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20 Most Bizarre Apple Products that Actually Exist

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In the time period of a little over 4 decades, Apple made a massive jump from being a bedroom firm working around homebrew computer club machines to its current position of being one of the most known companies around the world.


Apple has a rather impressive and a little bizarre portfolio to show for their efforts during the four decades and these products range from smartphones to TV set-top boxes and smart-watches. However, among the wide product portfolio of Apple, there have been quite a few absolutely bizarre products that you won’t even believe that they really exist.

Here are 20 of these completely unbelievable products of Apple that actually exist or used to exist:

Nah… it’s just a joke…

1. iWater


iWater is for every one of you who are hardcore followers of Apple and who like to buy beautifully packaged, easy-to-use and overprized bottled water. Turns out if a supper technology-based company wants, it can even sell necessities like water.

2. iProtection


iProtection is a stun gun of 800,000 volt that comes with an in-built GPS tracker and this tracker informs local law enforcement authority of your location if you are in any apparent danger. Having only 1 flat face, iProtection won’t roll away in case you accidently drop it, while being assaulted or otherwise.

3. iEye


iEye is a digital camera that is implananted into user’s eye socket. It allows the user to record any visual data that is saved into the built-in hard drive and it can also be shared and played back on user’s command. Moreover, iEye amplifies user’s eyesight with 20-times higher resolution when compared to an average human eye.

4. iFridge


Would you like to have a fridge that has a blank & white menu on the door and that lets you listen to your favorite tunes while keeping your food fresh. If your answer is yes, then iFridge or Apple is just the thing for you. It even lets you adjust your settings to better suit your needs.

5. iToilet


This product of Apple is more for Apple fanatics than anyone else. This is few of the best examples of how modern technology has added unnecessary complexity into most basic and easy-to-use products. However, if you like to use touchscreen to drag any item you want to delete into waste disposal area then you might like this product.

6. Magic Footpad


Magic Footpad is next and more futuristic step after Trackpad. It allows you to use your toes to send your commands and let your fingers help you perform the rest of your tasks.

7. iDish


Is your iPhone giving you reception problems? Well, if yes then iDish is the solution you are looking for. It is a little satellite that you attach with your iPhone and it definitely gives you five-bar reception no matter where ever you go.

8. MegaBar


Apparently, with not any valuable use, MegaBar is just an accessory for your smartphone. MegaBar is big sized signal bars that you can plug-in into your iPhone and it is just the right thing for you, if you like to show-off good connectivity of your iPhone.

9. Mactini


Mactini is the perfect example of how in race to make every technology device small, we have actually taken away its effectiveness. Mactini is world’s smallest computer, it is one-inch long and comes with only 1 key. However, only by learning the sequence of tapping the key, a user can type their choice of letter.

10 iHand


The reception problems iPhone 4 faced soon after its launch, well it turns out there is a right way to hold iPhone. However, with iHand you don’t have to learn the right way to hold iPhone. Buying iHand will ensure that your iPhone is held just the right way to receive perfect reception.

11. iRacquet


Only real Apple fanatics would want to buy Apple’s tennis racket, designed with Apple’s logo. In all fairness, it does indeed sound bizarre.

12. iPottie


Just like iToilet, iPottie also deals with human waste. Again it is designed to resemble an iPod and it allows the user to listen to their favorite music or enjoy listening about current affairs while it reads the paper to them.

13. iWatch


This is like a walk down the memory lane, iWatch is an analog pocket watch but it is as technologically advanced as any other Apple product. iWatch comes with vary high-tech functions including video & audio player, a 160GB hard drive and Bluetooth.

14. iCarta


iCarta is your iPod stero dock and your bath tissue holder all in one. Once you buy iCarta, you can listen to your favorite music in high quality while using toilet or taking shower.

15. Apple Clothing Line


No matter how hard it is for a lot of us to believe Apple once sold Apple clothes, it did indeed happen. Apple’s 1986 clothing line could not set the fashion industry on fire as the US Company might have hoped for.

16. iArm


Even though, iArm only exists in a fake gift box for pranks, most of our curiosity wins over and hence, there is no harm in wondering what its use would be like. You could attach iArm to your actual arms and it would allow you to carry all kinds of things including your smartphones, tablet PCs and even your dinner plates.

17. The Gold Apple EarPods


The gold Apple EarPods were designed as customized earphones that were sold for $461,000, in an auction. These EarPods were a part of RED, Apple’s charity campaign, to increase awareness of AIDS.

18. Apple Home Accessories


Over the many years of its existence, turns out Apple has tried its luck to make a lot of their not—so-basic products stick. Few of Apple’s home accessories or Apple collection items included Apple mug for you to drink your morning coffee in and Apple umbrella.

19. Apple II Game Cassettes


Around the time when the name Floppy Disk was not even known, Apple II games were made available in cassettes. However, for obvious reasons, this Apple product did not continue for long.

20. MacPhone


MacPhones were designed during the pre-iPhone and pre-iPad era, even though they were never actually released but it looks like Apple might even have come up with iPad during the 80s.

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