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15 Reddit User and Data Analytic Tools

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When you take data-driven decisions, they help you greatly in the success of marketing. You must be very decisive while choosing a marketing analytics tool, measuring your data, and optimizing your marketing efforts as it assists in making a difference in reaching out your marketing goals.

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Today, we will be reviewing a range of marketing tools associated with Reddit and Data Analytics. These tools consists of different goals, strengths, weaknesses, and features. Make sure to select the right set of tools that may help you knowing the data and use it to boost the marketing results.

1. Tableau Public


Tableau democratizes image in an elegantly straightforward and intuitive tool. It’s exceptionally powerful in business as a result of it communicates insights through knowledge image. Though nice alternatives exist, Tableau Public’s million row limit provides an excellent playground for private use and therefore the free trial is quite long enough to induce you hooked. Within the analytics method, Tableau’s visuals enable you to quickly investigate a hypothesis, mental health check your gut, and simply go explore the information before embarking on a treacherous applied math journey.

2. OpenRefine

Formerly GoogleRefine, OpenRefine could be a knowledge improvement code that enables you to induce everything prepared for analysis. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s check up on an example. Recently, I used to be improvement up an information that enclosed chemical names and noticed that rows had totally different spellings, capitalization, spaces, etc. that created it terribly tough for a computer to method.

Fortunately, OpenRefine contains variety of agglomeration algorithms (groups along similar entries) associated makes fast work of an otherwise mussy drawback.


KNIME permits you to control, analyze, associated modeling knowledge in an unbelievably intuitive approach through visual programming. Primarily, instead of writing blocks of code, you drop nodes onto a canvas and drag association points between activities. A lot of significantly, KNIME may be extended to run R, python, text mining, chemistry knowledge, etc., which provides you the choice to dabble within the more advanced code driven analysis.

4. RapidMiner


Much like KNIME, RapidMiner operates through visual programming and is capable of manipulating, analyzing and modeling knowledge. Last, RapidMiner won KDnuggets code poll, demonstrating that knowledge science ought not to be a counter-intuitive committal to writing endeavor.

5. Google Fusion Tables

Meet Google Spreadsheets cooler, larger, and far nerdier first cousin. Google Fusion tables is a fantastic tool for knowledge analysis, giant data-set image, and mapping. Not astonishingly, Google’s unimaginable mapping code plays a giant role in pushing this tool onto the list. For instance this map that I created to seem at production platforms within the Gulf of Mexico. With simply a fast transfer, Google Fusion tables recognized the latitude and great circle knowledge and need to work.

6. NodeXL

NodeXL could be an image and analysis code of networks and relationships. Think about the large relationship maps you see that represent LinkedIn or Facebook connections. NodeXL takes that a step more by providing precise calculations.



Web scraping and propulsion data off of internet sites won’t to be one thing reserved for the nerds. Currently with, everybody will harvest knowledge from websites and forums. Merely highlight what you would like and in an exceedingly matter of minutes walks you thru and “learns” what you’re searching for. From there, can dig, scrape, and pull knowledge for you to research or export.

8. Google Search Operators

Google is associate undeniably powerful resource and search operators simply take it a step up. Operators primarily enable you to quickly filter Google results to induce to the foremost helpful and relevant data.

9. Solver

Solver is associate improvement and applied math tool in stand out that enables you to line constraints (Don’t pay quite this several bucks, be completed in this several days, etc.). Though advanced improvement is also higher fitted to another program (such as R’s optim package), problem solver can build fast work of a large vary of issues.

10. WolframAlpha


Wolfram Alpha’s search engine is one in all the web’s hidden gems and helps to power Apple’s Siri. On the far side snarky remarks, tungsten Alpha is that the nerdy Google, provides careful responses to technical searches and makes fast work of calculus school assignment. For business users, it presents data charts and graphs, and is great for top level valuation history, artefact data, and topic overviews.

11. RaaW

Since RaaW stands as a “Reddit as a Weapon.” it is a user script, which is accessed through a little hover tab on the screen’s right side. It adds different features on any page like disabled np. Domains without reloading the page, page-wise up/down voting, a show source button for all comments, self-posts, and mails, and also a compose link to open a new message pop-up from any page. It has some special features like subreddit reporting of all submissions, report to admin, and an analyze user submissions link.

12. Reddit Moderator Toolbox


This toolbox is somehow an extension that adds a great number of much needed features and functionalities to reddit for moderators. You may visit their page for further information like its varied and numerous features.

13. Reddit Stream

As comments are submitted to a subreddit, the live comment feed allows to see those comments. With the help of such tool, you are able to change any subreddit to any public subreddit and eventually see comments in a live stream. It is such a tool that has the option to load the latest and new comments on top or bottom.

14. easyAMA

It is a simple kind of app that makes it much easier for creating an AMA, which also offers an easy-to-follow form for users helping them create and submit an AMA with some quirky tips along the way. One way or another, it is great for users that are not familiar with the reddit.

Moreover, plans for the improvement and expanding of app are underway. It includes a user-friendly interface to answer the questions right away from the app.

15. PRAWtools

It is a tool that helps users to interact with the API providing moderator utilities, statistics, and keyword alerts of reddit.

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