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15 Cool Music Apps Might be Better than Spotify

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Can you imagine your life without listening to music? Let’s be honest. The day you forget the headphones at home immediately becomes the worst. Even if you are not a huge music fan, you would probably agree that listening to music is enjoyable and often sets the right mood.


Thanks to modern technologies, we can access all the songs we like with the help of a good music app on our smartphone. While Spotify has nearly become a synonym for online music streaming, there are a lot of great alternatives that are worth your attention.

Here is the list of the great music apps that are available both for Android and iOS. Let’s give them a chance!

1. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is an app offered by Google. It is more known as a video hosting platform but music streaming is one of its features. It used to be named a Music Key and this title might be more familiar to you. The app provides music, videos, and albums search. The station is personalized and forms according to your tastes. You will also have access to covers, remixes, classic and full songs versions.

It is possible to use this app for free with ads or pay for YouTube Red subscription. It will give you such features as offline music, ads absence, background listening and only audio mode without video downloading.

2. Apple Music


Apple Music is created on the basis of iTunes Radio and Beats Music. It offers a huge catalog with millions of songs. A user can create playlists of his favorite compositions and try new ones in “For You” section that has recommendations based on your tastes.

The app includes a live clockwise radio station Beats 1. If you do not like it, you may switch to another station that has the music genres and styles you prefer. There is a free trial for three months to explore the app. After that, you may choose the most suitable subscription plan.

3. Google Play Music


Google Play Music attracts users with an ad-free radio and a possibility to download up to fifty thousand songs to your smartphone. You can choose a radio station according to your tastes, mood, or current activity. The songs from numerous artists and different genres are available in a free version. The app constantly improves the recommendations algorithms to satisfy the users. The paid membership has different plans and offers unlimited offline listening, as well as YouTube Red subscription with all the benefits.

4. Pandora

Pandora is a music service known for its great personalization. The music search and radio stations are based on your favorites. If you come across the song you do not like, there is a possibility to skip it. The replay feature is also available. One more advantage of the service is that it is ad-free. Pandora has an alarm function that wakes you up with your favorite songs. The paid membership allows you to listen to music offline. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy better sound quality, unlimited skips, and replays.

5. Tidal

If a fantastic sound is your priority, Tidal might be your choice. Its main feature is high-quality audio. The app has a huge library with more than twenty-five million songs. A lot of celebrities choose this app which makes it so popular. Tidal also provides music videos with the best quality of the image. This music service is subscription-based. However, it is possible to try it for free after signing up.

6. Napster

Napster is a music service that got its name after Rhapsody app was rebranded. It used to be a file-sharing system but now it is a music streaming program. The service offers ad-free online and offline music listening of premium quality. It is available for Android and iOS and also supports Sonos and Chromecast. The app demands subscribing but there are thirty days of a free trial. The subscription can be interrupted whenever you want.

7. 8tracks


What makes 8tracks app so special is that the playlists are made by real people, not by technical algorithms. If you do not have time to make a perfect music collection by yourself, this service can offer you a few variants. A user can choose a music combination for different purposes like studying, workout, or meditation. There are other criteria for playlists such as themes, genres, or emotions.

8. Slacker Radio

Slacker is another great music streaming app. It offers a lot of music stations according to your tastes, constant music updates, and exclusive hosted music shows. In addition, you will have access to news, sports, and weather stations. You can create your own music stations and share them with others.

9. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio gives you the access to the music station of different genres from all over the world including your local music streaming. It also provides live sports, audiobooks, podcasts, and talk shows. Everything you would like to listen to is available with this app.

10. Vevo

Vevo is a great service for those who like both listening to music and watching videos. The app allows creating playlists of favorite videos. If you come across a video clip you like, you can add it to favorites immediately. You will also receive notifications when the artists from your list have updates or live performance. It is also possible to follow other users with the tastes similar to yours.

11. SoundCloud


A lot of music apps allow you to listen to the songs of such celebrities as Shakira and Lady Gaga. SoundCloud offers a bit more than that giving access to the compositions of less-known artists. With this music service, you may discover new talents before they become famous. The app also allows sharing your tracks with others which may be useful for beginning artists.

12. Qello Concerts

Qello Concerts is an app for real music fans. It provides access to the concerts of the legendary artists like The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Queen, Nirvana, and others. The users may enjoy performances and music documentaries. Free subscription provides a few songs from every concert and videos of the best concert moments. The full membership allows watching full-length concerts without limits.

13. MusixMatch

This music service offers a large catalog of songs’ lyrics with translation to different languages. If you always wonder what the song is about and cannot hear the words clearly, this app will resolve these issues for you. It also gives a chance to identify the compositions and get the lyrics quickly. MusixMatch can be synchronized with music streaming apps to display the lyrics of the song you are listening to at the moment.

14. Shazam


Have you ever been in a situation when you listen to the song you like and cannot figure out its title? That is what Shazam is for. This app identifies the track quickly while you hold your phone near the playing composition. It also allows you to add the track to your playlist in a music streaming app.

15. SoundHound

Another great app to identify music is SoundHound. It is not obligatory to play the song to find it. If you cannot get the track out of your head, just sing a few lines and then get it on your phone. This music service also offers lyrics displaying, music player and background listening.The app combines a lot of great features in one place.

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3 Responses to “15 Cool Music Apps Might be Better than Spotify”

  1. Mac Symond says:

    superb list for music apps. i will download apps on my smartphone. thanks.

  2. quertime says:

    Both are great apps indeed!

  3. Kat S says:

    i have used Slacker Radio and TuneIn Radio for my son and it was a great apps. my son is happy now. Thanks.