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Top 40 Best Free Web Proxies for Safe & Anonymous Surfing

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If you aren’t keen to employ a full-blown Virtual Private Network, but still want to anonymize your online identity, using web proxies could be the right way to go. These online tools act as an airlock between you and the sites you’d like to visit. Instead of being able to detect your IP address and other identifying information, sites will only see the proxy. So there should be no direct contact been you and the sites you use.


At least, that’s the idea. The reality is that some web proxy providers work brilliantly, while others provide very little protection. That’s why we’ve created the list below of 40 web-based proxies that won’t let you down.


1. also offers one of the most hassle-free web proxies around. Choose from servers in the Netherlands, Germany, or the USA, encrypt both URLs and page text, and decide whether to allow cookies, scripts, and objects. The tool can be added to Chrome or Firefox as well, making anonymization even simpler.

2. HideMyAss

Better known for its popular VPN service, HideMyAss also offers an accessible web tool for anonymizing your IP address. Just paste the address of a target website, choose a server location, or customize the process with URL encryption, cookie exclusion, and other settings.

3. Anonymouse

In the privacy game since 1997, Anonymouse has bags of experience and offers a no-frills experience with its AnonWWW IP anonymization tool. The interface is simple (if a little old-fashioned), and it offers a good degree of protection for general browsing. There’s no logging, although expect a few banner ads here and there.


Simply named and efficiently designed, ProxySite doesn’t let users down. Offering as many as 25 servers in the USA and Europe, ProxySite adds features like special pages for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.

5. KProxy

Free and totally anonymous, KProxy does pretty much everything well. Providing 10 public servers to use, solid encryption, and browser compatibility via a slick extension app, this is an elite-level free privacy tool.

6. BlewPass

Designed mainly as a YouTube proxy, BlewPass has developed into an all-rounder that gets the job done. Global servers provide excellent speeds, users can toggle SSL encryption when they need it, and traffic can even be routed through user-owned servers – a rare but welcome feature.

7. 4EverProxy

4EverProxy has an attractive front end and simple interface that users will instantly appreciate. SSL comes as standard, and you can toggle things like cookies and objects, while there are specialist video and YouTube proxies as well.


100% free and reliable, is another no-frills operation that gets the job done. It works around filters, has special tools for YouTube, digg, yummly, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, and a handy option for Imgur users as well. So it’s one of the more comprehensive proxies around.

9. NinjaWeb Proxy

With a stylish front end and plenty of customization options, NinjaWeb Proxy is right up there with the best. It also comes with unusual add-ons like RapidGator searches, and torrenting options, as well as a few settings for adult users. Some logging is involved though, so don’t get carried away.

10. Zend2

Simple, visually appealing, and effective, Zend2 will be ideal for 99% of web browsing activities. It gives users a few options (such as disabling cookies, URL encryption, etc..) but keeps things as no-frills as possible.

11. FilteBypass

As the name suggests, this proxy is all about beating annoying online filters. It has a good hit rate versus Netflix and YouTube filters and keeps everything clear and simple. So it’s definitely worth a look.

12. Hidester

Hidester comes as both a browser extension and a stand-alone web page. Both offer excellent privacy coverage via a couple of servers (one in the US, one in the EU), and users can customize things like cookies, encryption, and objects. 128-bit SSL encryption fortifies web traffic pretty well, and there’s no logging involved.

13. NewIPNow

NewIPNow leaves little to the imagination. Instead, it’s a straight-down-the-line provider which offers Canadian and US servers, giving users the chance to instantly conceal their identity. There’s a bit of logging to contend with, but nothing too alarming.


Totally free and very simple, UnblockStreaming keeps everything stripped-back and clean. The basic customization settings are all here (such as SSL, scripts, and cookie exclusion), and users can get started immediately by pasting web addresses.

15. ProxyServer

Claiming to unblock 99% off forbidden websites, ProxyServer delivers on its claims, ensuring an excellent level of access to news sites, adult content, and geo-blocked videos. It’s no real surprise to find that the proxy has served over 9.5 million users.

16. SSLSecureProxy

Focusing on providing reliable encryption, SSLSecureProxy is a good option for people who want to guard against surveillance and malware. Run by 4EverProxy as a specialist security tool, it’s pretty fast, and extremely reliable.

17. ProxyPx

Anonymous and unrestricted, ProxyPx gets pretty much everything right, with special options for Instagram, Google, and DailyMotion that not all competitors include. Another plus is the attractive front end, which really organizes everything nicely.

18. GenMirror

Set up mainly as a YouTube unblocker, GenMirror is definitely a video lover’s friend. If you need a reliable ally when unblocking US content abroad, it rarely fails. And with SSL encryption and a smartphone-friendly interface, it’s as slick as they come.


A no-frills operation which effectively anonymizes your IP address helps to ward off trojans and neutralizes suspicious scripts, looks basic, but has hidden depths that keep it in the top half of our rankings.

20. UnblockAccess

Powered by HideMyAss, UnblockAccess offers rock-solid encryption and anonymity. It offers specialist options for adult surfers, while there are standard tools for filter bypasses as well. All-in-all, there’s not much to dislike here.

21. JetProxy

JetProxy is definitely well named. Like a jet engine, this service delivers high speeds, while ensuring a good degree of anonymization as well. There’s also a handy little “delete cookies” option, which reminds users to flush out tracking cookies when they use the proxy.

22. ProxFree

Providing plenty of options regarding your IP address location, along with numerous global servers, ProxFree ticks all of our boxes for free proxies. With SSL encryption and specialist options for Facebook and YouTube, there’s enough here for almost any user.

23. Whoer

Whoer mixes up versatile IP analysis tools with a VPN and it’s a popular proxy. So, if you want full awareness of how well you are protected, it’s an excellent option to choose.

24. AtoZProxy

Offering full-spectrum anonymization, AtoZ has specialist pages for Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the Russian social network VKontakte. Made for mobiles and equipped with SSL, it’s fast, easy to use, and totally free.

25. Tor

Tor is slightly different to other proxies listed here, in that it offers multiple, interlocking proxies located all over the world. As far as privacy goes, this would be number one, but as it’s restricted to the Tor network, and speeds aren’t great, it’s not really a contender.

26. VideoProxySite

If all you want is a tool to bypass YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion filters, then VideoProxySite will be ideal. It’s easy to use, dependable, and really fast – just what streamers need.

27. FreeProxySites

Ultra-quick, FreeProxySites has dedicated proxies for Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Google, and Twitter, so most of the web’s biggest sites are available for anonymous browsing. SSL encryption is included too, adding extra security.

28. VPNBook

More famous for its free VPN, VPNBook also competes with major proxies. 256-bit SSL encryption goes beyond many alternatives, but with just US, Canada, and UK servers, choices are a bit limited. Still, a good option.

29. HideBux

Strangely named, but very accessible, HideBux is a well-designed option that anyone can use. And you can couple it with other HideBux services like its HTPassword generator for more in-depth privacy tools.

30. Unblock YouTube

There are many YouTube unblockers on the web, but few are as reliable as UnblockYoutube. Dedicated solely to the streaming site, it’s lightning fast and has global coverage – not something all proxies can claim.

31. Site2Unblock

Another option that’s best used with the company’s other security tools, Site2Unblock offers a simple web anonymization tool that’s free and effective. It’s especially good at screening scripts and objects, helping to avoid nasties such as fake websites.

32. Zalmos

One of the most efficient Youtube unblockers around, Zalmos covers a few other sites like Baidu, Euronews, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and VK that other proxies haven’t thought about. So it may fill a niche in your browsing life.

33. HiloadProxy

Probably the finest Indian provider on this list, Hiload is the perfect option for users in South Asia who want unrestricted access to streaming and video sites.

34. Hideoxy

It may have a clumsy name, but Hideoxy offers a silky-smooth anonymization service, locking down your IP address when visiting any site on the web.


Offering customized options for screening objects, scripts, and cookies, UnBlockWeb puts users in control, while keeping things simple enough for entry-level usage. Ideal for YouTube viewing, its fast and beautifully designed, making it a strong contender in every area.

36. Unbloock

One of the easiest proxies to get to grips with on this list, Unbloock just features a text box for pasted URLs and not much else. Under the hood, cutting edge IP anonymization gets to work, shielding your identity while retaining excellent speeds.

37. UnblockVideos

Whether you need global YouTube access, or you’re trying to work around an adult content filter, UnblockVideos is among the world’s most effective video proxies, mixing wide server coverage with unbeatable speeds.


Accessible and appealing, covers a few websites that others miss. Users of StumbleUpon, yummly, Tumblr, digg, and LinkedIn will be able to anonymize their activity effectively – and there’s a specialist email option as well.

39. Unblock Sites Online

As the name indicates, UnblockSitesOnline keeps things direct. Covering popular sites like DailyMotion, YouTube, and Facebook, it also has a special tool for PirateBay searches, so will appeal to torrenters and general web browsers alike.


Like a battering ram, tackles web filters with ease, offering a reliable way to access online news, videos, shopping sites, and much more – with almost flawless IP anonymization. So it’s a great way to round off our list.

Choose a dependable proxy site, but think about VPNs as well

All of these proxy sites offer a reliable way to anonymize your web browsing – up to a point. No matter how well-designed, proxies are still inferior to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and even the best don’t offer 100% anonymity. But if you are comfortable with hassle-free, slightly less extensive protection, they are a good way to go.

Author: Alex Mitchell
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