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Top 15 Smart Home Devices for Full Control of Home Automation

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Life today has become technologically advanced and we are surrounded by many smart gadgets that don’t just provide us smarter solutions, but also make our lifestyle smarter than ever before. With these smart gadgets you can also make your home look smarter.


Here are some smart home devices that will let you control every activity within your house even when you are away. Below is a list of 15 devices that you might not know but would love to take their advantages:

1. Nest Thermostat


This thermostat is incredible as it learns your habits about the temperature you like to set and adjusts it automatically through its motion sensor. This thermostat uses Wi-Fi so that you can control it when you are not at your home. Some of its features and advantages are:

  • The device is sleeker and slimmer
  • It has a sharper and even bigger display
  • Nest adapts your lifestyle and makes changes accordingly
  • The room automatically is lighten up when you walk inside
  • It saves a lot of energy you can also check out how much you have actually saved in a month

2. Amazon Echo
This gadget is also an incredible device which works with Bluetooth. This is just not an ordinary speaker but it has wonderful features which will allow you to control your other smart home devices and it also connects you with other smart home devices from Belkin and Samsung. It connects to Alexa which is a cloud-based voice service and it provides support for the following features:

  • Local online search for businesses in your locality
  • Play your favorite audiobooks
  • Check out Google Calendar
  • Get latest news and weather updates
  • Set alarm, timers and shopping lists

3. Sentri
Sentri is another amazing gadget that not only monitors the temperature, but also used as a security system by monitoring your home. A camera is fixed in this device with the view angle of 360 which allows viewing of your home. Sentri is comparatively cheaper than the conventional security systems which require services of installation. Whereas, you can use Sentri right away as you take it out from the box. Some of its features are:

  • Live HD Streaming Video with Audio
  • Motion/Activity detector
  • Control everything with touch screen
  • Get the advantage of night vision
  • Alarm trigger right from phone

4. Stack Alba


This smart bulb has sensors that work with the motion. It senses if there is someone in the room or not and turns on or off the lights accordingly. There is an ambient light sensor in it which allows that light to change its white color to softer tone automatically by sensing the rest of the lights in the room. During the season of winter, Stack Alba is the smartest thing as it works with the Nest as well to maintain the temperature as it senses you are at home. Its popular features:

  • Adjust color temperature
  • Utilize sensor technology
  • Make light brighten or dim automatically
  • Make your house responsive by connecting with LoT Partner

5. Canary
Canary is the smartest security system which keeps your house safe from the intruders as this has the sensors that empowers you to protect your house remotely. The camera on the device monitors the surroundings of your house. It also has an air and humidity monitor along with the siren that chase away the thieves. This is also a self-learning device that learns your practices as it doesn’t alert when you are at your home.

  • HD videos
  • Motion detector
  • High quality audio
  • Night vision
  • Cloud storage

6. Revolv
Revolv is the solution to handle a lot of smart devices in your home. It is an application that unifies and automates all your smart home gadgets under one app. You have to place Revolv in the center place of your house and connect it with the Wi-Fi. This automation hub scans the other smart devices in your house. You can also manually add the other devices manually via Revolv app if in case it fails to locate the other home devices.

7. WallyHome


WallyHome provides you a smarter way to monitor the water leakage of your house which can cost you a lot to get fixed. WallyHome got the sensors that detect leakage when it is attached to areas such as sinks and washrooms. You may take an action when a water drop falls and an alert is being sent to the WallyHome hub.It is a 24/7 monitoring system via Wallyhome app which tells the sensor’s location along with the temperature or humidity of that area. It costs $ 300.

8. Goji Smart Lock
It is an advanced and smartest digital lock which works through the connection with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Check out what you can do with this lock:

  • This smart gadget sends the images of the visitors standing at your door.
  • This allows a temporary access of your visitor to your house when you are not home.
  • You can lock and unlock the doors by recording your lock activities by using the clip-on electronic fobs.
  • If there is a power cut down, you could lock/unlock the doors normally, but you will not get the updates till the power is back

9. Chamberlain MyQ Garage
MyQ is the smartest way to open your garage door. You can open and close the garage doors from anyplace by tapping the screen of the device. The company aims to add the feature of geofencing to sense the proximity.

  • When you are near, the garage door opens automatically and closes when you safely parked your car inside.
  • MyQ is amazing as it can control almost every garage door manufactured by well-known brands since 1993.
  • Apple and some part of the Home Depot or Wink ecosystem are soon going to be the initiative of HomeKit.

10. Tado Cooling


You don’t have to replace the old air conditioner now to save the energy. Install the smartest Tado Cooling to regulate the temperature of your home when you are out, sleeping or awake. You don’t have to process it by yourself as it adjusts the temperature in accordance to your doings.

  • Location based on/off
  • Control from anywhere
  • Save up to 40% cost on ACs
  • Control you’re A/C remotely

11. Smartthings
SmartThings is the hub that controls all the appliances just like Rovolv but an extra feature that remembers your everyday routine. You can remotely do your most of the work via its application, such as to turn on and off the lights, lock and unlock the doors, etc. It also adjusts the temperature according to the climate, plays the music and adjusts the lightings according to the condition around. You just have to push a button to change its patterns.

12. Belkin Wemo Cooker
The crock pot by Belkin was launched in spring 2014 with the collaboration of Jarden Consumer Solutions. It is the smartphone that controls the cooker. You need app of WeMo iOS or Android to adjust the settings of the crock-pot from anyplace. You can also receive the reminders, change the timings of cooking, and adjust the temperature of cooking by using the timer to estimatethe cooking time and process. You can also check whether the dish is cooked or not.

13. Ninja Sphere


Ninja Sphere is an amazing gadget that gives the report of the situation of the house on your smartphone and smart TV. Ninja Sphere got an ‘if this, then that’ rule which could applied on the other gadgets that are added to it. For instance, this device tells you where your tagged keys are missing.

14. Roost Smart Battery
This smart smoke detector can be fit into any CO2 or smoke detector. Roost Smart Battery cost $ 35. It alerts you on the smartphone so that you can dial 911. You can also silent it in case the smoke is caused by the burning of the toast.

15. Sleep Number C2 Bed
The smart bed has sleeping IQ which monitors the way you sleep by tracking your breaths, movement and the heart rate. It will collect the data, by giving you the pointers for improving the quality of your sleep. It has a mattress that can be adjusted to provide you comfort as you require.

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