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Cool Tips to Advanced Search Images / Photos Online

September 19th, 2014 - Filed under Web Tutorials

Internet is undoubtedly the best source to look for great images including photography, illustrations and even animated GIF like cinemagraphs. However there are billions of various types of images available on the web, it might not be an easy task to get the image exactly you want for your design projects. Sometimes, even you find the right image’s content but it still can’t be used for your project due to issues of size, color, resolution as well as copyright.


We know the importance of images that make our websites, presentations or any other design works visually appealing. And that’s the reason why we want to share with you how to get full use out of the Google Image Advanced Search. In this post, you’ll also get to know some cool stock image sites and image search engines where you can find high-quality copyright free and royalty-free images. Read more…

How Mobile-Optimized Sites Can Help Boost Conversion Rate

September 18th, 2014 - Filed under Web Design

The emergence of Smartphones has revolutionized the mobile industry. It has defined an advanced way of communication along with myriads of useful features that have bought immense comfort and luxury to the users.


Gone are the days, when mobile phones were only used for communicating with others via simple text messages or voice calls; however, today, it can be observed that over 1.2 billion users access the Internet through their Smartphones. Moreover, the surveys have also depicted that a quarter of the total searches are made through mobiles and more than 15 percent of the global Internet usage is accounted by the mobile traffic. Hence, it’s clear that how imperative it is to create a mobile-optimized website. Read more…

8 Tips: Boosting Ad Revenue through Web Design’s Good Practices

September 17th, 2014 - Filed under Make Money Online

Online ad revenue has become the major source of revenue for many websites. Advertising is very profitable for websites that enjoy heavy traffic. Bloggers and various websites like news websites publish ads and generate enough income to provide a boost to their bottom line.


For most of the online businesses ad revenue is important for their success and hence website designers should be able to design and develop websites which can produce revenue. Proper ad optimisation, in terms of ad’s style, position and type, is must for revenue generation. Given below are some practices that can boost ad revenue when properly applied: Read more…

10 Free Websites to Create Your Own Animated GIF Image

September 8th, 2014 - Filed under Web Applications

Animated GIF, as implies by the name, it’s a kind of GIF image that support animations. This image format is created by combining a number of GIF files into a single image file. Since its introduction in 1987, the image format has gained wide popularity due to its support from nearly all the web browsers. Additionally the animated GIF file size tends to be smaller as compared to other type of animated files. It helps to speeding up website load time.


Despite the common perception that the animated GIFs are being widely used for gimmick and humor, many professional web developers out there applied them on websites for better visualisation and user interactions. Others turned the image files into interesting short videos sharing on their social media sites. Read more…

30 Really Funny Siri Responses to Weird Questions

September 4th, 2014 - Filed under Humour

Siri is a famous virtual assistant for iPhone and iPad, assisting users to get information from the Web, make appointments, locate restaurants, etc. But sometimes the helpful assistant can give you hilarious responses if you didn’t specify your questions and commands clearly.


In today’s roundup, we would like to show you 30 absolutely hilarious and stupid conversations between Siri and the users. Get ready to laugh out loud with these Siri responses and its sassy attitude! Read more…

Using OCR Software to Convert JPEG File to MS Word Document Format

August 29th, 2014 - Filed under Office Software

It’s true that OCR technology is not a brand new technology. Many businesses as well as enterprises have been using this technology for years. But we are being known about this software just because of some useful and important accomplishments of the OCR technology.


Not many years ago, in order to use this technology to do conversions, a user had to manually write the text. And to complete this process, the user had to spend a lot of time. But the new OCR software represents some great features enabling users to do conversions within a minute. And the new software is far more accurate than the old ones. Read more…

Say Cheese! The Five Smartphones with the Best Camera Features and Apps

August 29th, 2014 - Filed under Hardware

Every smartphone comes equipped with a built-in camera these days, and imaging technology for phones is becoming more and more advanced. Due to the widespread use of social media, and the ease of uploading, sharing, and editing photos right on your phone, developers are striving to have the best camera in the smartphone industry—for some users, it is the most important feature. As you know, not all smartphones are created equal, and this is especially true when it comes to camera features and apps.


If you are concerned about the camera capabilities on your phone, there is a lot to compare between smartphones. While many popular smartphone brands have the latest in camera technology, you also need to consider the apps and programs that will be specific to your phone or operating system. Read on to learn about the smartphones with the best camera, and see which one best fits your style. Read more…

How to Deal with the Depleting Life of Smartphone Battery the Right Way

August 28th, 2014 - Filed under Mobile Phone Applications

Of all the argh-worthy things in the world, the ‘Low battery power” notification on our phone’s screen certainly ranks among the very top. As more and more sophisticated smartphones are making their way into the market, their advanced features are sucking the life out the phone batteries faster than you can imagine. And this draining out of the battery life has led to the batteries not lasting beyond a few months.


However, if you are led to believe that your smartphone’s battery life is something you have no leverage over, you are misguided. While we, as users’ may not double or triple the battery lives up, but we can certainly make sure that we don’t let it drain out on tasks that don’t command many resources. Read more…

10 Commandments of Using Social Media for Company Blog

August 26th, 2014 - Filed under Social Networking

Blogging is in great demand. Today, most businesses worth their salt are investing their marketing dollars in blogging to bring more traffic to their websites. These businesses are also using social media to promote their blog content to get the desired results from their blogging efforts.


However, social media operates under a set of rules. Every time you share a social post, you will be tried in the court of public opinion. This court is of significant importance as it is getting bigger by the day and also because it’s the people’s court both in letter and spirit; it’s the people who are sitting in judgment. For businesses that don’t follow the guidelines set by this court, the verdicts can be harsher than a court of law. Read more…

32 Instagram Tips to Promote Your Blog, Brand and Business

August 24th, 2014 - Filed under Social Networking

Social marketing is not limited to the Famous Facebook and Twitter only. When it comes to posting photo updates online Instagram could be the better choice to market your brands and businesses. The mobile photo and video sharing app has more than 200 million active users including celebrities, top brands and multinational corporations worldwide.


We all know that a picture speaks thousands of words. If you happen to post some really awesome and exclusive photos and videos on this rising social platform, chances are you could get instant overnight viral success. To help you achieve that below we’ve gathered 32 proven tips for you to better engage with and attract more Instagram followers. Read more…

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