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Top 20 Online Marketing Tools and Resources

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The Internet is the apex gateway to information and resources. In fact, you can find any type of software or platform you need to scale your business if you know where to look. That said, if you are looking for online marketing tools in particular, then you can save a lot of time by checking out the top 20 that are shared below:


1. Lead Squared


It takes a lot of time to identify a lead and connect with them, and then nurture them till conversion (of which there is no guarantee either). However, Lead Squared offers a better way to do this.

Lead Squared is a lead automation platform that offers features like lead scoring, intelligent analytics, easy integration with other apps and tools, etc. Its starter pack is available at a modest $125 a month for up to 2,000 leads.

2. GreenRope

GreenRope is a marketing automation software that especially caters to the SME sector. Some of its key features include SMS marketing, lead scoring, and analysis, surveys, customer interaction tracking across the web, etc.

3. iContact Pro


iContact Pro is a business solution with an impressive track record. It has helped a number of SMEs to take their business to the next level by offering dependable features including engagement tracking, landing page creation, social posting and monitoring, detailed reporting, workflow automation, email marketing, and more.

iContact Pro is available at various subscription packs which allow you to invest as per your budget. For instance, for email marketing, you have to spend $14 a month for 500 subscribers, $32 a month for 2,500 subscribers, and so on.

4. PageSpeed

Here’s a fact: 40% people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. What it means is that it’s critical that your website is lightweight. Fortunately, there is PageSpeed to help you with that.

PageSpeed is a special service dedicated to improving your website’s load time. It tests your website for loading problems and even gives recommendations such as “minify javascript”, “optimize images”, etc.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp is easily one of the best email marketing tools that allows you to take email marketing to a whole new level. With its personalized emails, you can communicate with your leads/customers with a “human touch” and stand out from your competitors that use automated email programs and standard email templates. You can also push your marketing campaign through its other features like behavioral tracking, engagement monitoring, automated welcome emails, etc.

6. Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that allows you increase your brand engagement through all major segments of digital marketing- from mobile marketing to email marketing. It also lets you monitor and optimize your ROI and/or create custom forms and landing pages, etc. Take your automation to the next level and integrate Marketo with other apps and platforms using

7. Bremy


Bremy is another powerful marketing platform that’s designed keeping in the mind the needs of large sales and marketing teams. Some of its key features include ADAM (advanced digital marketing automation), digital asset management, database publishing, etc.

8. HootSuite


HootSuite is an advanced social media analytics tool that lets you monitor and manage your social media campaigns across multiple channels. It comes packed with many innovative and useful features that make it a much better option than other social media managers on the Internet.

For instance, Geosearch helps you learn the what the people are saying about your brand or a certain subject in a particular area using this command [geocode]:[latitude and longitude coordinates],[radius of search area]. Similarly, Suggested Content helps you create curate and publish content on all your social media handles. It also tracks your online history to learn about the kind of content you like to share to use it for improving audience engagement.

9. Tailor Brands


Online marketing is incomplete without branding, which is where Tailor Brands comes in. It’s a comprehensive AI-powered branding platform that you can access easily via the Internet. It comes with many features such as logo designing, landing pages, Facebook ads, etc. It even offers tips and tools on how to market a new brand and the best part is- it costs just $9.99 for the basic package.

10. Renderforest Logo Maker


Renderforest Logo Maker helps you to create your own professional logo in minutes, which will tell your brand story. Utilizing this powerful online tool you just stop worrying about any design skills. More than 20.000 unique artwork files are available. Simply try different styles and launch your most favorite version. Once you’re done with creating your logo, you can try their intro maker to get its animated version.

11. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a free Twitter tool that you can use to give a boost to your brand’s presence on the popular social media platform that Twitter is. It allows you to track your searches, activities and helps find exactly what you are looking for quickly. You can also use multiple Twitter accounts at the same time for tweeting and monitoring your activities across all handles easily.

12. EngageBay

EngageBay is a single, unified and affordable digital platform for small and medium businesses that combines marketing automation, sales automation, ticketing helpdesk and a free CRM, all in a single solution. Features such as Email Marketing, Lead Generation tools, Contact Management, Deal Pipeline, Telephony, Email Sequences, full service Help Desk Automation and many others, EngageBay is a complete solution for a business’s marketing, sales & service needs.

13. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a top-notch Social Media Marketing tool suitable for both B2B and B2C businesses. It offers detailed insights into how you can improve your online visibility and enhance your marketing campaigns through measurable results such as the percentage of incoming traffic for different social media channels, web page load time, page size, etc.

Using Quick Sprout is also really easy and simple. All you have to do is enter the website URL into its search box and it will fetch the performance details for you.

14. AdRoll


AdRoll is a marketing platform that’s best known for its re-targeting service which is a form of digital advertising that tracks or “retargets” your leads across the websites they bounce to and from.

Adroll is available for all kinds of budgets and offers a 2-week trial too. It’s regarded as one of the best in providing high conversion rate for your traffic with features like cross-platform targeting, detailed analytics, dynamic liquid ads, etc.

15. Google Analytics

Analytics play a huge role in the success of a blog or website today. However, you don’t have to pay a penny for the same if you use Google Analytics which is also one of the best in the market.

Google Analytics allow you to monitor your website traffic and monitor performance through a variety of metrics such as your top social traffic (social media channel that’s working best for you), top referrals, most popular active pages, etc.

16. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is a website optimization service that allows you to track the behavior of the visitors on your website. You can use the collected information to optimize the design and add/remove the features of your website accordingly.

For instance, it can tell you which sections of your website are more frequently accessed than the others by the customers (with heatmap technique). It also allows you to experiment with various design strategies so that you can find what’s working for you.

17. Simply Measured


Simply Measured provides “reports” of your online performance. Some common examples include:

  • Social traffic report
  • Facebook fan report
  • Twitter follower report
  • Facebook content analysis
  • Instagram user report

The reports are actually quite informative and detailed and are a great option if you don’t want to monitor your campaigns in real-time. You can just run a campaign and get a report later to see how it went. You can also get a daily report at the end of the day to stay on top of your online activities. Besides, they are giving away one report for just a Twitter follow or a Facebook mention i.e. literally free.

18. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is considered as one of the leaders in the CRM Software products. As the name suggests, it is designed to help you optimize your sales pipeline and get the results faster. You can identify your hot leads quickly, maintain lead relationships with ample flexibility, and negotiate deals with all the relevant data right with you all the time. What’s more, it can be easily integrated with other popular products like Dropbox, Zoho CRM, Google Calendar, etc.

19. Sumo Share


If you pay attention to the blogs you read, you must have noticed that a lot of them display an entire column of share buttons on the left or right. These include share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Sumo Share allows you to add these buttons to your blogs in a simple and easy way. It’s also platform independent, so you don’t strictly need a WordPress blog to use it.

What’s great about Sumo is that it offers a variety of customization features for the buttons. So, you can alter their appearances in a way that they look great with your blog’s style and appearance.

20. Active Conversion

If your business belongs to the industrial sector that Active Conversion is the perfect product for you in your marketing endeavors. It’s tailor-made for the industrial businesses and comes with features likes real-time marketing ROI tracking, auto demand generation, leads scoring, etc.

21. Bronto

Bronto is an online marketing platform for the e-retailers. It offers data-driven solutions for the e-commerce players to launch digital marketing campaigns that work and increase revenue at a pace they can be happy with.

Bronto offers mobile, email, and social messaging service with a simple drag-and-drop automation. It’s easy to use, has plenty of tracking and reporting features, and also allows for post-purchase campaigns.

In Conclusion

Marketing tools for online businesses galore in today’s digital world. However, it’s only smart to do some research in advance before finalizing the options and investing time and money. This can prevent the need for going back to the drawing board later and maintain the momentum you are aiming for.

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