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8 Check Points Why Your Website Needs to be Redesigned

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Designing a website is the most important need of your business these days. But how long you can survive on the internet with the similar website? It is not like once you have designed your website and you are done. A website and internet marketing requires proper attention and should be updated on regular basis to make your visitors visit you often.


After reading this now recall how long it has been when you last updated your website? The average time you need to upgrade your website is 5 or 6 months but mainly it depends upon the type of services you are dealing into. With the advent of technology and changing trends you need to upgrade your website almost every month. Every time you check out for some latest trends you find a list of things and then you start finding the loopholes within your website.

Redesigning your website is not only about changing the look and feel of your website but there is a lot more to be done. With the changing trends and more advancement in the technology you will find different problems that need to be changed. When you start with redesigning you will see that it goes much deeper that you expect it to be. You need to work with almost everything like the functionality of your website, presentation of your website, loading time, and how well can they go with website redesigning on regular basis.

Here in this post I can give you 8 major things you need to check that makes sure that your website is in a desperate need of getting redesigned.

Does your website get load in apt time or it takes more time?


The new trend says that it is important for your website to get loaded faster because competition is high and user will never wait for your website to open. If you website take more time than the apt time you will lose a potential client. So are you sure that your website does not take long to get loaded? Check it out because if this is an issue with your website you might lose a huge business.

Is your website responsive?


The new trend is browsing websites using smart phones only. If your website is not available or is not compatible with smart phones then you are nowhere in your competition. A website that can be seen or loaded on your smart device is called as a responsive website. 98% users make use of their smart phones for browsing any website because it is fast and easy. Who has time to open the laptop or desktop just to see the products online? Smart phones give the option of making the image bigger to see each and every detail clearly.

So if your website is not responsive, do it now.

Some functions and features that have never been used

You can also check your website for some features and functions that you introduced to it when you designed your website but they have never been used. It would be better to remove those features and functions to make your website fast and easy to access. Why to give something to your users that is of no use to them? It is simple, just check for the links that are not in use for your website and remove them. They might make your website look outdated.

Do you think your website is losing visitors gradually?


If you see that slowly and slowly the number of visitors on your website is decreasing and they do not like your website anymore then it is the signal for you that you are lacking with your SEO part. The good news is that you do not have to redesign your website completely but you have to make some extra efforts with your SEO techniques. So just go with it.

Think about the last time you redesigned your website

It is important for you to think about. When was the last time you updated your website? If it has been very long then you need to work on each and every part of your website to make it as per the new trend and requirements. This is high time and your website needs to be redesigned very badly. It is outdated and does not have anything that matches with the advanced websites.

A few parts of your website are failing to perform


You need to check every nook and corner of your website in order to check if everything is working properly. Sometimes there are pages that you think are working properly but in reality they are not. There might be some links that are not working, so it is important to keep on analysing your website on timely basis to make sure that it is working properly.

Are you popular on Search Engines?

If you ask SEO executives about SEO and making your website available on search engines they will give you a thousand of things to be done for making your website get noticed on the search engines. This is their job and they know how to do it. But you do not need a lot to work on if your website is not available on search engine.


Search engines like Google, Yahoo like websites that are coded properly, are not having heavy images to load and the content on these websites is changing continuously. You can always help your website for keeping your website up to date yourself. Make sure that your website has been coded correctly, you are not using any flash on your website, and you are continuously updating your website in terms of SEO requirements.

Check if the copyright year is 2012 in the footer of your website

If the footer on your website has a copyright year of 2012 then it means that you have not updated your website from the past 48 months. Your website will be considered as pretty stale at that point. If your website is giving that year as 2011 then it is clear that you have forgot your website once it was designed. This is a good signal that confirms that your website badly needs redesigning, especially if the year is 2007 or earlier.

Checking for these 8 points make you sure that you need to get your website redesigned. But if you do not find any of the above point satisfying in context with your website, even then try to keep on updating your website with little updations making sure to Google that you are working for your website.

Author: Anna Brown

Anna Brown is working as a senior Web Designer with one of the best known Web Design Company in India. She completed her graduation in designing and animation from Delhi University, India and is really very creative web designer at Xperts Infosoft. She loves her job and enjoys her designs. She can give an overall new look to your company’s website just by making little changes to it.

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