that it can help you listen to the sound of your heart via a headphone on your Smartphone.

14. Clever Pet
Yes! Yet another smart device for your pet. This smart device plays with your kitty when you are away from home.

15. Counter Crop
Do you love growing vegetables, but do not have a garden? How about an indoor garden? Counter crop is an indoor garden where you seed and grow your own food in a self-contained environment. You can grow herbs and vegetables or anything you love.


I am sure you haven’t heard of these smart home devices earlier. Gone are the days’ when each and everything had to be maintained manually. With the growing trend of technology, this world is a smart world and your household appliances are all “smart devices.”

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