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Top 20 People Search Engines to Find Anyone You Want

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Today, we live in a technology-developed world and the development in technology gives us a lot of options to make progression in our personal, professional as well as public life. People always love and wish to track down a person that they might have lost contact for a few or many years.


Finding people have become an important activity all over the world now and the growth of technology makes it easy for the people to find a person or a person’s details. Web or online is a great platform that lets people to find anyone that they want.

We live in an online world where we can find a lot of information about different topics, persons and subjects with ease. With the coming of internet, it has become easier than ever before for people to get information or details about someone they want. Without a doubt, in today’s Internet world, it is effortless for people to locate lost friends and colleagues than it ever was before using social networks. We can trace an address, a phone number, a lost school, college or university friend, etc. using web resources. People search engines on the Web make it simple to find details of a person we want.


If you would like to discover a long lost friend, to collect personal details of some you want, and to make a background search on an important person, your should consider people search engines. Here are the top 20 people search engines to find anyone you want:

1. Google People Search

Google People Search is one of the most popular people search engines available online that help them to locate a person they want. Using Google, you can enter a phone number or email address in order to find out the owner of that number or email address. You can look for a person and also to get his personal information using Google. The best and easiest way you can start your search on the Web is Google when it comes to getting genuine and sufficient information about somebody. You can check background information, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc by means of Google People Search.

2. Yahoo People Search

Yahoo People Search is a good resource that lets you to find someone you want. Yahoo makes use of their search engine to locate people for you and also lets you to get details of the person you are searching for. A good amount of people across the world utilizes yahoo people search for their tracing down purposes and used to collect as much as details that they want of a person. So, it comes as a great resource.

3. Pipl


Pipl is one of the superior free people search engines to come across a person you want. It helps you to search for social network profiles of the people you want by typing down full name, username, email address or phone number. Pipl is certainly a fun and most effective means to bring into play to find details of a person and it is a great tool to produce great people search results. It should be a go-to site for people when it comes to getting information regarding people they want to know.

4. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is one of the best and most sought after people searches engines. It is commonly used for finding someone’s location and contact information online. With ZabaSearches, you will be able to get the telephone numbers and addresses, instant search results with no registration, More Residential Listings than White Pages Phone Directory, and a finest finder of other people you want.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great tool accessible for people to get information of a person that they wish. All sorts of information are available with LinkedIn and it is a People Search Tool that aids you to get high-class and fresh business contact information. It is an online network of above 6 million experienced and qualified professionals from across the world. It represents a good amount of industries as well. A lot of business people and hiring managers used to go through LinkedIn in order to get more information about a job candidate.

6. Facebook People Search

Facebook is a well known and most popular people search engine that assists you not only to connect with friends, family, school friends or any other person from your past but also lets you to find out your schoolmate friends, and many other people. It is a largest social network in the world with hundreds of millions of people. So, using Facebook as a very practical medium to find people online is a great option. Facebook allows you to search by mutual friends, location, school, college, university, gender, company, etc.

7. PeekYou


PeekYou is a useful medium available to people to come across a person you want and get his details. It is a free people search engine that permits you to identify and get in touch with anyone online. With this people search engine, you can discover social links, photos, work history, alumni info, family and more. It permits you to look for usernames across a variety of social networks and it helps you to get instant search results as well.

8. Wink

Wink is a useful community centered social search engine. It makes possible for the users to find people and their profiles without difficulty. It will enable you to locate some you want. This people search engine offers far better results to you when you search for a specific person. Wink makes your search experience better by using a usual search engine as well as across social communities, online profiles, etc. With wink, you will be able to find people using their name search, work, location, school, interests, and more.

9. eVerify

Being a top rated people search engine available online, eVerify helps people to carry out unlimited background checks about a person you want. eVerify make an effort to get the data from a variety of sources and present them in a page so that you will be able to observe online profiles, archives and other important information. The information that people get in eVerify search results originates from public sources and this people search engine make sure to offer the users with the people records that they need.

10. Family Tree Now

Family Tree Now is a most popular search engine amid people across the world and it has access to a lot of your information. Addresses, family members, and well-known associates can be easily found with this people search engine platform. Using Family Tree Now medium, you can gain access to anyone’s information and it is free as well. When you type down someone’s name and state, their whole personal information will be served to you.

11. is a search engine that can aid you to find somebody you want. It helps you by serving you all the pages related to a particular name or email address. The search engine looks for information and date across all social networking sites. Without a doubt, it is a useful search engine that aids you to locate other people’s homepage profile blog, spaces including Facebook, MySpace, hi5, hotmail, live spaces, etc by searching their first name, last name or username.

12. Spokeo


Spokeo is a people search engine and it allows you to seek out the details of people by entering their name, email address, phone number, or address. This search engine makes sure to return you with a profile containing photos, contact information, location history, family background, and more about the person you are searching for. It tries to arrange white pages listings; public records and social network information to assist you to securely identify and know about the person you want.

13. WhitePages

WhitePages is an effective people search engine and it is service that helps you to look for any person using his name, phone number, or address. Since this people search engines lend a hand to you to locate people utilizing phone number, email address and name, you can effortlessly find a person who had worked with you, studied with you during your school, college and university years or find a roommate during your college time or work time.

14. Instant Checkmate


Instant Checkmate is a one of the best and helpful people search engine service. It helps people to make background searches and collect detail about person that they want. Being a top rated search engine service available online, Instant Checkmate intends to assist people to find what they are actually looking for and to aid them to understand the fact about the people they want. It is a great people search tool that presents a lot of information such as criminal arrest records, phone numbers, addresses and more about different people.

15. Intelius

Intelius is a good people search engine and it makes our job so easy when it comes to finding others information. It helps you to find contact information including phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and other public records about any person you want. Using people search engine service like Intelius is a great way available to people to discover and reconnect with their family, old friends, relatives and anyone who passed through their life during school, college and university or work years. Phone numbers, address history, ages, birthdates, marriage and divorce details can also be attained through Intelius.

16. AddressSearch

AddressSearch is a one of the most sought after people finding services that help you out to get more details regarding any person you want. So, without any to-do, AddressSearch come as a best people search engines to find anyone you want with no trouble. People can seek out for information by name and get the email of someone. It is 100% as well.

17. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a well known people search engine that is used by a number of people across the world. The service makes sure to search millions of records to convey you the results that its users are searching for and also ensure to give instant solution when it comes to finding information about any person from anywhere. People can identify people based on a number of dissimilar details such as name, age, address, email address, and phone number. It also tries to make you available with the finest white pages information on any person you pick.

18. Veromi

Veromi is another people search engine service that helps you with your people finding searches. This search engine ensures to look for a lot of databases and billions of records in a lone search to trace your subject and serve you with the information you need. One o the advantages of this service is that you can incorporate more personal details in a first search than with other search services. It offers a lot of services including general people searches, criminal background checks, death, real property, marriage, etc. You can commence a search for people directly from its homepage.

19. Tweepz

Tweepz is a great and effective people search engine that lets you to find people on Twitter. Using Tweepz, you can try to find people on Twitter by name, profession, religious background and several other measures. Tweepz enable users to locate people on Twitter based on Exalead’s core technologies. When you type down or just enter the name of a person or bio of a person you are in the hunt for, this people search engine service will serve you with the best possible matches. It enable you look by geography, biography or name.

20. PrivateEye

PrivateEye is a most excellent people search engine and it offers a bigger scope and ability to return significant search results. You can search for people and public records through multiple sources including full name, date of birth, relatives’ names, address, phone number, neighbors, etc. This people search engine service enable you to carry out people search, background checks, public records search, people finder databases, birth records, marriage records, court records, sex offenders registries, and many more. Using PrivateEye, you can effortlessly hunt for a person address or a business address by seeking out his name, phone or email.

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