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20 Facts and Secrets Facebook Knows About You

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Almost all of us are found on Facebook. The charm of Facebook has inveigled all of us in some ways. Since the creation of Facebook in 2004, it has set different trends in social world and played an important role in connecting different people from all over the world.


People from different socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities are found on Facebook. And with the passage of time more functions are added in Facebook. People use Facebook for socialization, for getting in touch with their friends and family, to get updates on events and happenings and the list goes on.

Facebook has become a vital part of our lives. FB has incased all parts of the world from underdeveloped to developed countries. Different communities are also found on FB to share their experiences and ideas. People of all ages are active users of Facebook and it is a clear reflection of moods, ideas and thoughts of users. It can truly be referred to as a ‘secret diary’ of our lives. We share our details without any bound.

20 facts and secrets Facebook knows about you are highlighted in this article.


1. Biography
Facebook knows about our age, gender, city, language and sexual orientation. It knows all about our educational history of schools, colleges and universities with major subjects and dates.

2. Likes and Dislikes
The pages we like give a strong reflection of our thoughts.

3. Life Events
Facebook knows about our life events such as birthdays, anniversaries and job promotions.

4. Friends’ Information
The friend list tells all about our friends and our best friends.

5. Relationship Status
Facebook knows about our relationship status whether we are single, married, engaged, and divorced or in a complicated relationship.

6. Employment Status
Employment status tells about the current and previous job details with dates.

7. Employer Information
It contains all the information about our current and previous employers/companies.

8. Pictures & Videos
We share our personal pictures and videos on FB.

9. Favorite Movies & TV Shows
We like our favorite movies and TV shows.

10. Favorite Books
A list of favorite books tells all about our preferred reading taste.

11. Visiting Details of Locations
Check In details are shared about the current location we are visiting such as (restaurants, events, monuments etc.).

12. Traveling Information
Travel information tells about our traveling details from departure airport to destination airport.

13. Games & Apps
Facebook knows all about various games and apps we like.

14. Political Views
It knows our political views and political preferences.

15. Religious Views
FB knows about our religious views and likings.

16. Memories Shared
Facebook keeps us updated about the memories we shared a few years ago. It reminds us the memories we made a time ago.

17. Activities Information
Activity log has the information about our recent activities on FB such as likes and comments on different pictures and posts.

18. Phone Number & Email Details
Facebook knows our phone number and email details. The registration process requires phone number and email address.

19. Favorite Quotations
We can share our all-time favorite quotes. These quotations tell about our thoughts.

20. Reviews & Feedback
It knows about our reviews and feedback on movies, spas, salons and restaurants. We give feedbacks to different brands.

Facebook serves different functions such as:


Personality Guide
Facebook can be served as personality guide. The different aspects of social and personal life compose a personality. And we can get relevant information about our friends’ personalities. The pictures and posts shared can tell a lot about the thoughts and opinions of the person who shared them.

Marketing Tool
Different brands and companies are using Facebook as a social marketing tool. They can also get feedback and suggestions from their customers.

Event Organizer
Facebook can be used as an event organizer. Events and mega events are organized and details are shared on Facebook. Interested people attend their desired events on fashion and technology.

Political & Social Campaigns
Nowadays, Facebook is used as a tool to persuade people and different political and social campaigns are executed on FB.

Job Advertisement
FB is used for advertising jobs and vacancies without any cost. Job seekers can like their intended company pages and get updates on vacant positions announced by the company.

Educational Guide
Different students and educationalists are taking an active part in disseminating educational content on Facebook. Various academies share notes and lectures on different topics and courses. It has also contributed a lot in the world of education. Various tests, quizzes and exercises improve the academic performance of students.

Religious & Political Awareness
Different religious scholars are doing a great deal of work by guiding people according to religious codes and conducts. People can ask questions from the scholars and get answers from them.

Entertainment is the core element of Facebook. Stuff related to showbiz, celebrities and movies is available on Facebook.

End Note

Facebook can be said as our complete profile. It contains all the personal and social details. Facebook knows about our taste preferences, our wardrobe preferences, our favorite places.

In short, we authorize Facebook to our private information and share our private details. These everyday details can be summed up to have a better understanding about our moods and personality traits. The posts and comments can express a lot of things about the person sharing them.

Facebook details can be used in investigating different legal cases (criminal investigative cases). Our friends can also get to know our underlying thought patterns by our comments and posts we share on Facebook. The feedback and suggestions on brands, restaurants and beauty salons can be utilized for further improvements in their services. Thus, Facebook knows all about our secrets and is the explicit representation of our true selves and personality characteristics.

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