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Top 15 Hashtags Tools for Social Media Marketing

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Hashtags are one of the most popular, and effective social media tools that improve a website’s visibility, create social media campaigns, and get more exposure for the site. However, creating as well as tracking Hashtags is certainly a challenging task for many.


Therefore, in this post, we have compiled a list of top hashtag tools available on the market to help you follow basic hashtag etiquettes and reduce the risk of hashtag campaign failing.

1. BundlePost
BundlePost is an impressive social network CMS developed by Robert Caruso. BundlePost, as the name suggests, is a bundle of dozens of social media tools. Aside other tools and features, BundlePost is popular for its innovative hashtag tool that enables webmasters to maintain folders for every campaign, clients or social accounts where the desired Hashtags can be easily assigned.

Impressive features of Bundlepost:

  • Lets you automatically add Hashtags to more than 100 different social media posts
  • Allows you to designate the phrases and keywords
  • Automatically replaces text of post phrases with specific twitter name
  • Extremely easy to use


hashtags-org is yet another popular hashtag tool that has an extensive list of currently trending Hashtags. The tool also allows you to find and track Hashtags that are already in existence. In addition, offers a series of posts on how to use Hashtags for your social media marketing. It is a premium tool and available in 4 different packages starting at $49 per month.

Impressive features of

  • Comes with a tracking tool to check which Hashtags is being tweeted most within 24 hours
  • Helps you gain valuable social media insights
  • Comes with round-the-clock security through email
  • Lets you monitor hashtags and offers detailed analytics on them
  • Offers useful analytics for a 24-hour trend graph, a list of recent related tweets, and their popularity

3. Hashtracking
Hashtracking is an invincible hashtag tool that offers real-time hashtag campaigns insights. Hashtracking is the most intelligent and useful source of insights into the currently trending and popular hashtags along with useful tips to improve your brand awareness and speed up social media marketing effectiveness. Many popular and big brands such as Yahoo, The Muppets, Redbull, NBC Universal, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Texans, Billboard etc. are using Hashtracking for their social media marketing.

Impressive features of Hashtracking:

  • Comes integrated with graphics and charts
  • Has a wide contributor lists
  • Offers analysis for impression, reach, tweets and retweets
  • Offers fast and quick results hassle-free

4. TweetChat


TweetChat is an extremely useful tool that can be used to follow hashtags on Twitter and to connect with other users who are using the same hashtag. The tool automatically redirects you to a TweetChat room once you have chosen a hashtag, where you get to communicate with other users.

Impressive features of TweetChat:

  • Comes equipped with Smart Pausing feature that lets you pause the feed to enable you to keep track of the number of tweets being posted
  • Has one-click user highlighting and blocking
  • Offers new stream buffering help limit to give you more control over the conversation
  • Comes with sleek desktop interface to improve the user experience
  • Integrated with a FavePages and FavePages Stories

5. TagDEF
If you are not familiar with Hashtags or new to social media marketing, TagDEF is an ideal tool for you. TagDEF is a tool which is entirely dedicated to the meaning of hashtags. The tool offers a search bar where you can search for a particular hashtag and find out what it means. It also shows a list of related of hashtags along with popular and trending hashtags.

Impressive features of TagDEF:

  • Lets you add your own definition of hashtag if you are not pleased with the given definition
  • Offers a list of new tags, top users, all time high hashtag as well as popular hashtags
  • Offers definition in various other languages including Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

6. RiteTag
RiteTag is a well-developed hashtag tool that helps you increase views and click-throughs with just a click. In fact, it also helps you choose hashtags that are more likely to be seen and used by other users. The tool highlights a tweet with hashtags in either green, blue or red to notify how popular your hashtag is and its chances of being discovered by Twitter users. RiteTag has been featured in HuffPost Business, VB, Buffer, Social Media Examiner, SEJ Search Engine Journal, Hootsuite, Forbes, Business Insider, and TNW The Next Web.

Impressive features of RiteTag:

  • Recommends alternative hashtags that are most likely to be discovered
  • Helps you craft quality posts with an easier workflow
  • Compatible with Sendible, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Buffer, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Helps you schedule engaging and gorgeous stream for days in a matter of few minutes
  • Adds a customizable call to action header to all links
  • Automatically extracts images from pages you share or create
  • Detects the subject of your post and automatically chooses the right hashtag for it

7. TweetReach


TweetReach is a great plugin to monitor your hashtags and social media marketing efforts. It allows you to check whether your hashtags are impactful during your event or campaign. It notifies if your hashtags are generating users, retweets, and discussions. You can also use this plugin to find out who are talking about your business.

Impressive features of TweetReach:

  • Has easy to use and setup Twitter Analytics
  • Offers beautiful report ready analytics
  • Allows you to conduct real-time monitoring to deliver timely insights
  • Built on fully fidelity access to the commercial Twitter Firehose
  • Helps you find the best time to tweet by monitoring your past performance

8. TweetBinder
If you are unable to keep up with the number of hashtags you are tracking, TweetBinder can certainly help you do so. TweetBinder is an extremely useful hashtag tool for social media marketing that enables you to build binders for a specific hashtag. It also generates a report to display the statistics of contributors, links, pictures, tweets, and conversations.

Impressive features of TweetBinder:

  • Allows you to keep track of various events and campaigns
  • Gathered data can be used for future marketing references
  • Created binders can be used to browse things

9. Hashtagify
Hashtagify is a popular Twitter hashtag search engine, which allows you to search for a specific hashtag or get a list of currently trending hashtags related to your keyword.

Impressive features of Hashtagify:

  • Offers intelligent hashtag marketing to accelerate marketing effectiveness, brand awareness, and business growth
  • Comes with free Hashtags Encyclopedia
  • Offers hashtag lab where a specific hashtag is tracked and monitored
  • Has Hashtagify Library to search the complete version of Hashtags Encyclopedia

10. TagBoard


TagBoard is the most advanced Hashtag tool that enables you to look for a hashtag and check the whole conversation happening around that hashtag on different social media sites. Find a particular hashtag in the search bar of this tool and you will be able to track it across Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Impressive features of TagBoard:

  • Compatible with almost every social media network
  • Integrated with suite of advanced broadcast tools to streamline social-to-air workflows
  • Has customizable, embeddable and responsive tagboards
  • Equipped with Tagboard Live to display social media content on large-format displays

11. Twitonomy
Twitonomy is a powerful Twitter insights and analytics tools that allow you to track the evolution of a specific hashtag over time along with the number of most active users, most influential users, potential reach and a number of tweets.

Impressive features of Twitonomy:

  • Offers a list of most favorited tweets, most retweeted tweets, an interactive map, and top related hashtags
  • Lets you track your follower growth over time
  • Allows you to track clicks on the links in your tweet
  • Get and export search analytics on any keywords
  • Equipped with Followers report to let you have actionable insights on your followers

12. SocialMention


SocialMention is a free real-time analysis and social media search tool that allows you to search for hashtags on different social media sites and displays a list of all the hashtag mentions online.

Impressive features of SocialMention:

  • Offers useful insights including main sources of the mentions, top hashtags, top users and lists of top keywords
  • Lets you narrow down your searches by data and platforms
  • Compatible with almost every social media site

13. Twubs
Twubs is an intelligently developed hashtag tool that is quite similar to TweetChat which lets you search for a hashtag and join a chat room depending on your search. Just like TweetChat, you can also pause the live feed to keep up.

Impressive features of Twubs:

  • Lets you register hashtag
  • Allows you to create live reports
  • Offers branded hashtag page
  • Offers a directory of events, conference, Movie, music, Television, Twitter Chat and so much more
  • Offers a clean, moderated fullscreen display

14. TagsForLikes
TagsForLikes is a useful iPad and iPhone app developed for Instagram users. The plugin enables you to tag your pictures quickly by simply copying and pasting them. TagsForLikes has many hashtag categories, ranging from food to celebs to fashion to nature, that can be used to browse.

Impressive features of TagsForLikes:

  • Offers a list of most popular tags
  • Lets you search a specific tag
  • Also, lets you create your own category with your own chosen hashtags for future use

15. RebelMouse
If you are planning to run a cross-platform campaign, RebelMouse is a perfect tool for you. The tool fetches hashtag conversations across different social networks to help you choose the best hashtag for your campaign or event.

Impressive features of RebelMouse:

  • Comes equipped with RSS feeds, Social Sharing, Google Analytics and content moderation
  • Also has a custom domain feature with tailor-made designs and CSS capabilities to integrated RebelMouse into your site
  • Is a perfect one-stop shop for your social storytelling

From Facebook and Google+ to LinkedIn and Pinterest, hashtags are used on almost every social media site. And thus, it becomes all the more important to use the right tools to make hashtags easier for brands to maintain and manage social media campaigns.

The tools mentioned above can help you analyze, track and launch hashtag across different social networks.

Do you use any hashtag tools for your website? If so, tell us in the comments section below which ones are your favorites.

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