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10 Uses of VR Technology Other Than Gaming

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Today, Virtual Reality is mostly associated with games, but its scope is not just limited to the aspect of gaming. In fact, Virtual Reality technology is put to best use in various industrial sectors to educate people and train employees for providing them with a unique experience by integrating virtual real world.


Certainly, there are numerous other interesting applications of virtual reality. Here are ten fascinating uses of Virtual Reality other than video games.

1. Education
The education sector is also using Oculus headphones to help students in learning and getting educated about rough driving and traffic rules. This immersive experience has the desired potential level to revolutionize the education sector at all possible levels. VR technology makes cognitive learning more convenient and efficient. It also helps in the simulation of academic field for the students.


There are various applications like Cerevrum that provide a powerful source of educational VR information on online platforms.

2. Health Care
The health care sector has adopted virtual reality technology by using system generated graphics for treatment and diagnosis. VR simulations utilize these images from ultrasounds to develop 3D structures of the patient’s anatomy and these models, in turn, help surgeons and doctors in determining a safe way to find tumor cells. In Europe, brain stroke victims can utilize a virtual reality therapy which is developed recently and it helps in regaining regulatory functions faster than the physical form of treatment. This technology also provides the health care sector with a cost efficient tool for rehabilitation.


Interestingly, virtual reality in the health care sector offers various exercises and feedback in thereal time domain that encourage patients to conduct daily activities without much hassle.

3. Defense and Military
The US army forces have already started using virtual reality simulations to train their soldiers before their deployment. There are various games for training purposes that they use to prepare them for combat. This application allows them to learn how to work together in real time inchallenging environments before they are sent to fight for their country in a real world situation.


Providing them with such real time training is highly valuableas it also captures the desired attention level of learners as they find this way of learning quite convenient.

4. Entertainment
With the help of VR technology, you can sense the joy of indulging in 3D movies.Various applications like Oculus Cinema have allowed users to get immersed deeply in their cinematic experiences. It has provided them with an option to watch their favorite movies on a virtual, big screen. They can watch it as if they are part of the cinematic experience itself.


Sports fans can develop and create a virtual stadium, which in turn, improve their gaming experiences with their pals. It can also transport users from a particular location to your favorite bands’ concerts virtually.

5. Law courts and the Legal System
VR technology can also be made use of in courtrooms to examine crime scenes by observing and analyzingtwo-dimensional graphics and images. It also helps in examining a crime scene in a three-dimensional axis, which in turn, helps judges in visualizing the movement of objects and people through space. Various experts and researchers examined the potential uses of the Oculus Rift to restructure and redevelop crime scenes and events that are discussed at numerous trials.


It was found that VR technology made the process of visualizing and understanding the case’s details easier and helped in determining whether the person is innocent or not.

6. Museums
VR can bring various cultures into our daily lives as it can transport end users from a particular location to any place in just a daywith the use of simulated technology. As a result, museums have worked with developers to develop virtual tours, and this helps museums in providing people with a memorable experience as they can experience collections in those museums.


The American Museum of Natural History has enabled people to take a virtual tour through the use of VR headset.

7. Automobile Manufacturing
Car or automobile manufacturing companies have leveraged on the VR technology from the process of designing to creating virtual versions ofhigh-qualitytest drivesimulations. For example, Ford Motor has developed VR central to enhance thedevelopment of its vehicles. Various immersion labs allow employees to use a VR headset to figure out the exteriors and the interiors of a vehicle.


These virtual prototypes enable interior and exterior designers as well as engineers that belong to different departments to examine different sections, such as the car’s engine and potential risks. This, in turn, helps them to design mitigation plans to minimize these risks. They can also experience the interiors of a car before it is manufactured.

8. Psychological Health and Meditation
Various VR meditation programs help users to locate a peaceful place by making use of their Oculus headphones and getting immersed in a highly relaxing environment. It improves the meditation experience by providing end users who face more stress or panic disorders with a virtual therapy. Meditating heals the inner self and reduces stress as well as anxiety.


Theprimary focus is on giving them a safe place where they can face their fears in a controlled environment. Such a VR exposure therapeutic tool acts as an excellent combination of medical aid and therapy for warriors who suffer from PTSD.

9. Space
The NASA scientists have enhanced their ability to regulate robotic versions on Mars and other planets by utilizing VR technology. It also helps them in providing these astronauts with an effective way to relax. Researchers at NASA’s laboratory connected to motion sensors with Oculus Riftsto regulate a robotic arm with the regulator’s signals.


The entire system can monitor instruments placed far away at different locations on other planets and these researchers also train astronauts for a possible human landing on Mars through the use of VR.

10. Online Retail Stores
E-commerce too can yield numerous benefits from the Virtual reality. A considerable number of people today use mobile applications for online shopping. However, integration of virtual technology in the retail sector might change the way people buy products on mobile applications. Various virtual reality apps provide customers with a virtual tour of a complete retail store, which in turn, improves their shopping experience and satisfies customers to a great extent.


Customers can shop with their pals and get attracted towards such an experience faster than an experience that an offline retail store delivers. Various players like ASOS have got their eye on this app, and soon customers will be shopping through the usage of their headsets.

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