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How to Check the Web Hosting Service Used by Any Websites

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Have you ever wondered who is hosting those famous and high traffic websites like The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and GigaOM? Simply use one of the web tools below and enter a website address, these tools will return the name of the web host provider that’s hosting that site. If you are doing research to determine the suitable web host provider for your blog, these tools will help you making the right decision. Let’s check them out!

how_to_check_the_web_hosting_service_used_by_any_websites has a large suite of tools related to whois, whois lookup, websites, domain names and ip addresses.

Whois.Net is another trusted source for secure domain name searches, registration, availability and more. You can use their free Whois Lookup Database to search for and reserve your domain.

Netcraft Uptime
Another web tool retrieves hosting software information from any domain name.

Discover which web hosting company any site uses, plus web hosting reviews, hosting coupons, their DMCA service and blog.

You Get Signal
You Get Signal provides a collection of uncomplicated and powerful network tools such as Whois Lookup Tool, Port Forwarding Tester, Network Location Tool, and more.

DomainTools has comprehensive collection of domain name ownership records. It also provides Whois Lookup, Whois History, Reverse Whois, DNS and IP Tools.


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