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Top 30 Infographic Templates & Vector Design Kits Download

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We all know how much of a valuable asset infographics are when we’re working on a presentation. They help us represent large heaps of data in a well-structured and intelligible way. Furthermore, a well-designed infographic will make your presentation much more engaging.


But we’re all well aware of the fact that they aren’t that easy to make. This is why it’s always a good idea to opt for high-quality templates off the Internet. This is why we’ve compiled a great list of infographic kits and templates, so you don’t have to. You can use them whenever you need to structure information but in a quicker and more sophisticated manner.

1. Green Infographics


As the name may have already suggested this template consists of fully vectored bright green and dark brown items. You’ll find a large variety of components that are very nature-centric. It costs $8.

2. Free Flat Infographic Elements


This laconic, minimalist and flat design is an amazing template in any designer’s toolkit. It contains a range of templates for charts, icons, pie charts. It is very relevant to social studies. It’s totally free.

3. Circle Infographics


This flat and minimalist infographic template. All of the elements featured in the pack are in vector format. They feature Arial and Verdana as the main fonts. The archive features two EPS10 documents. The price is $5.

4. 100+ Medical Flat Icons


This is an impressive collection of over a hundred fabulous medical icons, elegantly executed in a very flat style. You’ll find everything you can think of in this pack that is related to medicine, from pills to body parts. Eleven dollars and they’re yours.

5. Free Vector Information Graphic Kit


A very well-refined and polished graphic kit designed to create impressive infographics. You have the possibility to modulate the shapes, sizes, and colors of the elements, without compromising on the quality. Free of charge.

6. Financial Information Graphic Elements


A sumptuous kit intended to convey financial data in a very interactive way. All files are in vector and fully editable in all respects. The kit also contains very well-designed currency symbols ranging from popular currencies to Bitcoin. Another freebie.

7. Isometric Infographics


A brilliantly designed template intended to represent complex informational structures, but not only. Most of the objects are intended as pyramids that are made to facilitate comprehension of convoluted information. It’s only four bucks!

8. Best options chart Free Vector


A very intricate template which is perfect for presentations that offer complex solutions for complex problems. It’s executed in a light blue palette with occasional yellow elements. Free of charge.

9. Infographic Powerpoint Template


An incredibly varied and rich package, which features a staggering 170 slides of infographics. In this versatile package, you’ll find anything from Portfolio and Device Mockup templates, up to Meet Our Team slides. An absolute treasure, considering its ridiculous price. Ridiculous price-to-value ratio! It’s only $15.

10. The Mother Lode of All infographics


This ginormous kit consists of a whopping 1200 infographics. As the creators market this collection – “you will not need another pack in your life,” it may very well be true. It’s an insane price-to-value bomb. It costs an unbelievable $39.

11. Flat Education Infographics


A simple but not simplistic education-related infographic. It has a pleasant flat design and clever use of the rainbow spectrum. It’s free for the taking.

12. Infographic Vector Elements Vol2


Very cleverly designed yet very versatile. This kit can be used in virtually any field of activity. It’s a free resource.

13. Infographics SWOT PowerPoint Template


This is a kit that is really easy to edit and customize. It’s designed as a set of SWOT grids. It makes excellent use of colors, and it has a pleasantly minimalistic style. Twelve bucks is the price.

13. SEO Infographics


A vibrant kit that contains lots of templates and icons related to search engine optimization. It has a wide array of icons and schemes that are ideal to facilitate the presentation of complex data.

14. Futurum Infographic


Futurum pretty much says it all. This is a very elegant and futuristic infographic that has a very sophisticated color scheme. It can be downloaded with an Envato Membership Plan.

15. Pure Shape Infographic


This pack comes with over 20 templates that feature a very modern design. The designs are really versatile and can be applied to a host of different fields and domains. It can also be downloaded with the Envato Membership Plan.

16. Infographic Elements v1.0


A very data-centered template. This collection features a set of very laconic and well-polished infographics, along with a few world and country maps. Thirteen dollars.

18. Social Infographic


A predominantly metallic grey infographic that contains a host of various elements. Over 1300, to be precise. It costs $10 on Graphic River.

19. Construction infographics


If you’re about to deliver a project for a construction company — this is your go-to template pack. Lots of straight but elegant lines. Lots of buildings, cranes, and engineering elements made in that recognizable “blueprint” blue. Just six dollars.

20. Vintage & Retro Style Infographic


A really consistent and rich pack of infographics and elements with a genuinely nostalgic spin to it. It uses an interesting thematic selection of fonts like Bebas, Lobster, and others. Twelve dollars.

21. Infographic Diagram Vector Background


A pretty large infographic that allows you to present information in the most detailed manner.

22. Bubble Infographic


A very clean template that features bubbles for charts. It’s quite unusual but will be very effective if you want to go out of the box with this presentation. Just $3.

23. Business Timeline Infographics


This is the perfect design to use if you want to present a company’s roadmap or achievements since its creation. Very eye-pleasing colors and laconic style. It’s only $8.

24. Circle Business Infographic


A very fresh-looking infographic that can contain up to eight option. It’s really cleverly organizer and well-shadowed. Six dollars.

25. Infographic Elements Bundle


As the name suggests it, it’s a fairly large collection of icons, elements, infographics, and other well-designed goodness. With over 5000 customers having purchased these, you know that you’re getting your hands on some good stuff. Just $25 (currently 45% off).

26. Infographic Timeline Bundle


A neatly executed bundle of timeline templates that features bright colors and a minimalist, almost skeletal design. Twenty dollars.

27. Modern Economy Infographics


A modern and flat infographic template made exceptionally for Economics and Finance, but with a fresher spin to them. It’s free of charge.

28. Circle Pie Chart Infographic


Highly professional selection of pie charts that will make your presentation look outstanding. The charts have an overlapping 3D effect, which provides them with extra depth. Only $12.

29. Outline Infographics


The pack comprises of a vast collection of infographic elements and a wide array of icons, that are made in a very cartoonish, but nevertheless, well-executed style. Its price is $10.

30. Weekdone Infographics


This is another infographics kit that contains many unique components such as pie chart, graphs, maps and timeline. It’s available in both light and dark versions.


We all are well aware of the importance of a cleverly designed infographic. It has a crucial task of structuring information in a rational manner, in bite-size chunks.

Once you’ve compiled a list of reliable tools, templates, and icons, you’re all set to create flawless work, that will wow your clients regularly. Good luck with that!

Author: Erica Sunarjo

Erica Sunarjo graduated from South Texas College majoring in Marketing and Creative Writing. She used her knowledge to make a difference in the realm of business copywriting and invested heavily in traveling and language learning. At present, Erica is the most effective writer in The Word Point.

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