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Top 25 Popular Websites to Download Free MP3 Music, Songs and Tracks

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In the previous post, we’ve introduced you 15 websites that provide legal and free music downloads. Some of you might think that most of the music and songs offered by those sites were made by lesser known artists which you are not interested. Today, we would like to extend the topic of free music download, so we’ve once again crawled deep into the Internet and present you 25 popular websites that provide large selection of music for free downloads. However we are not encouraging you to download any copyrighted music and audio files. Let’s be a responsible Internet user to search for non-copyrighted music, songs or tracks only.


Copyright Infringement Warning: does not condone the illegal downloading of files and materials. Please read what local copyright laws apply to you and your area of the world before uploading or downloading any copyrighted files and materials.

beeMP3 is an useful search engine for free mp3 music download with 1 million mp3 base.
One of the largest Mp3 Search Engine on the net providing millions of mp3 downloads.
mp3raid is another great site that provides free mp3 download. Just enter artist or song name to search.
emp3world offers large selection of music to download. It also has music charts, and the most popular songs.

Artist Direct
Artist Direct lets you download free music, watch new music video, view your favorite band or recording artist photos, read breaking international music news.

EZ-Tracks lets you search millions of free MP3 downloads, find songs, artists, genres and more.

Maxalbums offers complete albums with downloads taking one to file sharing sites.
maxalbums is another mp3 search engine with links to free music downloads.

More Sites that Provide Free Music Downloads:-

WuZAM allows searching, streaming and downloading music. is a site for sharing the live concert recordings of trade friendly artists.

You can use MP3-Center’s search box to find their collection of mp3.
SeekaSong is another site that offers free mp3 downloads and mp3 search.

Song.PK lets you download Bollywood music with latest Indian mp3 songs of Hindi movies.

Indie Rock Cafe
Indie Rock Cafe offers download links on its blog posts.

Classic Cat
Classic Cat is a free classical music directory.

Stereokiller has some great metal, punk, and hardcore free songs.

This is a search engine where you can find and download mp3 music easily.

Unsigned Band Web
Unknown bands sign up here to get noticed. Their songs are available for downloading. The site also maintains charts to show which of their songs are popular. offers 150,000 mp3 downloads from an archive to browse from.

iCompositions is an Internet community for aspiring musicians. They help artists connect, collaborate, and share their music with the world.

Free Kids Music
Free Kids Music offers you tons of great and kid friendly tunes. has some good collection of songs which can be downloaded from file sharing sites they link to.
DMusic offers genre wise indie music.

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