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Top 20 Free Subtitle Download Sites for Movies and TV Shows

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Sites mentioned here include DVD, DivX, HDTV etc. Surely, it’s not so easy to pick the right ones, but you can really choose any of the sites which are mentioned here. Because in the cases of some other sites it can appear that in many times those subtitles that you will be able to download won’t be able to sync with movies audio.


The list:


There are accurate subtitles for popular TV films and movies, and this is probably one of the best sites available. Subtitles are available here in many different languages. All subs are packed and stored with the help of the WinZip, and you need to unpack them in order to use them.

For watching many movies with these subtitles firstly you’ll need to install or have DirectShow filter called DirectVobSub for the Media Player. And, some huge subs collection for any kind of movie is really here. Truly, you can easily acquire subs for the best popular movies or TV films.

2. Subscene

Subscene is really one of those best subtitles databases available online. Search for those subs for your potentially favorite coded XviD or DivX movie. Here you have a gigantic collection of somewhere around 319265 subtitles. And, you also need to install and enable JavaScript if you want to download or upload these subtitles.

3. TV Subtitles


Subtitles for a variety of shows and features are on this site, and you can find them in various languages because this is a multi-language free download one. Thousands of those subtitles for TV series and XviD movies are here. This is one of the best sites of this kind in the world.

4. Subtitles for Divx and DVD Movies

DVD and DivX subtitles in almost all languages including German, English, and Czech. Also in this one, you can acquire subtitles for DVD and DivX movies in even some rare languages. It truly contains many thousands of different subtitles but, sadly they are not properly organized.

5. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is the superb site and a nice place where you can find almost every single DivX or DVD subtitle that you need. There is need to fully register if you want to download. Find this one and download anything you want, and there are around hundreds of thousands DivX and DVD subtitles here.

6. DivX Subtitles

One of those great places on the web where you can get subtitles for DVD, DivX, and HDTV. Well, if you need to download HDTV, DVD and DivX type of subs in exact DivX Subtitles, then use the option called SEARCH. You can upload subtitles here, and you need to register, and, to enjoy.

7. Addic7ed

Get some newest subtitles for movies or download best box office trailers, gossip and news. Addic7edis fully prepared for the use of DivX subtitles and got plenty of free downloads. Feel free to explore this site, and, surely you will be very pleased and have a new and rich experience beside downloading subs.

8. SubtitleSeeker


SubtitleSeeker site offers many different DivX subs of both series and movies. Download freely and nicely everything you want in almost any language. SubtitleSeekerprovides free and direct uploads and downloads of files, and this site completely and honestly deserves to appear on this list.

9. TV Subs

TV subs is a useful one, and you can always download all those needed subtitles from it’s DivX Movie kind of database which is hosted by the site itself. You can upload some subtitles also by your registering. So, you are able to download here all those latest subs entirely for free.

10. Digital Digest

This one does is not a host for subtitle files. But it is very similar to the engine for searching like Google. The site is not linked directly with subs. But, here you can have links to some other good and independent pages which host many subtitle files. So, this can be a very good site for this purpose yet.

11. SubsMax


SubsMax possess the subtitles in many known languages. Her, the goal is to be the greatest subtitles database worldwide. With a huge selection of around 1.7 million subtitles for all those movies that have ever been produced. Check it out yourself, and you will be convinced.

12. SubDivX

SubDivX is one of the best sites for latest DVD movies and many other series or else. You can contribute here also by uploading of your own subs. This one does not pardon piracy. But, nevertheless, this site also offers many useful and fine options for downloading some rare subs.

13. Get Subtitle is also among the largest databases of subtitles on the web, and that is the true fact. At this site, you can smoothly download almost all those subtitles for Divx movies or DVD movies. And you can smoothly download those subtitles for various TV Series or else.

14. Subtitles4Free

Subtitles4Free is one of those nice websites where you are completely able to get subtitles for around 500 best-known TV series. And, it’s very easy and completely free! Subtitles in 11 main world languages and, of course, in English are provided here for every season and episode of all bigger TV shows available.

15. iSubtitles

This is a true home for total subtitle search. Well, with thousands of subtitles for you. Also, you can acquire some useful news below, and search using nice search boxes which are here too or browse some movie lists on the opposite side. So be free to explore this site and enjoy it.

16. Subloader


Free kind of service that really helps you completely search for many multiple subtitles for movies. This one will automatically rename them just for you. And, you are able to automatically unzip/extract all subtitle files, but, in fact, it is also similar to any type of search engine.

17. Find Subtitles

Best subtitles is a jewel made for a free download of subtitles for different series or movies. There are new and good subtitles here almost every day. Also, you are able to select some of the desired languages and then smoothly download the movies or series subs anytime, no less than 152502 of them.

18. Yifi Subtitles

Here you can find subtitles by release names of the video or by simple file name if you want to download. This is a nice search engine created for finding subtitles that are based on their release name or their file name. It also never hosts various content of other sites on its server.

19. SubTitles & DivX World

This is great international kind of exchange system for the subs. Great base with some 25000 subtitles or for many thousands of different movies on DivX, DVD and other. But you must know that the registration is always required here if you want to download subtitles.


Last on the list is, and it’s the solid type of search engine that will not disappoint you at all. Here you can smoothly download many movie subs. And you are able to download many of them in accordance to movies original languages, so you can smoothly filter them.

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