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6 Reasons Why Photography Remains a Great Career Choice

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Regardless of whether you have some experience in photography or you are simply a photography enthusiast, it’s useful to know how to make some money out of it. From artistic monochrome photography, to macro images of flowers or breathtaking panoramas, people never seem to get enough of great photos.


If you have an eye for detail and you think you’ve got what it takes to become a professional photographer, why not make it worth your time? In this article we will provide you with various different reasons why photography can be an amazing career choice for you.

1. Social Media

Having a strong presence on social media has become very important in recent years. However, it’s impossible to be influential unless you have some eye-catching photos. To illustrate just how important photographs on social media platforms are, let’s turn to some stats:

  • On Facebook, posts which contain some images receive around 3 times more engagement compared to the posts which don’t;
  • On Twitter, tweets which contain images get 150% more retweets compared to the ones without any images;
  • On Instagram, photographs where faces are showing receive 30% more likes than other photos.


So, as we can clearly see, if you want to draw some attention to your work or brand, the best way to do it is through photographs. Taking monochrome photos in particular have become quite popular in the fitness and fashion circles on social media, where the play of light and shadows really accentuates the subtle lines of the human face or the majestic curves of the body.

Great photos are highly appreciated on these platforms, and people are willing to pay good money to get that perfect shot.

2. Web Design

The biggest issue many web designers are facing today is the lack of compelling photographs. No matter the subject of a website, photography is absolutely vital for its success. Since visitors make their first impressions based on the appearance of a website, you need to make sure you are offering them a pleasurable visual experience, if you want them to keep coming back.


Moreover, if the website in question is designed to sell some products or services, nobody will want to buy them, unless they have a clear visual representation of what they are getting. A professional photographer can take the success of a business to a whole new level, as they know what will captivate the visitors.

3. Image-based Content

It has been proven that the human brain will process information presented in a visual way 60,000 times quicker than the information that is only text-based. This is especially crucial for marketing campaigns. High-quality photographs provide an opportunity to connect with the customers better, they encourage them to spread the word about a business, and they are the best way to show off a certain brand.


The most successful websites are built around good images instead of text. That is why investing in quality photography can boost online interactions and social media campaigns in order to grow your fan base further.

4. Travel

Travel photography is equally interesting and profitable. In fact, photographs for the $1 trillion global industry are mostly provided by commercial travel photographers.


As a travel photographer, not only do you have an abundance of opportunities when it comes to your subjects, but you can make serious cash in many different ways – by selling image licenses, joining cash-rewarding photo contests online such as GuruShots, hosting workshops wherever you shoot, through promotional blog posts, and through sponsorship and partnership deals worldwide.

Whether you go for some daring monochrome portraits of the locals or long exposure shots that make a city come alive at night, there will always be a market for your travel photography. If you have a website, which is certainly a must, you can even get inquiries and offers from your visitors directly.

5. Journalism


Photojournalism is a career that’s undoubtedly very exciting, but it also takes some hard work. The task of a photojournalist is to be able to tell a narrative only through their images, so it is required from them to be skillful, passionate and patient.

By being a photojournalist, not only are you given an opportunity to show people something that they can’t see every day, but you can also meet some important people along the way, who can help you improve your skills and find you some well-paid gigs.

6. Art

A lot of people today fancy themselves artists these day – they keep running around with a camera or at least a smartphone and taking shots. This increased interest in photography means more competition, but at the same time it allows daring and creative individuals to stand head and shoulders above the camera-wielding masses.


For instance, you’ll see a lot of monochrome photography online, as we’ve mentioned in the social media paragraph, but only a handful of people can do it quite like Scott Typaldos or Eamonn Doyle, who play with the format masterfully to tell a story of the human condition and grab the viewer by the heart.

If you can pull that off, fame and fortune await.

To conclude, a career in photography can be both your primary source of income and a great way to express your creativity and talent, by showing people the world from your own perspective.

Author: Alex Walker
Alex is the outreach manager & content writer at eTraffic a web marketing agency. He is also an avid photographer, focusing on candid street photography. While doing his marketing work, Alex dreams of one day making a career change.

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