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20 Free PowerPoint Templates for Impressive Presentation

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Despite the fact that there is a plenty of presentation software now, PowerPoint is still the most commonly used program. It has been around for years, adding new features and becoming even better. The problem with this program is that creating a good-looking presentation requires design skills. However, the problem is easily solved by getting free PowerPoint templates for almost any topic, idea or concept.


In this article, we have gathered really nice templates that can help you with your presentation. We have divided them into sections according to the different purposes: education, marketing, diagrams, health and fitness, and nature. Enjoy!

Business and Marketing


1. Glass Cube Business Presentation
This template uses a beautiful photo of office windows, which perfectly suits any marketing presentation of any kind. The blue colors used for content and background make your text easy-to-read. Glass Cube Presentation offers different slide layouts: bullet-point lists, title slides, photo, SmartArt graphic lists, sample chart, and blank slide. All layouts are in a widescreen format.

2. Business Plan Presentation
If you are planning to show the idea of your business to the investors, you should use a really impressive presentation to achieve success. This Business Plan Presentation will help you highlight the key aspects of your ideas: opportunities, central concept, market summary, financial plan, team, goals, competitors, resource requirements, rewards, and risks. The colors suit each other perfectly. The presentation uses white text along with Ion green background. This one also goes in a widescreen format.

3. Business Office City Sketch Presentation
This is a stylish and unique presentation that uses a creative illustration of a fictional city. It is a brown sketch on a light green background that perfectly fits business topics, as well as planning, engineering, real estate, and architecture. There are different features included in the template, like SmartArt graphic, table, and chart. The template also is in a widescreen format.

4. Pink Floral Brocade Presentation
This one is a really cute-looking template colored in pink and printed with small floral pattern. This background design gives a sense of textural effect, but it is rather soft and doesn’t overwhelm your presentation. This template will suit a presentation you want to show to a small company or perhaps to your friends and co-workers. It contains different layouts to let you place your content in a well-structured and understandable manner.



5. Science Project Presentation
This template will help you present your project. Here you can include the answer to the main question, charts, and details of your research. This one is very convenient for science disciplines. The template uses a widescreen format.

6. Group Project Presentation
So you have been assigned to create a team project, and you need a presentation? Use this template because it is designed for a number of authors. Each member of the project has a branch of slides that include table, chart and SmartArt. Should be used in a widescreen format.

7. Laboratory Science Presentation
This template is perfect for scientific research presentation. It uses a nice photo of test tubes on the title, and the content slides use black background with a stylish blue stripe. It offers table, chart, and SmartArt graphic. It uses a widescreen format.

8. Math Education Presentation
This academic template is designed specially for math students. It contains a good-looking Pi symbol in the corner to make your presentation look strict enough, but still creative. The template uses a number of layouts, such as sample chart and table. All slides are in widescreen format.

See Also: Students often need not only a PowerPoint template but also a content sample for a presentation. An academic presentation should look good, but it also should be thoughtful and well-researched.



9. Process Path Info-graphic
With the help of this infographic chart that uses arrows and paths, you can show every step of the process you are going to describe in your presentation. Use this template for a presentation that shows phases of the process separately.

10. Process Infographic
This columnar infographic allows you to break the process into four phases and describe each step of your project separately. This template can be used as a presentation itself, or you can add it to an existing one.

11. Family Tree Chart
If you want to create your family tree in a form of convenient chart, this template is the best one to use. Your name should be typed in the top, and the names of your family members should be put below.

12. Horizontal Hierarchy Organization Chart
This template has a structure of a horizontal chart that shows hierarchy from left to right. This one can be used for any kind of diagram you may need. Use it as a separate presentation or a slide for an existing one.

Health and Fitness


13. Health and Fitness Presentation
This template is for your lifestyle and fitness routine. It has three photos on the main slide: a guy lifting weights and two runners (exercise), and an apple (healthy eating). You can replace these photos on your own if you want. The presentation template contains a table, chart, and SmartArt graphic. It uses widescreen format and will come in handy for athletes, trainers, coaches, and weight lifters.

14. Medical Design Presentation
This white and red medical design with a photo of a heart monitor on the main slide will totally impress your audience. Inside this template, you will find chart, table as well as SmartArt graphic. It uses a widescreen format, and it works perfectly for all kinds of medical presentations.

15. Basketball Presentation
This template will help you prepare sport statistics or strategies. The template’s theme is basketball. It uses the widescreen format and contains photos, table, graph, and other layouts.

16. Weight Tracker
This template is designed for two – so grab your friend and start going in for sports and losing weight together. The template will help you track and compare progress.



17. Seashells Presentation
This nature presentation template uses an amazing photo of colorful seashells. Looks so beautiful and romantic, that your audience will totally love it. This widescreen presentation uses such layouts as bullet-point lists, pictures, headers and more.

18. Ocean Waves Presentation
The main slide of this template uses an impressive photo of ocean waves. Inside of this presentation, you will find a table, chart, two-column lists, and a circle graphic. This widescreen presentation will make waves!

19. Cherry Blossom Presentation
This amazing template will remind you of warm spring days and amazing smell of blossoming cherry trees. This widescreen presentation uses a photo of cherry pink flowers as a great backdrop for the content you share using this template.

20. Ecology Presentation
If you have a speech on the topic like “Let’s Save the Earth” – this ecology-themed presentation template for a widescreen format will suit perfectly. The stunning photos of the water, sky and grass will serve as a good illustration of the main treasures we have to protect. Teachers and students, you should also consider using this one for some projects.

Hopefully, you will find something you have been looking for among these amazing free templates. If you have any ideas or links to share – please leave a comment!

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