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Top 5 Best Anti-Malware Software in 2019

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With the use of the best anti-malware program, you will have peace of mind. Basically, it aids in the prevention, detection, and removal of malicious software on IT systems and computing devices. It helps to get rid of the infection that can be caused by viruses, spyware, and ransomware, among others.


If you are looking for the best anti-malware software that can be used this 2019, you will surely be confronted with a long list of alternatives, each claiming to be superior to their counterparts. To make a well-informed decision, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll list down five of the top choices that should be on your radar!

1. McAfee

This is one of the most trusted names in the world of malware, which should already provide you with the confidence that it is an option you won’t regret. Every year, the company introduces new updates in their anti-malware program, making it possible to deliver the highest-level security for your devices.

They have different plans available to suit your budget. The cheapest is the McAfee Total Protection, which is priced at $19.99 annually. This will already offer protection for 10 devices. The McAfee Anti-Virus Plus, on the other hand, is priced at $24.99 annually for one device and the McAfee Internet Security is at $39.99 for five devices.

For your peace of mind, it is also a good thing that the company offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Another excellent malware program that offers a 30-day refund is StopZilla, although it is not included in this list. For more information about the latter, check out

However, like all others, this is not free of drawbacks. For instance, one of the most common complaints is that you will not be able to opt out of data collection. Also, while there is parental control, it is only available in their most expensive plan.

2. Norton

Like McAfee, Norton is one of the companies hard to match when it comes to the malware protection that it can offer.

A lot of people praised Norton because of its minimal resource usage. Meaning, it can run on the background to perform a virus scan without affecting your experience. There is no significant slowdown, which will make it not frustrating.

For the pricing plans, they offer the Antivirus Basic at $19.99 per year for one device. Meanwhile, the Security Deluxe is $39.99 for five devices for one year. The most expensive is the Norton Security Deluxe, which is offered at $49.99 annually for ten devices.

If you want parental control feature, you have to opt for the most expensive plan, which can be a drawback for those with kids and looking for an affordable option for malware program.


3. BullGuard

Because malware remains to be one of the biggest online threats, it is important to be protected with malware protection like BullGuard. It may not be as big as the two that have been previously mentioned, but looking at its features, it is easy to be convinced that this is an exceptional pick.

In several independent lab tests, BullGuard has been given high ratings, which proves that it can indeed provide excellent value for the money. Its file detection, spam filtering, and anti-virus performance have been given words of praises.

The price for BullGuard plans is quite cheaper compared to McAfee and Norton. You can avail of their basic plan for $17.97, which comes with anti-virus protection for one device for one year. Internet Security, on the other hand, is at $29.98 annually, which already comes with protection for three devices. Their Premium plan is priced at $29.99, which protects three devices for one year.

One of the biggest drawbacks, however, is the setup can be quite complicated, so be sure to pack patience to not become frustrated.

4. Intrusta

Simplifying Security – this is the tagline of Intrusta. True enough, this malware program is exceptional because it is pretty much straightforward to use. Aside from the effortless installation, you will also like how you have the option to cancel anytime.

As a top choice for an anti-malware, the company takes pride in the fact that they offer protection beyond viruses. It also spots ransomware, spyware, and adware.

Looking for more reasons to trust Intrusta? It is also good to know that they have stellar customer service to ensure your satisfaction. You can reach them in multiple ways and have the assurance that a response will be available as soon as possible.

It is also a plus that they have flexible payment plans. Because it is affordable, there is no reason to not give it a shot. For one device, the price of the annual plan is $19.99. Meanwhile, it is $34.99 for three devices and $44.99 for five devices. However, one of the things that you might not like about Intrusta is how their plans become more expensive when you renew after the first year of subscription.

5. Trend Micro

The company promises that they can offer protection from the known, unknown, and undisclosed. It provides a combination of protection techniques, so you can be confident that your devices will remain safe. It is also worth noting that it has been in the business for almost three decades, which shows how it has been a trusted choice.

You will also like the unobtrusive protection that is provided by this program. It runs on the background without causing a significant slowdown in your computing speed.

For the Anti-Virus+, the price is $19.95 for one device for one year. Meanwhile, it is $49.95 for the annual Internet Security plan for three devices. For five devices, they have the MaximumSecurity package, which is also priced at $49.95.

If there is one issue with this anti-malware program, it would be the installation, which some people thought to be time-consuming compared to most of its competitors.

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