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Top 20 Weirdest and Craziest Things Ever Sold on eBay

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eBay the site that encourages its members to use the website as a platform to auction off stuff they want to sell. For over 21 years, eBay has seen all manner of items sold on the site. Below we peruse some of the most outrageous items sold on this auction site:


#1 An Ottawa radio station a member of the auction site sold an alleged pregnancy test kit belonging to pop star Britney Spears. The radio station said that the equipment was collected in the garbage outside Britney Spears’ Los Angeles home. The pregnancy kit was sold for $5,001 and was sold to the highest bidder.


#2 Organ donation was elevated to a new height with William Shatner’s (James T. Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise) kidney stone sold for a staggering $25,000. The money was raised for a housing charity which we all agree is a good cause. The Year 2004: Talking of bizarre a single corn flake fetched $1.63 on eBay. An English university student (The auctioneer) first said that nobody was interested and eBay had asked him to withdraw the item as it lacked a “Best Before” date. However, before pulling the listing down he got a buyer!

#3 $28,000 was forked out by someone to purchase a grilled cheese sandwich with the shape of Virgin Mary! The sandwich was said to hold magical powers and was left intact without developing any mold for more than a decade said the seller.

#4 Superfans have a weird taste for things belonging to people they idolize. Case in point, a New York radio station DJ auctioned off a half-eaten French toast belonging to Justin Timberlake for $1,025. Timberlake was having the toast while being interviewed on the morning breakfast show.


#5 A haunted rubber duck that the owner swore to have the powers of possessing children. The seller refused to explain the duck’s unusual mystique adding that he will not be responsible for the duck’s actions after shipping. The duck sold after seven days of listing earning the seller $107.50.

#6 Zoe, a ten-year-old girl from England, went to eBay to sell her grandmother. She used words like “annoying but cuddly” to describe her grandmother. Before the site pulled down the offer due to a breach in its stand against human trafficking, the bid had garnered $25,189.60.

#7 Dining with the wealthiest in society doesn’t come cheap. A Chinese gaming company chairman placed a winning bid of $2.3 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett, the richest investor on earth. The proceeds go to charity for this annual meal.


#8 The superfan fandom spreads wide and far, Britney Spears’ bubble gum (chewed) that she spat out during a concert at Wembley sold for $14,000.

#9 What is the meaning of life? Someone went out and wrote what he/she believed to be the meaning of life. It was auctioned online on eBay, and eight people were curious enough to place and one lucky individual bought it for $3.26.

#10 A man was divorced by his wife and decided to put his entire life on auction. He sold his house in Perth Australia, his belongings and a trial at his job and an introduction to his friends. His life sold for $384,000 allowing him to start life anew!

#11 Justin Bieber’s hair clippings sold for $40,668. The young pop star gifted his hair clippings to Ellen DeGeneres and the latter put them up for auction. The sale proceeds were given to an animal rescue organization.


#12 Lavonne Drummond, an Arkansas woman, took to eBay to auction the rights on naming her unborn child. The first four auction listing had garnered $41,000 before being shut down by eBay. However, the 5th final auction bid collected $6,800 and was picked as the winner. Unfortunately, the bidder told the new mom to be he was helping in the sale and hadn’t any intention of paying her nor naming her baby.

#13 A suit of armor for a guinea pig was put on auction. The creator made a matching helmet and suit to protect the pig in any situation. The armored suit and helmet fetched $1,150.

#14 For a hat that was likened to a toilet seat it’s auction price saved several impoverished people thanks to the donation to UNICEF. Princess Beatrice’s royal wedding hat sold on eBay for $131,648 saving several hundreds of children in crisis.

#15 A Nebraska native and web designer Andrew Fischer auctioned the use of his forehead for advertising. He stated that only non-permanent logos or brands should be “tattooed” on his forehead for 30 days. He was paid $37,375 by SnoreStop to advertise their snoring remedy.

#16 Casey Anthony mask (A latex mask) that was created for a parody video fetched $999,900. Before being auctioned, the mask was billed possibly as the scariest mask on earth.

#17 An 18-year-old Hungarian college student sold her virginity on eBay to get money for her college fees. A British businessman paid £ 200,000 for her school fees without taking away her virginity.

#18 The original Hollywood sign fetched $450,400 after the seller put it on auction two years after buying it from the previous owner who bought it in 1978 after the city put up a new sign.


#19 Sensational music star Pharrell put up a brown fedora he wore during the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony for auction on eBay. Fast food chain Arby’s won the auction with its $44,100 bid. The fast food chain claimed that they bought the fedora because it resembled the hat on the chain’s logo.

#20 Two sisters sold a cornflake shaped in the map of Illinois. After eBay pulled the listing since it violated the company’s policy against selling food items, the sisters relisted it as a coupon redeemable piece of cereal. The piece of cereal sold for $1,350 for a single cornflake piece!

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