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8 Killer Ways to Monetize your Personal Blog

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So you’ve recognized your creative writing skills and realized that you have it in you to become a blogger – Good! You already have a blog up and running and drive a decent traffic as well –That’s great! But, you’ve never reaped single revenue from all this .Well, not so great!


Why? Because, you have been missing out on a potential source of income by not monetizing your blog! Apart from being a good platform to share and disperse information, blogging is an effective way to make money as well. It is high time we realize that internet is a non-stop medium where the flow and lookout for information is perennial. So, providing the crucial bit of information at a price could make wonders for you. So, for those of you who aspire to make some cash out of your blog, here are some sure-fire tips.

Now before you begin, remember that monetizing your blog will not make you a millionaire overnight. It takes its own solid time to gain momentum, and when it gains the rewards would be profitable. So, mentally prepare yourself to be patient and realize that your blog will acquire you benefits, though not instantly but definitely.

And mentioned below are the killer ways to monetize your blog, in no particular order. This means you can implement either one or all that suits you the best. Read on.

Sell Ad Space

This is one of the most basic ways to get steady cash inflow from your blog. Depending up on the niche of your blog, you can sell a specific block or portion of your blog to the advertisers. But before you sell, you have to ensure that the space will be allocated for an ad that speaks about the same niche, and most importantly you have a decent search engine visibility and web traffic. In case you don’t have a decent number of visitors reaching your blog, try promoting it through social media and get recognized among the other bloggers. Use analytics to calculate the incoming traffic, and when everything is in place, sell the space! This is bound to fetch you some decent cash. You can even hike the prices during the holidays.

Ad Networks

One of the other efficient ways to monetize your blog is by subscribing to various advertisement networks out there. This includes streams like Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Thousand advertising programs that help people find what they want, using your blog as the medium. In case you haven’t heard of this, it’s pure Google Adsense. Seems familiar now? Ok, basically what happens is when you have a reputable incoming traffic to your blog, and then reach the advertising network say Adsense, Google will come to know to what niche your blog belongs to and place the most relevant advertisement on your blog! And when users reach your blog, read a particular topic they’re interested in and see the advert placed aptly in it, they will involuntarily go for it. And every time the users click the ad, you get paid for it! Isn’t it simple? Try it.

Affiliate Marketing

Utilizing your blog for affiliate marketing purposes is another great way to earn income. In simple words, affiliate marketing is referring a product, commodity or a service to your audience. All that you have to do is use your blog as a medium to promote the products. If your audiences are interested in it, they will buy and you will get paid. But the crucial factor over here is honesty. You will be considered reputable as long as you recommend and suggest products honestly. Try recommending poor products and, you will end up losing your blog audience as well. So be honest, try the products before you advocate and reap benefits.

Write Paid Reviews

There are companies out there that offer a decent sum on reviewing their products online. So try connecting with them and start writing your reviews. Also, this is quite interesting because you will get a chance to get hands on with things that excite you the most. It may be a technological gadget, dining services, home improvement, beauty products or anything. Again honesty matters the most over here, with the reason being the same as mentioned above. So, get going!

Selling Products through Your Blog

If you run your own business and looking out to promote it, use your blog and sell direct. Blogging is a great platform to promote new things and enhance the reach of your brand to the masses. And since you run the business and nobody knows your products better than you, simply publish the details about your products explaining its benefits, and you can see visitors actually turning into leads. Open up the comments section to receive feedbacks and comments from users as well. This is way better than affiliate marketing, because this is your product and your efforts. So keep it high!

Price Your Guest Posts

Google’s Penguin update had a devastating effect on thousands of blogs and websites, resulting in reduction of page ranks and penalization of many. But for us, it is the right time. If you are open to guest posting, you can earn a significant sum when you start charging for your guest posts. Considering that you have a good page traffic and recognition online, users who are in pursuit of quality and authority backlinks will definitely approach you. So, charge them a price and get some cash. But beware that you post only quality content, else you will have your site penalized as well.

Tutorials or Classes

The Joker in the Dark Knight movie said that if you are good at doing something, never do it for free! Apply the same rule over here. If you are a pro at something, use your blog and start taking classes or write down tutorials about it. Post a few articles as trials and if your audiences approach you with interest, make them to subscribe to your classes and make some cash. With this, you not only impart knowledge but earn some money as well.


Another great way to generate some revenue from your blog is by selling merchandise of other companies and outlets. Once you’ve zeroed-in on this strategy, approach some of the reputed companies and outlets for selling customized products through your blog. This could be anything like a personalized T-shirt, a key-ring, coffee mug and the likes. Use your blog as a platform for this and earn by selling them.

So that was our 8 killer ways to monetize your blog and actually profit from it. So gear up, implement the strategies that suit you the most and make way for an additional income. As a reminder, realize that most of the strategies reap benefits in the longer run; so, be prepared to be a little patient. Good Luck!

Author: Jem Larson

Jem has been writing technology related contents such as blogging, social media, gadget reviews and tutorials and making money online for more than four years now. She is currently working as a writer for Massbeacon where you can get details on FiOS availability offers and savings.

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