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34 Best Free Web Services to Monitor Website or Blog’s Uptime and Downtime

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Whether you are running a website, a blog or web application, making sure your site is accessible all the time is the least you should do. Visitors who regularly encounter problems of accessing your site will get frustrated and will not likely come back. If your website has poor uptimes, it will not only give a bad impression to visitors, but also cause significant losses in your advertising revenue. Fortunately there are many web tools and services out there helping you to check your site from time to time. In the event of your site goes down, these tools will notify you immediately via instant email or SMS alert, so that you can take prompt action to fix things up.


In today’s post, you can find 34 free and useful monitoring tools to report the uptime, downtime and performance of your site. So just forget about monitoring site yourself, and let these web services to do their jobs!
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Free Web Monitoring Tools and Services

HostTracker checks your website or blog periodically. If there is an access error occurs, your site will be checked by all other monitoring points; should these attempts fail, you will immediately be notified of the problem by an e-mail or SMS message.

Site24x7 offers both free and paid website monitoring services. It helps you to monitor websites remotely and you’ll receive instant email or SMS alerts if your website becomes unavailable. You can also view uptime and performance graphs of your website.

UptimeRobot is a web service that monitors websites at five minute intervals.

SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies you via email or SMS if it becomes unavailable. Free and Paid plans are available.

WebsitePulse is a provider of advanced, independent and remote monitoring services that enable users to increase the efficiency of their mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce their risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

Internetseer provides free website monitoring services and sends instant email alerts when your website is unavailable, and a weekly performance report.

Hyperspin monitors websites and web servers from worldwide locations with SMS and email alerts.

Vertain offers website monitoring services ranging from uptime monitor and speed
monitor to multi-page transaction monitoring and application performance monitoring
with alert escalation, multi-recipient scheduling, diagnostics, and performance tracking. provides free real time 24/7 website and server monitoring from geographically distributed servers with personalized Ajax interface, server performance testing, uptime reporting, traffic analysis and alarm notification.

Uptrends is a flexible, hosted website and server performance monitoring system that lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors. Its worldwide checkpoints will monitor your website or servers 24/7, all year long. Uptrends will alert you immediately in the event your website, network or server fails, or if your transactions fail to work correctly.

ServiceUptime is free remote website uptime monitoring designed to help you detect website downtime. It monitors your website 24/7/365 and alerts you immediately upon your website accessibility, availability or performance problems.

Killer Website Monitor
The Killer Website Monitor is a software system designed from the ground up to monitor websites 24/7. You can think of it as a security system for your website.

Montastic monitors your sites and alert you when there is an error.

InternetVista is a monitoring service company, specializing in the monitoring of Internet applications: website, web server, e-mail server, mySQL database, etc. It checks the availability of your website and warns you immediately by email, SMS or Twitter if a breakdown or malfunction is detected.

Dotcom-Monitor is an advanced website monitoring service that ensures the performance and uptime of your e-business by bringing together monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation and analysis in the combination best suited to your needs.

Basic State
Basic State is yet another free website uptime monitor and alert services provider. It checks your websites every 15 minutes and provides uptime report with 14 day history. Users can either received trouble alerts by email or SMS.
Enjoy the security of always having your website watched.

ServerMojo is a free dedicated server monitoring and notification service. Users can define monitor intervals and types, choose to be alerted by email, IM, Twitter, RSS or SMS and are provided with a range of charts showing server uptimes/downtimes and response speeds over time.

Uptime Dog
Uptime Dog checks availability of your website every 2 minutes to see if it is online and working, and notifies you to your email address if it is down.

Root Internet
Root Internet offers multi-protocol support, uptime and performance of your website or server, downtime notifications via email and SMS, global monitoring locations.

SiteProbe is a tool that checks the status of your website hourly, 24/7. If you wish to be notified when your site status changes from up to down, or vice versa, just edit your user profile to enable alerts.

LogicReach is a free server monitoring service that allows you to relax in the confidence your site is up and running 24/7, in the event of any problems or downtime LogicReach will send you an email or SMS.

Free Desktop Applications

SDL Website Monitor
A collection of scripts that allow a website to be monitored and/or tested. The monitor allows you to record pages by clicking through your site from your browser. These can then be periodically checked to ensure they are available and correct.

Nagios offers complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services.

Zabbix is an open source solution that offers advanced monitoring, alerting and visualization features.

Website Monitoring
This is a free program that runs in the Windows system tray and monitors your websites for you. The tool’s simple interface makes it easy to use, but contains all the essential features you need for a website monitoring program.

Premium Services and Tools

Pingdom free website monitoring reports the uptime, downtime and performance of your website, network and server and alerts you of errors.

OpenTracker is a website and app statistics, analytics, web tracking, and visitor or user analysis tool.

WatchMouse is a website monitoring service for web server performance measurement.

AlertSite’s global 24×7 monitoring network alerts you the moment an issue occurs and captures the detail needed to help you and your team fix it quickly, minimizing business impact.

Are My Sites Up?
Are My Sites Up is a very simple service to help you keep an eye on your sites and warn you if they go down.

Wormly offers server monitoring, website monitoring and uptime monitoring to keep you online and performing fast. Remote monitoring from outside the firewall alerts you when failures occur, while internal server health monitoring reveals problems before they cause downtime.

More Website Uptime and Downtime Resources

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This article teaches you how to develop the monitoring service yourself.


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