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5 Twitter Tools to Find and Follow Your Favorite Celebrities

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Twitter is absolutely one of the largest celebrity networks on the web. Many celebrities, athletes, politicians and musicians are using the microblogging service to show their fans a more personal side and post photos of themselves in everyday life. This drives a tremendously large group of people joining Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities, which is one of the key success factors behind Twitter as a social network.


Below you’ll find 5 web services that you can use to find and follow your favorite celebrities and important people on Twitter!

WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users organized by interests. The web service lets you find Twitter celebrities, actors, TV personalities, or new Twitter friends in your area.

Twitaholic is a tracking tool that let you follow the most popular Twitter users. You can see the Top 100 Twitter user and choose who to follow.

This web service aggregates verified celebrity Twitter accounts, and provides real-time Twitter feed of celebrities that use Twitter on a regular basis.

AthletesWhoTweet allows users to follow all of their favorite athletes on Twitter. You can read the latest tweets from NBA, NFL,MLB, NHL and other sports stars. AthleteTweets is a similar site that provides comprehensive source of real-time tweets from the world of sports.

Giant Red Carpet
Giant Red Carpet makes it easy to follow the biggest names out there who are using Twitter. It filters out the fake tweeters to show you verified celebrity Twitter feeds.


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