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12 Internal Link & Broken Link Checkers, Online Tools & WordPress Plugins

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Effective internal link strategy is useful for spreading link juice and building healthy site architecture. To achieve that, you should make sure that all the internal links on your site are working well. In other words, avoid broken links. If your site has too many broken links causing 404 error pages, not only it will have a negative impact on your site’s SEO rankings but also prompt visitors to leave your site.


Fortunately there are a number of free online tools available on the web helping you to check the link status on your site and report if any broken links are detected. In today’s post, we’ve listed some of the best internal link checkers and broken link detectors helping you to build a user-friendly and SEO friendly website. Read more…

7 Best Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Content management systems have replaced the ancient ways of hand-coding CSS and HTML pages. Whether it is a corporate website, or a social blog, content management systems are crucial for easy management of a website or a blog. You might have different approaches in displaying your website like adding plenty of pictures, advertising services, rendering technical support or owning an e-magazine. To meet the requirements of the different approaches there are different content management systems available, each having its own strength. Though there are a collection of content management systems available in the online marketplace, I’ve hand-picked the seven best content management systems of 2012 taking into consideration aspects like usability, features, plugins, and more.


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20 WordPress Plugins to Interlink Blog Posts, Pages & Keywords

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Interlinking blog content is one of the best ways to keep visitors stay longer on your site. It provides a good opportunity for new visitors to explore more blog posts and pages, encouraging them to understand your site better. Additionally, if your blog contents are well interlinked, not only it helps visitors to easily navigate throughout your site, but also makes sure that search engine spiders can successfully crawl your site and index contents faster. SEO wise, interlinking improves your site and page ranking on the Google search results.


To help you interlink your blog posts, pages and keywords easier, below we’ve compiled a list of WordPress plugins which you’ll find them helpful. Any other easy ways you know for interlinking blog content, let us know in the comments section below. Read more…

17 Best Tools / Plugins to Integrate Twitter with WordPress Blog

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Undeniably Twitter is the most popular microblogging service on the Web. Almost every website owner and blogger has integrated the social networking tool to their sites. This enables their visitors to easily “tweet” about information and updates found from the site which helps in attracting more visitors.


Twitter has its own set of tools which you can use to display your Twitter button and status on the site. In case they can’t fulfil your needs, here we’ve compiled a list of third-party online tools and WordPress plugins specifically designed for integrating Twitter to your blog. We hope these tools can help you promote your site better, tweet to your followers easier, and attract more visitors. Read more…

14 Best WordPress Classified Ads Themes, Plugins and Software

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How to turn a WordPress blog into a classified ads website? We all know that WordPress is a widely used blogging platform on the web. What you might not know is that there are some “magical” themes out there you can use to turn your WordPress blog into a classified adverts website. Yes, instead of publishing blog posts, now you can easily create a listing site for cellphone and accessories, clothing and shoes, handbags, jobs, auto sales, real estate ads, almost anything you can think of.


Below we’ll recommended 14 popular WordPress themes, plugins and software for you to create a professional looking classified ads website within minutes. If you want your site to be the next CraigList, get it started now! Read more…

How to Setup and Configure WP Super Cache Plugin for WordPress Blog

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WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are commonly used caching plugins to improve the performance of WordPress blogs. However these two plugins are not recommended to be installed together as they might conflict with each other. That’s the reason why many bloggers are trying to find out which one is better for improving server performance, reducing download times, caching site, and most importantly speeding up the page load time.


We at have been using both WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache for a pretty long period of time. After comparing the two plugins, we’ve decided to stick with the latter. This is because WP Super Cache is easier to setup and configure, and more importantly the plugin managed to reduce the page load time of our site up to 50 percent, which is very impressive. Read more…

Easy Way to Back up Your WordPress Blog to Dropbox

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How have you been backing up your WordPress files and database? Are you using the right method to back up your WordPress sites? Well, Backing up files is one of the most important routine tasks every WordPress blogger should perform at least on weekly basis. Without a proper backup, all your hard work might be wiped away in minutes due to web hosting or server breakdown, wrong plugin installed, or conflicts within WordPress system itself.


Additionally hackers, malware, viruses are everywhere on the web trying to access website like yours. If you don’t want to be the next cyber victim, make sure all your website files and database are saved in somewhere safe. In case your site is down for whatever reasons, you can use your backup to restore your site immediately making it up and running again. Otherwise I bet you wouldn’t have motivation to start your site all over again from zero. Read more…

Why is Your WordPress Blog Extremely Slow?

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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms used by millions of bloggers worldwide. While it’s free, easy to use and equipped with tons of awesome features from plug-in architecture to template system, the CMS (content management system) sometimes has some common issues that make your blog slow.


When a visitor reaches your WordPress blog, the server processes PHP scripts and establishes a database connection. The higher traffic your blog receives, the slower this process becomes. However not all slow page loads are caused by web traffic, here are 2 common causes of the problem and our recommendations to fix them in minutes! Read more…

23 Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

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Which is the best anti spam plugin for WordPress blog? WordPress is a very popular content management system that loads with various blogging security features, and that includes spam filtering. If you think that the built-in anti spam feature isn’t enough, and you’re looking for something more sophisticated. Below we’ve listed 23 anti spam plugins which can provide you extra features for effectively fighting spam on WordPress blog. We also recommend some useful captcha anti spam plugins for your consideration.


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4 Free WordPress Apps for Your PC and Web Browsers

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There are many ways for you to post to your WordPress blog, and with WordPress is just one of them. There are several apps for WordPress. Some of these applications for posting are for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, letting you post on the go, but there are many for your computer as well. If you have a Windows based PC, there are many applications that you can try to make your experience posting to WordPress even better. The following are just some of the apps you may want to use to enhance posting to your blog via your PC or with your Internet browser.


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10 SEO Tips: How to Optimize WordPress Blog

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Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help search engines crawl and index your blog correctly. This makes your blog rank well in search results pages which helps to increase both web traffic and ad revenue. There are myriad of SEO tips and tricks available on the web, but which one should you apply to your blog? Some bloggers prefer to pay premium price hiring professional SEO companies to optimize their sites. Before you decide to go for this way, here are some basic and effective SEO tips you can use to optimize your WordPress blog. Give them a try to improve your blog ranking in the search results.


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17 Best WordPress Plugins to Display and Highlight Code in Blog Posts

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Which is the best plugin to display code in your WordPress posts? Although WordPress allows users to display code within a post, the result is not impressive. That’s the reason why there are so many great plugins out there to address this issue. If you happen to be a blogger and occasionally publish coding tutorials, then today’s post will definitely be useful to you. We’ve done extensive research and gathered 17 most-used WordPress plugins for displaying code snippet in blog posts.


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How to Create a Custom Error 404 Page for WordPress Blog

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As bloggers, we try our best to ensure that every link we create goes to a specific page on our site. However, in the event that we delete out-of-date posts or pages without removing the links to them, there is a chance that a link clicked will lead to Error 404 page. Instead of displaying your visitors “Sorry, page not found”, you should put more helpful message suggesting them what to do next such as go to homepage, contact administrator, or perform searches.


In today’s post, we will teach you how to customize your Error 404 page so that it’s more helpful to your visitors and consistent with your theme style. Read more…

Top 25 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blogs

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Google AdSense is the most common way of making money online. Many bloggers managed to make decent income by displaying Google ads on their sites. However some people may prefer other advertising networks claiming that they are paying higher than AdSense. Well it depends, would you be surprised if I told you some great bloggers’ve successfully earned more than 400,000 dollars every month with Google AdSense alone? It’s true and the figure is not exaggerated.


If you are running a WordPress blog with a dream of making big money online, then you should pay close attention to this post. Today we’ve gathered 25 excellent WordPress plugins to help you fully utilize Google AdSense and maximize revenue from your blog! Read more…

Top 40 Coolest WordPress Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Plugins

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As blogger, you should’ve come across some cool features in other’s blog and you may wonder how you can apply them in your own blog as well. Well, don’t feel bad about it as most of the bloggers have experienced this feeling. Another common situation is that you want to add new functionality or change some design on your blog, but you don’t know the keywords to search for the right tips, tutorials or plugin helping you to get the job done.


In today’s article, we’ve gathered some of the most wanted WordPress tips, tricks, tutorials and plugins that are absolutely useful for your blog. Make sure you go through the list as you might find the solution you want here. Read more…