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Most Favorite Android Apps and Games to Improve Learning

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Almost everybody knows the benefits that smart phones offer when it comes to streaming video, tracking somebody on a GPS, updating Facebook, calculating calories, and other useful features but what many users don’t know is that Android phones can definitely be used for education. Sure playing games is a great way to entertain a person when bored or killing some free time but they also offer plenty of tools for learning. Children to adults can all reap the benefits of some of these top Android apps and games for learning.


Apps and Games for Young Children

Many times a young kid will just want to hold a phone and make pretend calls but some of these games can combine some of that want with a little bit of learning.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite
Something a young child will need to help learn numbers and math is a game with the basics. Too many cute characters, goofy background noise, or bright backgrounds will distract the youngster and Kids Numbers and Math Lite teaches numbers, addition, and subtraction with only the basics.

Famigo Sandbox
Famigo is a website that features some of the best kid friendly games on the Internet but this app is essentially a child lock. When applied on a phone will only allow access to kid friendly games and videos to prevent a toddler from accidentally exiting a game and unknowingly updating their parents’ Facebook status.

Pepi Bath Lite
A child’s strength grows exponentially when it’s time for a bath or to brush their teeth but Pepi Bath Lite makes regular hygiene tasks seem cool and fun. Instilling proper hygiene techniques at a young age can have them embedded as the children grow older.

Apps and Games for Elementary and Middle School Students

Elementary and middle school kids aren’t yet completely glued to their phones but if they were running these educational apps and games it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Amazing Alex
This Android game combines learning physics with the action of fighting alien robots. The goal is to strategically place benches and brooms on top of each other and on various objects to deter the robots. The game also subliminally teaches kids to clean up their rooms as Alex gets the objects to defeat the robots from his messy bedroom.

Mom or Dad might get tired of continually reading books and while it’s still important to do so at least once a night, let Maya take over in the mean time. The friendly narrator reads books on dinosaurs, fruits, vegetables and more as children follow along and lean the words.

Where’s My Water?
This is a game that starts teaching kids about physics as they must use logic to tap and let Sparky the alligator take a shower. This game also teaches gravity and problem solving skills.

Geo Quiz
This game introduces students to the basics of where things are located throughout the world. Global geography is one of the main study points as youngsters enter the higher grades and Geo Quiz does so with neat graphics and a cool interface.

Learning Apps For Those In High School And College

The older a student gets the more attached they are to their smart phones which can be good when utilizing these particular apps that help with some of the trickiest subjects.

Speed Anatomy Quiz
As kids get older they might not know what’s going on in their own bodies but they’ll know every part of the human body when poking and prodding away at it with this app. The program uses a speed facet that ingrains the positions and locations of organs and bones in the brain.

Virtual SAT Tutor – Writing
This app helps students improve their writing skills in preparation for the SAT. The company that released the app IVY standard has a full line of SAT preparation applications.

School Timetable Deluxe
A premium app that is actually fully free of charge, this app serves as a calendar for students to homework assignment, exam dates, and grades in an easy to read interface.

Formulas Lite
All the basic formulas a student will need for math, chemistry, and physics are presented in one central place instead of flipping through dozens of notebook pages.

Apps And Games For Adults To Continue Their Education

An adult has two options when fiddling with their smart phones while waiting for the kids to get out of school they can either flip birds through the air on a slingshot or do a little learning of their own.

Wiki Mobile Encyclopedia
Getting brushed up on a topic doesn’t necessarily mean studying the origin of man or thermal nuclear reactors. Instead a person can simply brush up on how the rock band KISS was formed or what Tom Cruise’s real name is. The Wiki Mobile Encyclopedia offers access to hundreds of Wikipedia articles but also doesn’t take up as much data as the regular site.

Celeste SE
With this app, users can point their Android phones up in the sky and identify all the heavenly bodies that are present. This is great to learn fun facts about the stars and other astronomy either day or night.

While learning all the state capitals was once a requirement, that knowledge quickly fades when a person enters adulthood. MapMaster will help refresh the locations of famous places all around the world and it offers incentive of playing against up to 10 friends.

Games and apps can be fun to play but real enjoyment comes with a vast mind and a good education. For the best Android experience, balance out every Facebook scroll with getting refreshed about the Periodic Table…you can even post a status about it.

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