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10 iPhone and Android Literacy Mobile Games for Kids

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In this modern-day era, children are growing up with state-of–the-art apps and digital media. We might make hard effort to fight it, but we can’t beat the impact of advanced technologies on our children. In fact, the advanced and sophisticated technologies are part of their lives, alongside their education, play and entertainment, television and other forms of entertainment and learning.


Our kids and younger generations are more conscious about modernization and technological advancement than older generation. The basic reason behind this is that everything is becoming digital and innovative in this era and for this very reason, today’s children are much more involved in and influenced by the present-day advancements in the technological world.

This article is going to present a list and attributes of 10 most effective and influential mobile apps as literacy games for kids that will definitely improve the children’s literacy skills, while entertaining them.

1. Reading Raven


This app is really effective. The app is totally customizable for your children (from 3 years to 5+) through which they can comprehend letter and sound and make correspondence between them very easily. By using this app, a 5+ years child can easily record his/her voice and then decode them. A child can also trace all of the letters in the word. Lastly, a child will be fully capable of recording him/herself and reading a simple sentence.

2. Medieval Math Battle
This is an interesting literacy game for kids, which has been designed to enhance the child’s learning abilities. By using this, your kids will be able to solve various math problems very easily and interestingly. Battling monsters, goblin, slaying dragons and troll are various characters of the game. While playing, kids are engaged in fight with these characters and it gets very difficult for them to cleareach level. One of the best aspects of this app is that it will assist your kids comprehend the concepts of Math in a very effective and interesting way because this includes interesting animations that have potential to engage kids in playing, while developing the learning skills.

3. FriendStrip Kids
FriendStrip Kids is indeed a wonderfulapp in which kids are fully capable of inventing their own comic strips. By playing this game, your kids will be capable of creating and posing images. Simultaneously, they will be able to add various characters so that a comic strip could be completed. This app offers your kids a simple and unique way to be creative and expressive.

4. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox


This is an interesting game specifically designed for preschoolers. The game teaches them about different colors, counting, puzzles and various shapes. Anew interesting lesson emerges whenever a child opens the game. The monkey wants assistance to find the green fruits, grab only eight strawberries, or recognize the fruit starting with the right letter. Wong guesses do not result in lost your point, but these become part ofthe learning process.

5. Sight Words Learning Games
Sight words in this mobile game are English words that do not have a simple one-to-one sounds-written letterscorrespondence. Thus, kids have to be learned “by sight.” Kids are fully capable of quickly identifying various sight words that is a vital part of their learning process how to read. To improve reading, sight words skills is necessary to be developed in kids.

6. Montessori Crosswords
Montessori Crosswords is one of this very effective mobile literacy games as it teaches children letter SOUNDS. The game also includes a cognitive factor of mini-crossword puzzles, along with consonant blends and digraphs. One of the excellent aspects of the game is its customization because it integrates a section especially for parents.

7. Marbleminds Phonics
Relatively, this is a simple iPhone or iPad literacy game that develops and improves kids’ phonics skills while playing with marbles to complete the levels of game. This has a variety of games, such as memory game, an onset game, etc. It also has a section of “sounds like” where a child speaks a sound with high volume and he/she has to select the corresponding letter.

8. Monkey Junior


This mobile app is assumed to be the reading program and it has been specifically invented to provide kids with different types of reading games. This game has a variety of thought-provoking features that can really entertain children, while developing their vocabulary and reading skills. This app includes many reading courses for your kids and by playing this game they could learn and enhance their reading skills.

9. Joy Sprouts
This mobile game for kids solves key problems in fostering preschoolers. Preschoolers do not have the capability of expressing their feelings and telling their parents what they need to develop. The game helps kids in developing their literacy skills, math solving skills, color and shapes identification skills, etc. The main focus of this game is on kids’ emotional and social development, physical development, language, cognition and approaches to learning.

10. Toddler Music Jukebox
Toddler Music Jukebox is another mobile app, which has 12 classic songs for kids.Through this app, you can easily engage your kids in learning process at home and especially while travelling. The app has an interactive and colorful interface and provides kids with easy to navigate control to maneuver.

The iPhone and Android apps as literacy games for kids listed here are very effective, helpful and interesting as all the games help in maximizing your kids’ overall learning skills, whether you want to develop math problem solving skills, identification of colors and shapes skills, or develop creative and expressive capabilities in your child. By playing these games, your kids will be able to learn diverse educational aspects and subjects in a more interesting, entertaining and engaging way.

These mobile apps are for kids, but some of these games can also be played by parents and any family member. I believe that these will be very engaging and effective games for your kids will also enable them to develop their physical and mental capabilities in a very entertaining manner, while developing their literacy skills.

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