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15 Awesome Ways to Manage Your Podcast Playlist

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Are you a podcast listener? Then you must know the problem almost every listener has to face while managing his or her podcast playlist. Do you ever feel sinking in the ocean of huge variety of shows available? Do you need a way to keep afloat? Then be certain that you are not alone in this as a lot of us face the similar problem. However, you need not worry anymore as this article will give you useful insight as to how to manage your podcast playlist effectively and efficiently.


First of all, you have to learn that it is entirely OK to lag behind in your shows until unless you have the tools to manage the problem. You cannot solve a problem only by getting stressed out or overwhelmed.

You have to be open to new experience while navigating the new waters. Moreover, sometimes you have to take out time; sometimes you have to speed up things while sometimes you simply have to let things go.

As it covers almost every field of its topic, the podcast is getting popular day by day. Whether you like sports, technology or entertainment, it is all here for you to choose. However, with the popularity of podcast come many problems that need to be solved to enjoy it thoroughly.


Mentions below are 15 awesome ways to manage your podcast playlist so that you enjoy your favorite show without panicking in the Podcast Ocean. You simply have to choose the way most appropriate to you and go on relishing your favorite ones.

1. Where is your podcast-Zen?

Okay so, first of all, we take the most critical factor that is our desire. You love it or just doing it as a chore? It is the question that you have to answer very honestly. If you have that Zen for the podcast then you will find time to manage the ever-growing playlist, however on the other hand if you find listening as a chore then TRUST ME you are doing it wrong.


Find what attracts you the most and then you will be addicted and once you got addicted then rest is just management. However, if you did not feel like hooked up by a show, it is better to leave it right there.

2. Time management

Do you feel difficulty in finding the time to listen to your favorite shows? Then the best ways are to manage your time. Firstly, you have to decide your perfect listening time.

Do you like it during exercising, driving or while doing other chores of routine? You have to determine the time for your favorite shows. I advise you to try different shows at different timings and then find the best fit. In this way, managing the podcast playlist will become more natural for you.


Also, you can categorize the shows like shows while driving, shows while doing the cooking and many like that. It will help you a lot to not only change your mood but also to set yours listening routine.

3. Be specific

In our daily routine, everybody seems to be in a rush. We have to be specific regarding our routines so why not to be specific about our listening method as well?

Not every show is for everyone. Moreover, while you have very precise time to do everything you have to pay extra attention while choosing the shows dearest to you.

4. Take control

One step further toward managing your playlist will be to get accustomed with the buttons on your podcast source. Various individuals use different methods to listen to podcasts, so all you need to do is to get familiar with the control buttons.

Most importantly get habitual with the rewind button as you have to listen to it more often by rewinding the particular plot.


5. Save it for later

In our busy schedule, we all find it tough to hear the entire show at one time. There are many distractions, so a pause button is a useful source to take a break and then pick from where you left.

Moreover, if you do not feel like listening to it then leave it and economize time.

6. Unhooking is not a prohibition

A lot of us do not try new things and stay with the old ones. However, I will suggest you that if you find something interesting, then it is OK to lose one or more subscriptions to make room for the new ones.

Moreover, it is better to unsubscribe rather than overburdening our playlist and then find it difficult to manage.

7. Apps

Yes, there are apps available to help you in managing your podcast. Moreover, if you are traditional podcast lover, then you will stick to the standard podcast app by Apple. However, I will strongly recommend you to search the play store to find a new app with additional features. There is a huge variety avail like Sticher, Pocket Casts, Evernote, Pocket and much more. All of them provide you ease and comfort to easily manage your favorite shows.

8. Delete unwanted shows

It does not affect great muscles to lose one or two of the shows which you do not like very much. So if the show is in the category which you have not listened quite a long time, then the moment has come to do some BROOMING.

9. Find duplicates

We all do that, didn’t we? Save the copy as well to compare both the original and the duplicate and then later forget to delete one. So while we are discussing the various ways to manage your podcast playlist, it would add to the advantage if we search and delete the duplicates.


10. Divide and conquer

A policy implies by many great conquerors is going to help you as well. So what will you have to do? Quite simple, you have to categorize the shows in different categories to make it easier for you to pick the one for which you can find time anyway.

11. Downloading save the day

Do you have a huge list of show to watch but do not have the time? Even then you do not need to worry as the excellent way to manage your time is to download the show.

It will provide you two options. After downloading, you can watch it in your spare time, or if you do not feel like watching it, you can delete it and save your time.

12. It is good to be choosy

Well, even though the podcaster writes as “must-watch” but not every show worth your playlist. So when it comes to choosing a show to place in your playlist, try to be as choosier as you can, after all, it is your personal playlist.

Wait! How can you do that without giving it a try? Here is the simple solution. Download some of the episodes of the show, if you feel like getting hooked then add it to your playlist otherwise say GOODBYE to them.

Moreover, the same rule will be applied to your podcast. You have a collection, of cannot miss out to one choose and pick. So you have to be picky and choosy.

13. Speed up the process

Well, it may seem like I am talking about some catalyst action, but I am not. From speeding up, I am referring towards the playing speed. Although I do not like it very much, however, I do it occasionally to listen to a show at 1.5x speed.

So if you can focus, then do try this speeding up. Why speeding up? Well, you can maximize your listening list by minimizing the required time. Moreover, if you are falling behind in your favorite shows, then it is no harm in giving speeding up a shot.

14. Orgy is right

Personally speaking, I love to do chores while listening to my most favorite shows. Arrange a task where I do not have to out my mind, and I will be happy to work all day long while enjoying my playlist.

You do not have to do mindless chores to enjoy your long playlist; well you can also arrange a long drive for yourself, to have space and the time to catch up your favorite shows.

15. Prioritize

At the end of the day, it is all about priorities, so why not to give priority to the playlist as well. If you cannot wait to listen to the latest episode of your favorite show, then place it in the weekday category. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the show and can wait till the weekend then put it in that category. VOILA problem solved.

So, here are some of the excellent ways to manage your podcast to enhance your listening experience. With the growing popularity of podcasting, it is becoming important for us to learn to manage our playlists. All you need to do is just to keep open up your options and do cheat where necessary.

Author: Daniel Shane

Daniel Shane is a branding and digital marketing expert by profession. He works as a digital branding expert at His recent times favorite podcast is the Successful Dropout Podcast of Kylon Gienger.

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