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Top 30 Mobile UI Kits for iOS and Android App Developers

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When it comes to application development, UI and UX are the most noteworthy terms that every developer is familiar with. UI stands for User Interface which means how an app looks and interacts with the users. On the other hand, UX stands for User Experience which defines experiences users gain or feel on using an app.


For the success of a mobile application, it is necessary that users must have a pleasing experience while using the app. They must be fascinated by the visual appeal of an app. Moreover, nicely designed UI will help you avoid app uninstalls and bounce rates.

Learning the best UI practices is the most predictable part of any mobile app’s success. It should be bedrock for any wannabe and reputable designer. It is easy to craft an app idea on a piece of paper, but when it comes down to creating an app, in reality, things get little tricky. Before you start working on design, understand your users first, and the way they interact with the design, then only you should move on to usability of the app. You can create a wireframe of an app using mobile app UI kits which have become the norm when building prototypes.

Mobile app UI kits are specially designed to speed up the process of mobile app development. No matter you wish to design iOS or Android app, the below listed mobile UI kits will definitely help you design wonderful and well-organized apps. Your apps will surely satisfy your clients with the design and perfection attained through the use of these UI kits.

1. Android Material Design


Android material design intensifies new design concept in Android devices. You can use these PSDs to build Android-friendly apps with material design support them from behind.

2. AwesomeKit – Mobile Prototyping Kit

AwesomeKit is a freebie that has more than hundred unique UI and UX elements. You can use these elements to begin prototyping your apps. There are no prototyping limits and you can prototype any kind of app. If things go well, you can convert your prototype into a fully functional app. This kit has been built specifically for iPhone and iPad users, so basically this kit is only for iOS developers.

3. Azure UI Kit


Azure is content and eCommerce oriented UI kit that can work well for creating content and online store apps for both the web and mobile devices.

4. Bandwidth Monitor Application UI
With this monitoring app, you can keep a check on the amount of network bandwidth used to the current day, week, month, or even year. Bandwidth UI App is a portable mobile application tool that gives you a real-time information view of downloaded and uploaded data in flat UI design style.

5. Checkout Screen App

For your checkout processes, here is a specific feature UI kit that allows you to create checkout designs for your ecommerce app. This Checkout UI kit is specifically for iOS7 that lets users state a unique payment method and complete purchase formalities.

6. Clean & Modern iOS UI Kit


Clean & Modern UI Kit is a modern and organized UI kit especially made keeping in mind the needs of iOS developers. Several essential screens are included in this kit for mobile app success like: introduction screen for creating walkthroughs and product guides, a calendar screen for managing tasks and lists, a stunning and small signup and login screens, a screen for creating a news section, a user profile screen, and also a report for the most viewed sections of the app by the user. Such screen views are handy for magazine websites and apps.

7. Designer-naut UI Kit


There are more than 49 unique widgets and more than 100 UI elements present in Designer-naut UI kit that allows you to build your own community app.

8. Elegance iOS UI Kit

Elegance iOS UI Kit contains 12 industry-quality PSD screens focused around eCommerce. If you have plans of developing similar app, save your time and efforts with this UI kit. You can achieve all app related tasks with elegance by creating a fully functional prototype. This iOS UI kit is a good starting point for designers who want to get into the eCommerce app design marketing.

9. Facebook Material Design

Facebook Material Design is available for Android devices and gives you design experiences similar to Facebook.

10. Fair Mobile UI Kit

Fair Mobile UI Kit is an all-in-one solution for designers/developers who wish to develop functional mobile app prototypes with existing, contemporary, and flexible design elements. It has raised the bar by providing an outstanding mobile UI kit which contains more than 140 individual app screens all set to be edited and published on your apps. Apart from this, this UI kit offers 22 signup and login screens available in all kinds of varieties, 13 walkthrough screens, 25 blogging and content reader screens to make your app design readable and mobile friendly. The package also includes 100 unique UI elements that can be employed, styled and combined independently with your existing parts of the app. It is partially free, with the option to pay for the full package if you find it suitable for your app.

11. Flat Mobile App UI


It is a fully functional iOS concept kit which is available in ready to use form. Flat Mobile app UI has plenty of screens that you can use to create prototypes of food-related projects. You can also convert this food-oriented app into a social network by making some changes in PSD.

12. Free Ecommerce UI Kit

Are you looking for UI kit for ecommerce? Free Ecommerce UI kit employs dark pink color scheme to intrigue eCommerce apps that want to assist users, advertise fashion and designer products. There is a separate filter screen that will allow users to narrow down their search with the selection of male/female products, search through categories, use brand name to find specific items, select a product color, and even select a price range to narrow down items falling into your budget.

13. Instagram UI Material Design


It has Instagram User Interface concept which involves material design as the design base. You can use this concept UI kit to build Instagram-like apps.

14. Invoices App Concept

When you have plans of building an invoicing app, then Invoices App Concept is suitable for creating such an app. It has the design elements to put on view individual invoices for users, buttons to print and delete invoices, and also a statistics report for how the invoices are making revenue.

15. iPhone 6 UI

The iPhone 6 UI Kit has some nice elements that can complement well with the iPhone 6 UI natively. The screens are just like Instagram. You can create an app where users can create social profiles, share visual content and get responses for it.

16. Lets Go Travel UI Kit

Launch your own travel management app for iOS with the help of this UI kit. Lets Go Travel UI kit will allow you to focus on providing users with train, flight and bus tickets, and important holiday information.

17. Login UI kit for iOS

This login UI kit is for iOS devices, which is a collection of signup/login screens that you can apply to your app prototype. You will have a full access to PSD files which will give you an opportunity to quickly change color schemes. It also features social login elements.

18. Materia – eCommerce app design


Materia mobile UI kit is suitable for Android app developers and focuses exclusively on eCommerce design aspects. This UI kit provides a fully functional design for building an eCommerce store app prototype that can be later optimized with real code functions with the use in a real-world application.

19. Minimal Chat UI Kit

It is one of the best freebies that are available with Free Chat UI kit for Photoshop & Sketch. It is a fully function instant messaging application that employs modern design and modern design features.

20. Mobile Material UI Screens

Those who wish to have an extraordinary app, they should check the potential of Material Design, much like CloudMagic Email, Cerberus anti theft & Calendar, and Evernote are all doing already. All the brands and businesses that are employing Google Material Design within their Android applications are doing extremely great. All these apps and other countless apps that are using material designs have some of the best reviews, which are directly intended to the User Interface usability. Mobile Material UI comprises of all the default screens that you would require to get an application prototype in progress.

21. Music App UI


Those who dream of designing music app for iPhone, but never tried because of design concerns, it’s time to think about it again as Music App UI is a free UI kit for creating a music app for iOS users. It has a very precise design and integrates well with the latest iOS design module.

22. Phoenix UI: Vol 1 – for iPhone 6 / Free PSD

Pheonix UI is a mobile UI kit for iOS which comprises of 12 individual screens. First screen is similar to Instagram that offers community sharing. Users can share their images, tag their locations and leave a comment. Second is the user profile screen, containing user information. You can check your inbox and change profile settings. There are separate screens for sign in, message inbox, fitness applications, and a calendar and to view visual content. People can also tag themselves with a particular location. There are two different style/color choices in screen: minimal dark, and minimal light.

23. Pink Flat UI

Pink Flat UI is a smooth vector UI kit with available PSD files and different elements like calendar, video player, search, loading bars, login form, buttons, community stats, and extended weather widget.

24. Routes UI kit for iOS

Routes UI Kit has been made for iOS developers only. There are seven categories in this kit:

  • Traveling
  • Online Shopping
  • Social Media
  • User Profiles
  • Menu Items
  • Signup And Login Forms
  • Walkthrough Forms

This UI package comprises of more than 100 unique high-quality screens divided into above mentioned 7 categories. The color scheme offered in this UI stresses towards what brands want to sell with minimal and modern colors.

25. Sales App UI Kit

Sales App UI kit merges social aspects with eCommerce aspects to assemble a socially oriented eCommerce app prototype.

26. Spool UI Kit

Spool is a UI kit that makes the process of prototyping of apps easy with a login screen, a user profile screen, search the site screen, a music playlist screen, a dialog screen for user messaging, and a menu of course.

27. Sweet Dark UI

Sweet Dark UI is a collection of exciting and versatile UI shapes. Simply grab these unique shapes and apply them to your designs. You will get buttons, swipers, menu items, navigation tools that can be edited and used in live designs.

28. Take UI Kit


If you are making a single page website, then Take UI Kit will be the most suitable UI kit that provides you with one-page themes built with Bootstrap, and landing page themes built for WordPress.

29. Trend UI Kit

Trend UI Kit is a retina-catchy and pixel perfect UI kit that will enable you to have pixel perfect designs, available with 23 unique iOS screens.

30. Ventas Mobile App UI Kit

Ventas Mobile app UI kit can be used by bloggers who wish to share their experiences through mobile devices. This kit comes with 6 screens that offer perfect set of design elements to create prototype of your mobile blog. Through this kit, you can pay an emphasis on readability and usability of the app.

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