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Apps and Games on Android for Housewives

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A housewife or dedicated mother often has her Android phone on her at all times of the day in order to be quickly available for an emergency or just to stay in touch with friends. This sometimes busy, sometimes bored woman should take full advantage of the Android app market which features literally thousands of programs and games that can boost productivity, promote a healthy lifestyle, conjure up dinner ideas or just fling birds off a slingshot.


There are a number of things that determine which apps are right for different people. Some apps are free but others only offer trial versions and must be purchased. Some apps crash frequently and end up just taking up space on the phone. In order to find the best games and apps for housewives, the woman must know what she wants the app to do for her and go from there.

Apps and Games for Killing Time

There’s a time for being busy and getting things done during the day but if a girl doesn’t take time to stop for some down time she’ll run herself ragged. There are hundreds of Android apps for killing time but users should tread with caution. Too much killing time could kill productivity for the day instead and these apps can be very addicting.

Facebook – A staple of Android phones that comes pre-installed on most devices. Facebook allows a housewife to stay in touch with friends and family all over the globe and it often serves as the breaking news source for most people. News of school letting out early will often be on Facebook before administrators even make the official decision.

Kindle – The most popular web reader application allows moms to take their favorite books with them anywhere. Getting caught up on a book can occur while waiting for the kids to get out of school or practice or while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for an appointment to get over with.

Virtual Families – When the real family is out of the house, replace them on this role-playing game that allows a user to have children, set them on their path out of the house and help them with life and career choices on the way.

Apps And Games To Stay Healthy

One of the main things that everybody must make part of their regular practice is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. When some wives leave the house they work in somewhat physically exerting jobs or ones that require a lot of walking and moving. A housewife on the other hand must go out of her way to get a good dose of daily exercise in.

Pocket Yoga
Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and get physical activity. The Pocket Yoga app is like having a personal yoga instructor right in your palm. Users can create individualized workouts and track their progress with the app.


Noom Cardio Trainer
For the housewife who loves to get in an afternoon run to stay healthy and relieve stress, the Cardio Trainer is one of the most motivating apps on the market. Combined with the Racer and and Weight Loss module, users can record their best run times and be encouraged to beat it the next time out with a voice telling the current progress. Weight loss can also be documented and monitored and even shared on social networks if desired.


Zombies, Run!
This Android game provides women with the best motivation to get running…being chased by zombies. In this unique action game, a housewife must actually leave the home and run a certain distance in order to accrue points that can be used to help build up her base. The more you run, the safer you are from zombies.


Apps For Healthy Eating

Besides getting regular exercise, healthy lifestyles also are dependent on good eating habits for the entire family. These Android apps can be instantly inputted with a potential meal to examine the caloric intake and the health ramifications.

Fast Food Calorie Counter
Sometimes after a long day the easiest thing to do is feed the kids via the drive thru window. Many fast food restaurants are offering healthier options these days and the fast food calorie counter displays calories, fat grams, carbs and protein of different value menu items.


Calorie Counter By FatSecret
Similar to the fast food counter, the Calorie Counter by FatSecret enables users to input data from supermarket items and monitor the calorie content of the items being loaded into their shopping cart. The app even has a built in barcode scanner so a person can get instant information on the fly.


BeerGut Fitness
For most housewives, their husband will never be honest with them about how many beers they chugged down after work. With the Beer Gut Fitness app, a users beer intake can be inputted as can the amount of exercise. If the exercise calories burned are at an approved level, a beer is rewarded. This app could be a good way for a husband to start an exercise program, especially when beer is the prize.


Apps and Games for Everything Else

One of the best things about the different apps in the Android market are the uniqueness and creativity of some of the developers. There’s almost an app for every category imaginable, some with benefits and others not so much.

Husband Wife Jokes Journal!
One key to a healthy marriage is to laugh with your spouse and the Husband Wife Joke Journal has a number of different anecdotes and stories that are probably familiar to every marriage.


Husband Tracker
Another trait of a healthy marriage is trust but if a housewife doesn’t necessarily trust her husband, she can secretly install the husband tracker app to trace his whereabouts via a GPS system.


The Perfect Husband App
For the time when the supposed man of the house is caught lying about his whereabouts, the perfect husband app can be used to give him the exact response for any situation. Such categories as the ‘apologetic’ husband feature will make sure he’s never at a loss for words.


Burn Your Fat With Me!
In this Android game, the user is dating a simulated person that basically tells them they’re an unfit slob. In order to win the heart of the sim, the person must do actual workouts and as they work out they’ll acquire interest from even more Sims in the game. Developers are surely working on a Simulated Husband Tracker as we speak.


There are a number of Android apps for housewives to keep track of their kids, create safe recipes, and learn self defense and more. Women should take the time to explore these apps as sometimes browsing the store is funnier than actually using the apps.

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