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Top 50 Best Pet Websites and Blogs

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Pets are fun to be around, right? Having pets not only improves the frame of mind but also act as an antidote for loneliness. A good company to socialize with, the unconditional love that pets shower upon us is a huge reason behind stress reduction.


However, what if your Pitbull is a challenging creature or your furry cat Selina gets infected and you need quick access to information that makes it easier to handle them. Or, what if you get an urge to adopt a pet and you wish to browse a list of available options to choose from. Or, how about setting up your own e-commerce pet store? Well, in that case, there’s nothing better than going through some pet websites and blogs for the inspiration.

If you’re among those who adore animals, let us convince you to choose one of your favourite websites from the list of 50 best pet websites and blogs:

Top 50 Best Pet Websites and Blogs

1. Chewy


Chewy is a popular online destination for pet parents, veterinarians and pet service providers. This is a go-to e-commerce website developed to shop products for your pets.

It provides amazing products and you can shop for your pets like cat, dog, fish, bird, small pet, reptile, horse, and pharmacy. You can explore from 1,000 plus brands, including Nutro, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, and Tidy Cats while sitting at your home. The website also has a blog section comprising the relevant information related to dog health issues, great training advice, and stuff guaranteed to make you feel excited.

2. Petfinder


A directory of around 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, Petfinder is an online searchable database of animals who need homes. The adoption organizations maintain their own home pages and available-pet databases.

Petfinder is a WordPress powered website where you can find pets to adopt. You can find a variety of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, scales, fins and others, horses, barnyard. Besides, you can find the pet-related articles and know how to take care of the pets. The website also has a section for shelters and rescues.

3. Petco


Petco, with over 50+ years of service to pet parents, is a leading American pet retailer located in the United States, with corporate offices in San Antonio and San Diego. Apart from selling pet products and services, Petco also sells certain types of live animals like fish, ferret, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, and hamsters for adoption. Petco provides services which include dog training, dog grooming, dog pet-care, veterinary care, pet-sitting, dog adoption, and dog self-wash.

Petco offers unbeatable prices, free shipping on $49, and 20% off on your first order.

4. The Animal Rescue Site Blog


The Animal Rescue Site Blog carries information related to feeding & caring for rescued animals, animal news, pet health, and much more. The animal rescue site provides food and crucial care for about eight million unwanted animals every year in the U.S. as well as animals in desperate need around the globe.

The greater good turn your desire to make a difference into tangible, documented support for charities that save pets, help people, and improve the planet. It also asks the non-profit partners to maximize donations towards improving the lives of Rescued Animals.

5. PetSmart


Petsmart is a pet website that provides a wide range of pet food, products, and services like grooming, dog training, petshotel, and doggie day camp.

At PetSmart, the passionate associates help bring the pet parents closer to their pets. They employ around 56,000 associates and operate over 1,650 pet stores in Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico and over 200 in-store PetSmart PetsHotel dog and cat boarding facilities. Whether it’s a training class, sleepover, veterinary visit, pamper day, or a playdate Petsmart provide the best pet services with well-trained and passionate associates. It sells pet products from popular brands like Greenies, Nutro, Royal Canin, etc.

6. The Dog People


Founded in 2011, Rover is the world’s biggest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. They connect the pet parents with dog people who treat their pets like a family and provide services like dog boarding, doggy day care, pet sitting, house sitting, dog walking, drop-in visits.

Whether you are searching sitters or dog boarding for the day or for a month, there’s a Rover sitter who’s the perfect match for you and your pets.

7. American Kennel Club


The American Kennel Club was founded in 1884 and is the most trusted expert in the breed, health and training knowledge for dogs. It advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports.

The website provides a variety of dog breeds, expert advice, pet products and services, sports and events, clubs and delegates to the pet owners. Register to find the puppies, groomers, GoodDog helpline, enroll a mixed breed, and AKC store. Different packages are available to choose among the essential services available to you throughout each stage of your dog’s life.

8. Adopt a Pet Blog


Adopt a Pet Blog is the largest non-profit pet adoption website of North America. You can find a pet, rehome a pet and gather information from more than 12,000 pet shelters in the U.S. and Canada. The website also presents adoptable dog, cat, and other pets. It provides you with amazing tips on pet care and health care.
On signing up on the website, you would receive an email when a pet satisfies the criteria of appearing in a local shelter. It also assists first-time pet owners with information on pet care and publishes a newsletter. Moreover, it promotes pet adoption through social media presence, interactions with local governments, and public service announcements.

9. PetMD


PetMD is one of the largest global source of pet health information in the world today. It is part of a global network of veterinary professionals. Its content was created by veterinarians for veterinarians and consumers.

You can access all the topics related to health, emergency, care, breeds, nutrition, news, and tools, in the form of both text and slideshows. It also lists the products related to pet food.

10. Pets News – News Observer


Pets News and Observer is a website that entails news related to sports, politics, business, living, entertainments, opinion, and more. The pet section includes all the information pertaining to pets covered under different sections such as entertainment, business, local, national, etc.
Besides news, the website also demonstrates pet videos.

11. Nat Geo Wild


The Nat Geo Wild is a famous video channel on Youtube that showcases everything related to animals. It is a great place for animals and animal-lovers. The amazing videos take you on a journey through the entire animal kingdom with them. Discover new things about animals you never knew before, or rediscover your favorite animals. This channel is based on wildlife and natural animal history.

12. Hope for Paws – Animal Rescue Channel


Hope For Paws is a non-profit video channel on YouTube that is faithful to bring hope to animals in desperate need. Hope For Paws is an official rescue channel for animals. The aim of establishing this channel was to provide help to animals who suffer and die every year because of abuse and negligence. With years of experience in rescuing dogs from several difficult and risky conditions, Hope For Paws has proved as a survivor for animals.

13. Amazon Pet Supplies


Amazon Pet Supplies is an online department on Amazon. This section allows you to create a pet profile so as to shop accordingly. You can shop by pet be it cat, dog, fish, small animals, birds, horses, small animals, etc. You can shop by category which includes products like food, treats, grooming, collars and leashes, litters, health supplies, beds, trees & furniture, doors, steps, and pens, toys, flea & tick control, apparel, feeding and water fountain supplies.

14. Pets – Telegraph


The Telegraph is an award-winning multimedia news brand that is known for its authority, quality, and credibility. The pets section demonstrates the news related to all pets like dogs, puppies, etc. People can read the latest news and share them on their Facebook account, Twitter account, and email account. This news website allows the people to update themselves what’s trending about the pets.



PeTA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is the largest animal rights group in the world. It is a nonprofit American animal rights organization with approximately 400 employees and 6.5 million members and supporters.

PeTA website comprises sections like important features, animal videos, actionable articles, animal issues, and more. It also has a section called ‘donate now’ where users can donate money for the animals in need. The website includes a shopping section for shoppers to buy animal-free products. PeTA features research, public education, animal rescue, special events, cruelty investigations, legislation, protest campaigns, and celebrity involvement.

16. The Dodo – For Animal People


Headquartered in New York, the Dodo is an American online publisher website that focuses on animals and animal rights issues. Garnering 1 billion video views from the social network in November 2015, the Dodo has become one of the most popular Facebook publishers.

The Dodo provides visually and emotionally compelling, sharable animal-related videos and stories. The aim is to help you make ‘caring about animals’ a viral cause.

17. Pets4Homes


The website Pets4Homes lets users search a number of adverts for puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, horses and other pets for sale in the UK.

It’s free to use advertising platform for private individuals, rescue centers, responsible breeders to list their advertisements on. The website allows people who want to buy/adopt pets to make initial contact with advertisers. They also provide important information and advice for potential pet owners.

18. Dogtime


DogTime is the place where you can search the dogs for adoption. They let the owners take the matchup quiz and questionnaire to make a perfect match between them and dogs. Their extensive mixed-breed and pure-breed profiles include the history, various dog characteristics, and what they mean for a potential owner. The website also provides the expert advice on a variety of topics which includes dog health, housetraining, raising puppies, product reviews, and pet body language, with answers provided by notable and respected trainers, veterinarians, specialists, and behaviorists.

19. Vetstreet


The Vetstreet is a website which educates the pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets happy and healthy. They transfer the trusted and authoritative information from trainers, veterinarians, and pet experts to you.

Besides, it also covers fun events such as dog shows, tracks trends such as viral videos, reviews of great products such as cushy dog beds, animal news, and explores all the things that make being a pet owner experience so exciting. Moreover, if you are looking for your first cat or dog, our extensive breed profiles allow you to research history, health, characteristics, personality, grooming information for about 220 dog breeds and 45 cat breeds and mixes.

20. Animal Planet


Animal Planet is the world’s only entertainment brand which lets viewers immerse in their full range of life in the animal kingdom. Besides providing engaging and high-quality entertainment, the channel also provides a great deal of information and enrichment.

The content is displayed through multiple platforms, providing animal lovers and pet owners access to a centralized online, mobile and television and community. The users can buy a subscription and watch their favorite full episodes free.



ASPCA stands for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). It was the first humane society to be established in North America with the aim to put a stop to animal cruelty. With over 47,000+ animals rescued, 4756 adoptions from the ASPCA Adoption Center, and 89768 Spay/Neuter Surgeries performed, ASPCA has become one of the largest animal rescue society in the world. ASPCA specializes in animal protection, animal placement, and animal rescue.

22. Catster


Catster is an exclusive website that deals with all things cats. It contains all the information related to cat behavior, cat food, health & care, kittens, lifestyle, and cat breed. You can even ask questions from the veterinarian. The Catster community is a social section where the cat lovers across the globe come together and share about cat behavior, cat photos, and cat health. Users can subscribe to the Catster magazine to grab more knowledge.

23. PuppyFind


If you feel it’s difficult to find the right puppy, go to PuppyFind. It is an efficient way of choosing the perfect puppy online, anytime. The search bar in the PuppySearch allows you to browse their directory which consists of a variety of dog breeds, dog breeders, dogs for adoption, listings of puppies for sale with photos and descriptions. With more than 50,000 puppies for sale and more than 100,000 active dog breeders, you’re sure to search the perfect puppy.

24. Freekibble


Freekibble is a website for providing assistance to homeless dogs and cats. With over 19M nutritious meals served to cats and dogs across the USA, Freekibble also provides shelters to pets across the country. There are some amazing trivia questions named as Bow-Wow and Meow. The Freekibble blog lets users know more about the litters and puppies.

If you want to help feed and care for more shelter pets, register on ‘Kibble Plus’ to be a member for donating money.

25. Bark Box


Bark Box is an amazing website to buy the best and original dog goodies for your dogs. This contains a monthly themed box of treats, toys, and dog joy. Every month a new theme opens up. Some of the few amazing themes are The Knight of the Hound Table, Chewrassic Bark, Throwback Thursday, Sniffin’ Safari, New York City, and more.

The dog store provides free shipping within 48 United States.

26. BringFido


The world’s leading pet travel cum lifestyle brand, BringFido connects millions of pet owners around the globe. You can choose and book from a selection of pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals with no booking fees. BringFido is a directory which lets you explore over 200,000 places to play, stay, and eat with your dogs such as dog parks, hiking trails, pup-approved restaurants, and shopping destinations. The pet parents can get access to the licensed veterinarians, sitters, and groomers. BringFido also allows you to share your travel tips, experiences, and recommendations with other dog-loving travelers across the world.

27. Veterinary Partner – VIN


The Veterinary Information Network, Inc. was founded in 1991 by veterinarians, for veterinarians. It connects 55,000+ veterinarians, veterinary industry partners, and veterinary students in an interactive worldwide online community.

The Veterinary Partner – VIN focusses on the well-being of animals by providing the finest in online pet health information and resources. You can choose the pet topic category to read the latest articles.

28. iHeartDogs


iHeartDogs is an online portal where you have lots of stuff to shop for your pet and yourself. The online store section sells shirts, accessories, sweaters, jackets, etc. for men and women with dog imprints. On each purchase with iHeartDogs, you are making a donation through a designated give-back program. This helps to change the lives of pets and people everywhere. Till now 12 million shelter meals have been donated.

There is a blog section that delivers an ample of knowledge related to health, stories, lifestyle and behaviour of pets.

29. Backyard Chickens


BackYardChickens is a website which contains information like forums, reviews, and articles related to chicken. Grab the vital information about chicken from through the published articles. Besides, you can search for different questions in the forum like how to raise chickens, how to hatch eggs, and more & get quick solutions from our helpful community forum.

The gallery section displays images related to different categories of chicken like Chicken Breeds, Chicken Coops & Runs, Eggs, Brooders, Incubators, Feeders & Waterers, and Poultry.

30. Cesar’s Way


Is your dog jumping on people? Or, is your dog so hyperactive? Cesar’s Way can be of great help. Additionally, it is a platform that offers a complete solution for your dog like dog care, dog psychology, dog training, adoption tips. Read all the posts for all the encouragement that you need. You can buy some dog stuff such as dog backpacks, collars, funny muzzles, training leads from the website.

31. The Cat Site


The Cat Site is a website that has really fun and enthusiastic content. This website not only provides you with live forums to discuss anything related to cats but also displays useful cat product reviews. Read interesting articles about cat food, cat health, cat behaviour, cat breeds, and cat fun.

A gallery section lets you see some amazing photographs of cats doing different activities like playing, mewing, etc.



For over 30 years, Best Friends Animal Society has been running the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and building effective programs that reduce the number of animals entering shelters.

It displays the pet stories and events related to pets. You can adopt a pet and save a life. It also lets you donate money to provide shelter to animals. You can sponsor a homeless pet and help to provide care and support.

33. For the Love of Dog – Dogster


If you are searching for information on purebred dog breeds or hybrid dog breeds, Dogster is the website to go for. Know anything related to dogs and gather information related to their health and care, dog food, dog training, puppies, recipes, expert tips, and much more. There is a Dogster community which is a social space where you can ask question-answers or discuss anything related to dogs.

You can subscribe to Dogster magazine at a fee of $14.95 (for 1 year) and receive regular updates (6 issues).

34. The Pet Shop –


The Pet Shop blog describes the triad’s pet community. The Staffers Jennifer Fernandez, Faun Finley, Margaret Wimmer, Carrie Helms, and other N&R staffers share their adventures of their pet companions. And the website asks for about their readers’ pets.

Apart from the listing interesting articles about pets on their website, they also announce a pet of the week. So, you can have a chance to get your pet featured on their website.

35. PetCareRX Blog


When pet wellness is your goal, The Wet Nose Press is your friend. It is a great source of pet news, pet recall alerts, and more. You can search for articles related to dogs. Besides their articles, the website displays pet stories which are categorized under Contests, Deals & Giveaways, Pet Health Bites, Pet Rescues, Miracles & More, PetCareRx Pets, Recalls, Alerts & Safety, and Rules.

The website also offers special Petplus offer for readers. This is a program which provides you wholesale prices, access to local prescription pickups, free standard shipping & more.

36. Time To Pet Blog


Are you planning to run a pet business online? Time To Pet Blog is the one website that guides you efficiently. You can read informational articles like ‘Your definitive guide to pet sitting insurance’ and more that can help you with your business.

Moreover, it provides you with a section of product updates and provides latest articles such as keeping track of vaccinations, etc. The website also displays client spotlights.

37. Trupanion Blog


Founded by Darryl Rawlings, The Trupanion team has been working passionately to take care of pet owners for over more than a decade. It renders some incredible articles about pets. Apart from the articles, The Trupanion also offers fair, simple, yet affordable pet insurance services.
The Trupanion blog covers dog insurance, cat insurance, and dental coverage. It also provides a deductible that works for the pet owners. The team also creates certificates so that pet owners can experience the benefits of pet insurance.

38. Dog Breed Info Center


Dog Breed Info Center is somewhat of a master when it comes to your dog’s physical and emotional well being. It lets you find the perfect dog that befits your lifestyle.

This site is fully packed with loads of information such as detailed dog breeds, understanding natural dog behavior, dog care articles, funny dog photos, and more. Dog Breed Info Center is thus a truly extensive collection of the gathered information and guidance for the novice and experienced dog owner.

39. Canine Journal


Canine Journal is a competent resource on dogs. From pet food to pet insurance to pet health concerns this website is for you and your favorite four-legged friends. It covers animal stories related to animal activism and rescue dogs.

It covers everything related to illness, nutrition, prevention, and veterinary tips. The website also features dog product reviews such as dog activity monitors, dog cameras, dog crates, and more. Browse more for dog training, pet insurance, and everything related to dogs.

40. PetFlow


PetFlow is a website that sells dog and cat food, toys, grooming, cleaners, treats, health and wellness, wipes, sprays, and more. Whenever a user makes a purchase, a bowl of food is donated to a pet in need. PetFlow sells famous pet brands. It provides free shipping on orders over $49.

For some expert advice and knowledge, you can go through the articles.

41. Whole Dog Journal Blog


If you are worried about your puppy training and nutrition, the whole dog journal is the guide for you. It carries the blogs related to dog food, puppy training and nutrition, dog training and behavior, and dog health and care. This website has everything that you need as a caretaker of your four-legged companion.

You can also buy subscriptions and specials, books, digital back issues & e-books.

42. Petsworld Blog


Petsworld is a one-stop shop for buying dog food and accessories, cat food and accessories, fish food and aquarium, and small pets.

They offer a quality selection of your pet’s daily needs. They sell popular pet brands and have a selection of 3000+ products from all famous brands in cat, dog, and fish supplies. The website displays the articles recommended by our experts which are related to pet care, pet food, pet health, pet training, and more.

43. Your Pure Bred Puppy


Your Pure-Bred Puppy is a website where you can find some candid advice about purebred dogs, mixed-breed dogs and crossbred dogs. The website also features books related to puppies and dogs from which you can acquire some amazing information. Other than these you can also have free info about dog health and care, dog training, finding a good dog, pet insurance.

44. Canidae Blog


When it’s all about acquiring information related to cats and dogs, Canidae is the perfect website for the owners. It is family-owned since 1996. Their variety of articles covers topics related to training, nutrition, vet care, exercise, and more.

The website also lists the options to choose either from the local or online store to buy pet products. You can search and buy premium pet food products from the farm-grown ingredients available at a variety of pet stores across the nation.

45. Ruffwear Blog


Ruffwear is created with the mission to build a dog gear for improving the exploration of outdoor adventurers and their human companions. It covers articles covered under different categories like dog adventure, design inspiration, adopting a dog, and more. Anything new is mentioned under press releases.

You can send your dog story to be featured on the website.

46. Omlet


Since 2004, Omlet has been designing award-winning pet accessories and pet houses. Omlet’s great designs have delighted thousands of pets and their owners around the world with their undivided attention to and innovative ideas.

You can choose from the versatile range of pet home products when you are thinking to create a spacious area for your pet. Apart from these Omlet also offers Food, toys, treats, starter packs and kits, and lots more.

47. Pet Life Today


Pet Life Today is a free online resource for pet owners. The website provides in-depth expert care advice and product reviews. The website contains informational pet blogs on the latest and captivating topics. They have also started ‘Ask the Vet’ where you can ask about your pet’s health from the top veterinarians to provide free and expert medical answers.

48. The Bark – The Dog Culture Magazine


If you love to read all about dogs, BARk is the site to visit. This magazine speaks about dogs to the serious dog enthusiast. It covers all you need to know about dog wellness, dog food & recipes, news, training, activities, pop culture, stories and more. With a nationwide readership of more than 250,000, the magazine is a perfect news website for dog lovers.

49. Vetinfo


Vetinfo is one of the trusted veterinary information resources. It features different articles related to dogs and cats. They have a vast library of cat health, cat behaviour, dog health, and cat behaviour. The articles are covered under various categories like Aging Issues, Allergies, Anatomy, Arthritis / Bone and Joint Disease and more.


Puppies and dogs are such a good company to be around, aren’t they? And knows that very well. This interactive pet website, contains information related to flea & tick, health, treats, dog food, greenies, etc. Being a pet owner you should make it a priority to check out this website to fulfill your visual allowances. You also get an opportunity to enter your dogs or puppies in the contest.

51. EntirelyPets


From dogs to cats to other pets, Entirely Pets is one of the websites that contain all the essentials. It lets you choose a pet product from a variety of categories and brands. It is a licensed U.S. Pharmacy, which sells pharmaceuticals under the categories like diet & nutrition, eye care, ear care, equine medications, Gastrointestinal and much more.


So, whether you need to purchase pet items, toys, or access vital information regarding pets, you can browse through these websites. Chances are you might get impressed by some of these websites and wish to set up your own blog website.

Do share your views about your favorite pet website.

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