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12 Useful Resume Templates for Free Download

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Your resume is a business card, an advertisement, and a biography all rolled into one. That means it’s quite hard, sometimes, to know which to focus on. We’re here to help. We’ve crawled across the web for 12 great resume templates so you don’t have to. Use them as is by filling in your data, or use them as a starting place for you to find your own style and way of doing things.


Here are some quite pointers to help you find a good job.

Don’t overload your resume
Most positions receive a lot of resumes and the last thing they want is to get something on their desk that is overwhelming. For that reason, keep your resume clean and understandable, make use of white spaces to balance your text, and don’t put that fishing trip with your Uncle Tom on there! They don’t want to know your history, they want to know if you’re suitable for the job. You can use a resume maker to create an awesome-looking resume.

Check for mistakes
Did you check your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes? Good, now do it again. Most positions get dozens of applications. That means HR managers need to dismiss a lot of people out of hand. A spelling or grammar mistake is a perfect reason for them to do so. So make sure your English is up to par. If it isn’t? Get some help from somebody.

Put the most vital stuff on top
Have a lot of different jobs? Don’t follow chronology. Instead, put the ones that matter for the job you’re applying for at the top and put the less vital ones lower down. This will make the HRs job far easier (and will make it less likely they’ll spot that gap where you were unemployed for six months).

Got that? Great, let’s move onto the actual list!


Resume Templates

1. Traditional Elegance
Simple and sleek, this Resume by gets your information across in an easily understandable way. Note that if you’ve got a lot of work experience or not too much educational experience you might want to switch around ‘education’ and ‘experience’ to put what matters more nearer the top of the page. On the page, scroll down to see a few more options.

2. Senior IT Project Manager


Resume Monk provides a stylish resume that leaves a nice space at the top for you to summarize yourself in a few punchy sentences. If you’re the type of person who’s good at that kind of thing, give this (kind) or resume a try.

3. Book or Retail Store Position
When you’re a fresh grad, the problem often is that you don’t actually have any work experience. In this case, you need to write up your resume in such a way to fill in that large gap in your life. offers some great opportunities to do that. Check out this resume to get a good idea. On the page, scroll down to see a few more options.

4. Minimalist Resume
This resume from is very pretty, with a few nice little quotes, a timeline and some visuals thrown in. Certainly worth checking out if you’re willing to get away from the standard.

5. Babysitter Resume
This resume by is very cute and great if you or your kid is looking to babysit after school. It will offer a great first attempt at putting a resume together for those days in the future where having such a skill is a must. Note that I would very much advise against using it if you’re applying for an office job. On the page, scroll down to see a few more options.

6. Massage Therapist
Massage therapy is one of those skills that we’ll need more and more of in the years to come as the baby boomers continue to retire and the population continues to grey. Here is a good template for somebody that just got licensed in case you’ve gone (or trying to go) in that direction. On the page, scroll down to see a few more options.

7. Modern Swiss-style Resume


Some bold colors here by and some very nice designs. Do note, this file type is Photoshop file and as such can’t be opened if you don’t have that software package installed.

8. 7 simple resumes has kindly provided us with seven variations of a similar theme as well as a whole host of instructions about the dos and don’ts of resume design. A useful resource! Do note, some of their advice is geared towards the office market, so if you’re working in another line, take what they’re saying with a grain of salt.

9. Photography Resume
Are you working in photography? Then your resume is not just a good place to talk about your work, but a great place to showcase it! For that Reason Hloom has provided us with this portfolio resume, which has a nice slideshow space for you to show off some of your images. On the page, scroll down to see a few more options.

10. Pink Resume
If you’re in a creative field you can actually be a bit more unusual in your resume choices. And that’s why Hloom has provided this pink resume for a technical architect. Note that even though it’s pretty it really is not well suited for non-creative jobs, such as accounting or law. You have been warned. On the page, scroll down to see a few more options.

11. Resumes you can build it online


Okay, they’re a little on the simple side and not as visually stunning as the rest, but it’s beautiful that you can these babies straight online, without needing any special software. We’ve got to thank for that.

12. Modern Resume
This one’s quite nice, provided you’ve got a nice picture to put on the front page. It’s got some great visual ways to present data, so that you don’t have to fill in ‘good’, ‘great’, and ‘average’ in your skill section and the color choices will certainly make it stand out.

There really is enough choice out there. So what you’ve got to do when you’re trying to figure out which one is for you is two things. Firstly, does it fit you? Secondly, does it fit the industry you’re applying for? Now I’d love to say that the former should weigh more heavily in your choice, but really the latter one is more important (I’d say 20 – 80). Still, don’t let your creativity completely be snuffed out. After all, you’re going to have to work in the job and if it kills you a little on the inside every day because you can’t express yourself, then what’s the point?

Author: Patrick Cole

Patrick Cole is an entrepreneur and freelancer. He is also a contributing blogger for several websites. Patrick loves self-education and rock music. Connect with via his professional blog: TrustEssays.

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