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Top 5 Best Comment Systems for WordPress and Other Blogs

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Having a good comment system is important for us, as a blogger, to effectively communicate, share and discuss with audience. Be it a personal blog or commercial website, more interaction and communication through comments can make us understand our audience better, thus build a strong relationship and engagement with them.


Despite all blogging platforms including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Drupal come with a standard comment system that work pretty well and seem to suffice for most bloggers. But sometimes users may require more sophisticated commenting feature, fortunately there are quite a number of third-party commenting platforms out there for you to consider. Read more…

40 WordPress Plugins to Manage Multi-Author Blogs Effectively

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One of the great ways to expand your blog is to get co-authors and guest authors producing fresh contents to attract different types of audiences. This trend has been growing rapidly in the blogging industry. Many one-man blogs have turned into multi-author blogs as it’s getting hard for a single author to keep up with the fresh content especially when the audience grows. In many cases, bloggers need to deliver more than one quality blog post everyday to satisfy their increasingly demanding audience. And that’s where co-authors and guest bloggers come in to reduce the workload.


Assuming the part of writers recruitment is being taken care of, the next big challenge will be multi-author management. Apparently it’s no easy task, you have to spend lots of time making sure the authors write quality content and post on time, giving them appropriate permission, and so much more. Fortunately there are lots of WordPress plugins out there helping you to manage your co-authors and guest authors. Read more…

18 Infographics about Blogging and Blogosphere Every Bloggers Must Know

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The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community or as a social network in which everyday authors can publish their opinions. To help you better understand the interconnecting world of blogs, here’s a showcase of Top 18 infographics about blogging and blogosphere that every blogger should know. Through these masterpieces, you’ll not only enhance your knowledge about blog distribution, but also gain an insight into reader’s trends and blogging economy in a visually pleasing way.


We hope you’ll find these infographics useful and wish you have a successful blogging journey! Read more…

Top 29 Best WordPress Statistics and Analytics Plugins

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Which statistics plugin is the best to analyze your WordPress blog? Every blog or website should have at least 2 statistics and analytics tools to collect useful information about your visitors such as who’s visited, visit date and time, referrals, search engine terms, countries, browsers and popular pages on your blog.


In the previous post, we’ve listed 18 most popular online statistics tools for web developers and bloggers. Today, we would like to do something similar exclusively for WordPress users. We all know that WordPress stands out from other blogging platforms when it comes to plugins and addons to increase usability. In today’s roundup, you can find 29 most-used statistics and analytics plugins for your WordPress blog. These plugins are powerful, easy-to-use, and most importantly they are free for every WordPress user, making you have no reasons to go for paid tools! Read more…

Top 18 of Best Free Website Statistics and Web Analytics Tools

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Every web developer and blogger must use at least one web statistic service to keep track and monitor web traffic. This is important to collect some valuable data about your site’s audience such as total unique visitors, pageviews, entry and exit pages, giving you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. With web statistic tool, you can analyze your traffic data to write better-targeted ads, and create higher converting websites.


There are tones of free web traffic checkers out there, which is the best to use? To answer the question, today we would like to recommend you 18 free and most used web statistics and traffic analysis tools available on the net. Just choose one or two tools that match your requirement the most. Read more…

27 Best Free Slideshow and Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress Blog

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Slideshow, photo gallery and image gallery are a great way to share information, videos or a collection of pictures. They are commonly used by web designers and bloggers to showcase latest posts, portfolio, images, products, etc. If you are running a WordPress blog, adding a beautiful slideshow to attract your visitor’s attention can be done easily through a plugin. In today’s post, we’ve gathered 27 most downloaded WordPress slideshow and image gallery plugins for you to choose. Hopefully you’ll love them all, don’t forget to leave us your comment!


Read more…

45 Best Security Plugins to Protect Your WordPress Blog

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If you are running a WordPress blog, security is something you should never ignore. I strongly suggest you spend some time considering the security aspect of you site, otherwise you are taking risk of all your efforts going down the drain. To keep your blog away from hackers, spams and malicious Internet agents, you have to make sure that you are always updated with the latest version of WordPress, and that’s the least thing you must do. You should also take serious steps toward your blog security by installing some plugins.


In today’s post, I would like to share with you 45 very effective security plugins to protect your WordPress blog. They’re each devised for different purposes, so you will get the best protection from each field. Remember, spending a few minutes on securing your blog can save you hours or even days of trouble later. Read more…

Best 25 SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs

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If you are running a WordPress blog, you should know how important it is to optimize your blog so that Google and other search engines can discover your content and understand how relevant it is to specific search queries. Fortunately there are myriad of WordPress plugins developed for search engine optimization (SEO). Most of them are available on the WordPress repository where you can download for free.


With these SEO plugins you can easily choose the right tags, instruct search engine robots what to work on, optimize your post titles and much more. Now the question is which SEO plugin can effectively optimize your blog? To help you choose the right plugin, following are 25 popular SEO plugins you can use to increase your site ranking on the search results. Read more…

Top 35 Useful WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Comment Section

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Most of the bloggers generally agree that post’s content is everything. However comments are often just as important, they create valuable discussions which are considered the secondary content of your post. If you are WordPress user, you should know that the default comment box is too simple and uninspiring. Fortunately we can enhance it using various of plugins. Here we’ve compiled a list of 35 useful plugins for WordPress comments helping you get rid of spam, improve the appearance of comments, and increase your engagement and interaction with visitors. Check them out!


Read more…

How to Remove WordPress Duplicate Pages to Get Higher Google Ranking

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If you think that creating more tags, categories, date and other kind of archive pages help to increase your site ranking in Google search engine, you’re probably wrong! This year, Google rolled out a number of updates called Google Panda to improve Internet search results. The purpose of the changes is clear, they basically aim to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” in search results and return high-quality sites to users. Panda rollout has affected almost 12% of all search results. Many websites have experienced a substantial drop in their traffic. So what’s the first thing you should do to improve your website or blog and avoid being affected by Panda effects? Here are some tips you must know!


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Top 60 Under Construction and Coming Soon Templates for Website and WordPress Blog

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No matter you want to display a professional looking “Under Construction” page telling your users that your site is temporarily down for making major changes. Or you want to present a cool “Coming soon” page telling the world you are going to build a great website. Look no further. Here’s the right place! In today’s round-up, we’ve collected 60 beautiful and creative “Under Construction”, “Coming Soon” and “Down for Maintenance” templates for your website or WordPress blog keeping your users up-to-date with the developments. Most of them are come with various useful features such as newsletter sign up, progress bar, percentage graph, and social media integration. They are just much more than a men-at-work icon or under-construction sign!


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Useful Google AdSense Glossary, FAQs, Guidelines, Optimization Tips, Demos, Tools, and WordPress Plugins

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Google AdSense is one of the most popular revenue generators in the Web. It is undeniably the first web service that will come to our mind when we think of making money online. Today’s post is particularly useful for those web developers and bloggers who are running Google AdSense to generate income from their websites or blogs. Again, we‘ve crawled deep into the Internet and compile some of the best information and services about Google AdSense such as glossary, guidelines, FAQs, optimization tips, demos, tools and more. We hope this post will help you increase your revenues and manage to turn your site into cash machine!


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Top 14 of Best WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Blog

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What can you do if you found that your WordPress blog getting sluggish? If you search the web for solution, surely you will get tons of suggestions and recommendations that may be confusing and you probably have no idea which is the good one to solve your problem. In fact, slow loading webpage is a very common issue faced by most of the WordPress users, however this is something should not be ignored as it will cause visitors to leave your site and go somewhere else, leaving your site without sales, low user subscriptions and poor search engine ranking.


One of the great ways for speeding up your blog is exercise caching and fortunately the WordPress community has a lot of caching plugins to choose from. So lets us round up some of the best caching plugins to make your web site load faster! Read more…

Best Collection of 50 Clean, Simple and Minimal WordPress Themes (Free and Premium)

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Nowadays, many website and blog designs are very complex, colorful, and loaded with lots of effects, images and CSS styling. Will vibrant and complex designs attract more visitors? Well, the answer can be easily found from some of the top websites like Google and Facebook. With clean and simple layout, it leaves more space for the text itself to be in focus and it tends to deliver greater user experience.


Today’s post is dedicated to WordPress bloggers who looking for simple and minimal themes. You’ll find a list below which contains 50 impressive WordPress themes both free and premium for your selection. We hope these themes can fulfill your needs to create an awesome and successful blog! Read more…

How to Add Google +1 Plus One Share Button to Your WordPress Website or Blog

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Google +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” It is something similar to Facebook Like button. By adding the +1 button to your site or blog, it lets people who love your content recommend it on Google Search. Before your visitors can use the button, they’ll need to have a public Google profile and make sure they’re signed in to their Google Account. However, to put the +1 button on your own site, you don’t need those accounts. Google has provided a +1 button page where you can get the code and paste it on your site. It’s very easy and the basic +1 configuration options are self-explanatory.


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