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25 Free Impressive Business Newsletter Templates for Download

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A newsletter is a combination of news and updates about a company or organization that are compiled on the weekly or monthly basis to let the customers know what is happening around. It also helps you promote products and brands, sharing expertise, and covering common issues.


To have a professional impact over the target users of your website, you have to compile an impressive template according to your business needs, whereas you can download one of the free available templates that fit your requirements.

1. Email on acid
Email on acid is an appealing template for composing a newsletter and available for a free download. You can have the basic features along with a responsive design that adjusts according to the screen size of varying mobile devices your audience use. You can customize the design by selecting columns layout, color, and font.

2. ZURB ink
The ZURB studio brings you the most enticing templates free of cost. The user-friendly layout of the 5 different newsletter designs enables you to simply it for any purpose with custom images, color, and text. You can carry an email client test to overview how the design will look once send to a user of your website.

3. Stamplia


The stamplia and litmus have teamed up to have you avail 7 different appealing and captivating newsletter templates that are responsive as well because more than 50 % of the online users check emails on their handheld device these days. The templates are accompanied by the source files to let you make further changes.

4. 99 designs
99 designs is quite generous in service retailers and service providers across the world by showcasing about 12 free newsletter layouts. It is an emerging community of professional designers who are enthusiastic to create eye-catching designs for your valuable customers and clients.

5. Antwork
Antwork has to offer three different layouts that varying in design from one column to two and three. They are focused for mobile friendliness so that a newsletter on a desktop is readable the same on a mobile device without comprising quality of the template. You can do through endless personalization with these simple and easy to use designs.

6. Mooza
Mooza is backed by a team of professional designers from Pixel Hint. The template has a lucrative layout for all the creative geeks to showcase their art, products, and services in a presentable manner. Pixel perfection of the template displays high-quality photography with impressive resolution.

7. My favorite things


Campaign monitor has a series of free newsletter templates and the above is one of them. The simple yet powerful design adds a flavor of interest to the news, gossips and updates about your company, stores or latest product launch. You can easily add information text to images without going out of space.

8. Email Campaign
It is a template with multiple columns to classify content and dedicated sections for text to make the newsletter more captivating and readable. You can have it before planning an email marketing campaign to deliver useful content to subscribers without incurring any cost.

9. Fabulous
Fabulous newsletter template is designed in line with you day to day business needs. The simple yet impressive layout delivers more in a compact email format to your targeted users. For beginners, it is one of the free tools to boost email marketing.

10. Basic
Basic is an easy to use theme that allows you to perform a countless number of customization. It gives complete freedom to business managers and marketing personnel to use the blank spaces and add useful information as and when required.

11. Flow


Flow accompanies some of the basic features with a touch of refinement for your specific desires. We all want to have a readymade template that allows easy addition of images and text, but want to look it completely unique. Here, you get access to personalize the design for a distinct impression.

12. Real Estate
Surely, as the name suggests, this template is meant to be used by real estate consultants, mediators, housing societies and relevant businesses for creating awareness among the people and communicating sales and purchases option to potential investors.

13. Mystical
It is the kind of template that allows entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their expertise in a newsletter and express their thoughts. Normally, people use magazines, whereas sending business newsletters directly to your clients or readers’ email is an overwhelming experience for them.

14. Blitz
Blitz is a dedicated to welcoming customers on joining your website or confirming their subscription to the newsletter. It is an amazing theme to download.

15. Coffee
Let the customers avail an informal invitation to your business with fascinating images from inside the hotel, café, restaurants, etc.

16. template is specifically designed to let you spread the word about launching a product, app, or any service. Make the newsletter alluring with graphical content.

17. Structure


The structure theme enables you to highlight some of the key features and aspects of your products or services to the customers in an enticing manner. Make your products unnoticeable in newsletters.

18. Introductions
As the name suggestion, the introductions newsletter theme is an impressive way of introducing you, the company or brands to the people who either know less or nothing about your business.

19. Travel
An interesting newsletter layout for bloggers or businessmen affiliated with travel and tourism.

20. Cupcake
Get connected to food lovers for their favorite recipes and dishes that you deal in. Send instant needs about your baking experience and enjoy.

21. Pizza
Have attractive deals and let the subscribers know without any delay. You can craft mouth-watering newsletters to attract more customers.

22. Classy
This is one of the comprehensive templates that meet the varying demands of online merchants. Furthermore, they can avail any newsletter plugin for easily managing promotional email marketing campaigns.

23. New Years
Want to grab more customers for the New Year? Come up with an exciting list of ideas to engage the customers and make them avail the relevant deals from the newsletter.

24. Christmas
Send sales deals and offers before Christmas to let the customers purchase things while they are enjoying their holidays.

25. Blush
Let your customer remind about the latest fashion trends and how you are serving them with top-notch products and services. Tailor the content of your newsletter in a more compelling way with the help of this amazing template.

Sending newsletter to your valued subscriber is an effective strategy to distribute useful content according to their consent as the direct email marketing is disliked by customers and they don’t want to get updates about products and services they have not selected. With the above templates, you can sort different form of content in a professional design add value to your email communication.

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