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15 Types of Social Media Fans and Followers

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What is the one thing all your social media followers and fans have in common? Quite simply, they follow you across your different social media accounts. In many instances, this is where the similarity ends. Your social media fans can range greatly – from fans who re-pin, Like and retweet your posts at every opportunity, to the furious ‘fans’ who follow you across various platforms to share their negative customer experience.


By gaining a greater understanding of the different types of consumers of your social media posts, you can form a solid strategy to generate engaging content. Hitting the right note with your posts is crucial to get your followers to take action and share, like, comment and repost your content.

In the age of social media marketing, where brands are always chasing the elusive viral post, making the most of various social platforms to raise awareness and increase fan following is crucial to building a loyal customer base. But as a modern, forward thinking brand, you must have noted that your social media fans and followers have different manners of communicating. So let’s take a closer look at 15 types of social media fans and followers, and what they mean for your business on social media.

1. The Loyal Fan
A fan for life


This is one of the fans that every brand should yearn and aspire to attract. Key characteristics of this type of social media fan include:

  • They will recommend you to their family and friends, both online and offline.
  • They provide you with both insightful criticism and value-adding praise.
  • They will defend you against angry social media posts, rants and fans.

One way to harness the power of this type of follower is to recognise their loyalty with appreciation gifts, coupons, discounts and vouchers. Also use their positive comments across your numerous marketing channels and campaigns.

2. The Casual Liker
Finds genuine enjoyment in some of your posts


Social media is filled with these types of fans, because they are every type of consumer. Key characteristics of the Casual Liker are:

  • They connect with your brand because of past positive experiences or purchases.
  • Casual Likers want their friends to view them as a good source for great recommendations.
  • They are valuable in boosting your social visibility.

Engage the Casual Liker by developing engaging and creative posts about new and popular services and products, and ask these fans to share these posts.

3. The Quiet Follower
They’ll reach your posts, when it arrests their attention

The prospective customer – everyone wants to convert the Quiet Follower. Key characteristics of this social media fan include:

  • They know of your brand or company, but may not be a customer – yet.
  • Likes your brand because their acquaintances do.
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to your social media presence.

By creating appealing content like videos, images and polls, along with strong call-to-actions, you will succeed in engaging this coveted demographic.

4. The Deal Seeker
Always looking for a great deal!

This social media fan is always willing to scratch your back, if you’ll scratch theirs, so to speak. Key characteristics include:

  • Stays up-to-date with businesses through different social media platforms.
  • Makes daily purchase decisions based on value as opposed to loyalty.
  • They are a valuable source of new sales to your organisation.

Offer specials, deals and fan appreciation promotions to gain more shares, Likes and return business.

5. The Unhappy Customer
Vocal about bad experiences


This social media fan isn’t afraid to be vocal about bad experiences. Key aspects include:

  • Shares negative experiences they have with brands on social media channels.
  • Expects brands to respond to their issues – and soon.
  • These fans can affect your online reputation, perhaps in a negative way.

6. The Ranter
Always in search of a cause

This type of social media fan isn’t necessarily a customer, but has the potential to become one. Key aspects include:

  • They have strong opinions on personal issues.
  • Has the potential to become a consumer.
  • Referred to by some as being a ‘troll’.

Keep cool when dealing with The Ranter, and avoid fuelling conversations unrelated to your business. Never feed the trolls!

7. The Cheerleader
Loves everything you post


This is a great fan to have! Key aspects of The Cheerleader fan include:

  • They will like, share and comment on your posts, often from mobile devices.
  • They enter every promotion and contest.
  • They drive community growth while helping to build brand awareness online.

By giving your Cheerleaders content that is worth cheering about – like limited time offers that add value – they will make sure their friends and family will see it.

8. The Fakers
Won’t engage – no matter the effort.

Statistics show that one in ten Twitter accounts are fake, and there is an estimated 83 million fake Facebook accounts active today. Key aspect of The Fake follower include:

  • They are the worst social media fans your brand can have.
  • They never engage with your content, no matter the effort you put into it.
  • They are just numbers.

Don’t buy Fake followers from some portals or agencies, as they mean nothing for your brand.

9. Trendy Followers
Young and creative

Trendy followers are on top of the latest gadgets, fads and trends. They only engage with you if your brand provides them the ‘cool’ factor. Key aspects include:

  • They engage with trendy brands.
  • They are regarded as influencers among their peers.
  • They are always looking for great deals on the most popular products and items.

Keep posts short, to the point and value adding. Create posts that are highly informative, and Trendy Followers will happily share it with their networks.

Other social media fans and follower types:

10. Choosy Followers

11. Sociable Followers

12. Undecided Followers

13. Career Minded Followers

14. Attention Seekers

15. Influencers

Building a social media following is a process. Each of these types of social media fans and followers are attracted to your content, your social media posts and your brand’s overall online persona, for many different reasons.

In order to attract, engage and retain followers, you first have to establish which follower type your business should be targeting. Hopefully these insights will help make your decision easier, and more importantly, help you to offer your fans the content they crave.

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