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Top 30 Web Tools to Monitor Website Downtime

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Downtime is no longer considered a good thing. Years ago it was a word that meant relaxing, resting, catching your breath, but today in the world of blogs and websites downtime is the worst possible thing that can happen. In March of this year Amazon went down for 20 minutes or so. Those 20 minutes cost the online retail store over $3.5 million.


So, it is a big challenge for every web developer about what should be emphasized. That’s why ‘how to monitor website’ is an ongoing question so we’ve put together a list of our top 30 tools to monitor your website’s uptime and its downtime history. We’ve included paid as well as free, yes free tools on our list and even though it’s fairly comprehensive it is by no means definitive.

From VPS web hosting and fully managed VPS to fairly simple tools that alert you via an email or an SMS, record and report your website downtime history. We like to think we’ve included the game players and the game changers that will show you what’s up, what’s down, how long and why.

Here are our top 30 website monitoring services, just for you.

1. Turbo Monitor


Turbo Monitor is suitable for all websites but is particularly good for larger companies selling their services online, especially those under extreme pressure, like hotels, airlines, event tickets, etc. Turbo Monitor checks your site every 60 seconds and alerts you via email or SMS.

The award winning VPS web hosting provider offers one of the best services, monitoring each of their VPS accounts to resolve any issues, including downtime, before they even happen.

3. A2 Hosting


Their fully managed VPS is the perfect solution if you’re in charge of your company’s website, and need the additional support. They guarantee 99% uptime and are able to sort out any problems before you’re even aware of them.

4. Montastic
Another free tool to monitor your website, Montastic is a great option for smaller businesses or individuals. It’s a pretty basic service but if you want to be alerted when your site goes down then Montastic is fantastic.

5. Uptime Robot
A free service with 50 monitors and updates every 5 minutes Uptime Robot is an excellent host. Launched in 2010 the company promised to keep their web tool free and to date they have managed to keep it that way, although in 2015 they introduced a Pro Plan.

One of the few tools that offer a customized service, updown charges according to the number of websites and how often you want them checked.

7. Pingdom


Their client list reads like the who’s who in the world of social media and all things technological. Apple, Pinterest, Google, Amazon and Dell. Checking websites every minute they can also let you know if something suddenly slows your site down.

8. StatusCake
A free and paid service, StatusCake has 60 plus monitoring locations around the world. All their plans include unlimited alerts and monitoring, a unique offering from them and their paid plans offer virus checking, domain expiration, browser testing, pagespeed checking and SSL monitoring, and an impressive constant second check rate.

9. Monitority


A free web tool that is basic but pretty good at what it does. There are no bells and whistles but the checks are done at one minute intervals and notifications are via email, Twitter and SMS.

10. Site24x7
One of the oldest website monitoring tools, Site24x7 has been around since 2006. Groupon, Xerox, Harley-Davidson and Getty Images are just a few clients and they offer website monitoring, server monitoring, and application monitoring.

11. New Relic
Having been around since 2008 New Relic gives you detailed performance analytics for your software environment. They also check your website with 1 minute intervals and alert you as soon as there’s a problem.

12. AppBeat
AppBeat is one of the new kids on the block and they offer free and paid packages that are affordable. Their main concern is your online services and should your site go down they alert you immediately.

13. Free Site Status
Perfect for personal websites Free Site Status monitors your site and alerts you when it’s not available. It’s fairly basic when compared to others but it does what you need it to.

14. Insping
Another free service, Insping alerts you when your site is down and gives a detailed report as to why.

15. Uptime Doctor
Free one minute interval checks and you can receive notifications via email or push alerts on your iOS or Android phone.

16. Binary Canary
One for personal websites or one’s that are less time sensitive, Binary Canary offers 15 minute checks and lets you know when your site’s down.

17. Monitis
With clients including Adobe, Lenovo, Siemens and eBay, Monitis offers an excellent response time and check rate.

18. Jetpack by
Available as a plug-in on WordPress sites, Jetpack les you know via mail when your site is down so you can correct any problems. Should downtime become more frequent then you know it’s time to change your host or optimize your site.

19. Service Uptime


Free monitoring service checks your website from worldwide locations and lets you know the moment your website is unavailable.

Uptime Spy makes sure you’re always online alerting you the moment there’s a problem and assists with troubleshooting.

21. Internetseer
Offering 60 minute, 20 minute and a free monitoring service.

22. 100pulse
100pulse gives you downtime alerts via email, SMS, and RSS Feed.

23. Pingability


Pingability is a server and website monitoring and alert service and lets you know when your site is down.

24. Uptime Dog
Monitors availability of your website every 2 minutes all year round, every day.

25. Uptrends
Uptrends monitors your network, website and server.

26. Wormly
Wormly offers monitoring and alerts you as soon as there’s downtime. It also monitors your server and lets you know if there are any problems before your website goes down.

27. AlertFox
AlertFox is a service that helps you find problems before your customers do.

28. Are We Online
Are We Online monitors everything that’s important: your domain, domain expirations, and lets you review any comments

29. Anturis
Anturis monitors servers, websites, and IT infrastructure monitoring tools.

30. Server Mojo
Server Mojo is a free dedicated monitoring service with alerts.

Author: Caroline Bird

Caroline Bird is a writer with years of experience in marketing communication. She enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for her own book. She is now also writing for VPS HiSpeed, a virtual server company hosted in Thailand which provides an excellent web hosting, competitive features and professional customer service.

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  1. Bruna says:

    The first one, TurboMonitor, it’s been very useful for our company! We test a PING, POP3 and SMPT and it works quite well.