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20 Most Amazing & Weird Things on Google Earth You Must See

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Google Earth is basically global mapping software that provides you with accurate geographical information. It uses satellite images, aerial photography and use GIS 3D globe. If you want to see some amazing things but don’t have the budget, then this article is for you.


In this article, we look at 20 of most amazing and weird things that you can see on both Google Maps and Google Earth.

1. Mysterious Desert Pattern Red Sea Governorate


Amazed to see this fascinating pattern? It is a part of land art project called Desert Breath near DAST Arteam near the Red Sea Governorate. Comprising of more than a million square foot, the land art wonder is a sight to behold.

2. Machu Pichu, Peru


Have you ever explored 7 wonders of the world on Google maps? If you have not done yet, then do it now. You will notice something strange as seen in above picture. Yes, that’s right. I hope that it might be nothing more than a Google map glitch.

3. Buffalo Herd Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania


If you have ever been to a safari in Africa then you might be familiar with this sight but no one really expected to appear that on Google Earth. The herd of African buffalos moving around the wasteland of Tanzania can be seen on Google Earth.

4. Guitar Shaped Forest Cordoba, Argentina


Situated in the lush green region of Argentina, this guitar shaped forest has more than 7000 trees of eucalyptus and cypress. Pedoro Martin, a farmer by profession, planted the tree in this forest in the memory of her wife.

5. World’s Biggest Pool Valparaiso, Chile


Stretching over 1 km in length and covering an area of 20 acres, which makes it one of the biggest swimming pool in the world. It is so big that it is clearly visible via Google Earth.

6. Firefox Logo Dayton Oregon, USA


I can bet you might have never expected to see the Mozilla Firefox logo on the earth. The famous web browser has left its mark on the land in Oregon USA. You can easily see it in Google Earth.

7. Lion King Dunstable, UK


If you have grown up in 90s, then you might have seen this lovable movie for kids. Your favorite cartoon character has made its presence on the ground in UK.

8. Nothern Cyprus Flag Kyrenia, Cyprus


Talk about patriotism and making the flag on the ground and showing it to the whole world should be your top priority like folks at Cyprus did here. It looks beautiful from up high on Google Earth.

9. Star Fort Deheen, Netherlands


Netherlands is a beautiful country but nothing compares to anything like a star fort. Surrounded by lush greenery, star fort is surrounded by a star shaped boundary giving it a name star fort.

10. Big Red Lips, Sudan


Located in the middle of a dessert in Sudan, these huge and beautiful red lips are an amazing sight. Surrounded by arid and barren deserted region, these red lips stand out from other landmarks on this list.

11. UTA Flight Desert Memorial Sahara Desert, Niger


Made in the memory of a plane crash, this amazing landmark appears as something beautiful in harsh desert. Arrows depicting the direction are also visible on Google Earth. It’s truly a one landmark of its class in the world.

12. Monkey Face, Russia


One of the most favorite animals for kids and most intelligent animal, monkey has also made an appearance. This monkey face in Russia can easily be seen on Google Earth.

13. Batman Symbol Okinawa, Japan


Talk about comic fans and batman franchise have been a revolution, providing them with entertainment value they are looking for past few decades. The batman symbol in Okinawa Japan is a testament to that claim. No matter if you are a batman fan or not, you will surely love this Batman symbol.

14. Weird Pattern Navada, USA


It seems that someone is trying to send a message to us after looking at this amazing pattern in Navada USA. Quite similar to devil’s eye, this symbol is truly exceptional. Get ready for the alien occupation.

15. Landing Stripes In Desert, Arizona USA


Looks more like a bar graph chart, but this landing stripes in Arizona desert is used for landing purposes giving a unique aerial view on Google Earth.

16. Amazing Desert Pattern China


I am rest assured that you might have never seen something like this ever in your life. This out of this world, desert pattern in China makes your mind boggle. It looks more amazing on Google Earth when you see it from that high.

17. Oil Fields Rio Negro, Argentina


This unbelievable view is from an oil field in Rio Negro area of Argentina. The numerous small dots on the ground looks like a night sky filled with stars giving it an awesome look.

18. The Badland Guardian Welsh Canada


This land statue pictured on the land in Canada has some exceptional detail and looks as if it was crafted by an expert statue builder. The locals call it as badland guardian and think the same way. You can see the imagery on Google Earth.

19. Solar Fields Dugget California, USA


California is famous for many things and one of them is its solar power generation. It not only produces its own required energy but also adds it to national grid thanks multiple solar fields. One such solar field in the pictured above gives a breathtaking look.

20. Airplane Boneyard Arizona, USA


The stunning aerial view of airplane boneyard is an unforgettable sight especially from that altitude on Google Earth. It looks like a cluster of numerous dots arranged neatly in an order but these dots are airplane jets.

If you have any other weird wonder that was not present on our list, then feel free to share it with us.

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