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15 Tips to Prohibit Spam Comments to Your WordPress Site

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It is safe to say that you are getting a ton of spam comments on your WordPress blog? You’re not alone. In the other hand, it is also necessary to tackle it or if you will damage your website reputation with commentators and readers. Therefore, it is essential for you to handle the spammers as well as halt their efforts while spamming your WordPress site.


Gratefully in some past years, the developer has learned few approaches to battle remark spam in WordPress. In this article, mentioned list is the absolute most important hints, and WordPress modules to battle comment spam in WordPress. Read more…

Top 20 Customer Feedback Tools to Improve Conversion

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Making sure that a mobile application development company is operating at peak performance can be difficult to accomplish. One of the most effective methods improving sales is obtained customer feedback. Whether you manage an iPhone app development company or an Android app development company, when it comes to customer feedback tools, deciding on which tools to use can be a challenge.


In order to help you find the right tools, we have created a list of 20 tools that can help streamline the feedback process and analyze the data efficiently. Read more…

Cool Comment Tweaks that Work Magic for WordPress Sites

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Blogging and commenting go hand in hand. Irrespective of how informative your blog is, if it hasn’t received any comments, it’s actually lagging behind. Most of you (here, I’m referring to bloggers and website owners) would agree that comments play a significant role in helping a blogging site grow. And that’s not all, greater the number of comments, the greater would be count of readers visiting your site. Having said a lot about the pros of commenting, it is worth noting that the concept has also witnessed some unimaginable consequences for websites.


There are online entrepreneurs who’ve faced some really bothering issues in relation to comments posted for their corporate blogs. It is under such situations that a little comment tweaking can work as a magic wand. Dedicated to all WordPress users, this blog throws light on some time-tested comment tweaks which have saved websites from the harsh after-maths of spam commenting/mismanaged commenting systems. Read more…

23 Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

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Which is the best anti spam plugin for WordPress blog? WordPress is a very popular content management system that loads with various blogging security features, and that includes spam filtering. If you think that the built-in anti spam feature isn’t enough, and you’re looking for something more sophisticated. Below we’ve listed 23 anti spam plugins which can provide you extra features for effectively fighting spam on WordPress blog. We also recommend some useful captcha anti spam plugins for your consideration.


Read more…

7 Tips: How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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Looking for some tips and tricks to encourage your visitors to make more comments on your blog? Look no further, here’s the post you must read. Undeniably, the number of comments received on your posts is one of the best ways to check the health of your blog readership. Having received sufficient amount of comments means that you’ve successfully built a good engagement and relationship with your readers. It will not only encourage your existing visitors return for lively discussion but also attract more new visitors to your blog.


Here are 7 useful tips you can use to get more comments for your blog posts. Any thoughts and suggestions, share with us in the comment box below. Read more…

Top 5 Best Comment Systems for WordPress and Other Blogs

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Having a good comment system is important for us, as a blogger, to effectively communicate, share and discuss with audience. Be it a personal blog or commercial website, more interaction and communication through comments can make us understand our audience better, thus build a strong relationship and engagement with them.


Despite all blogging platforms including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Drupal come with a standard comment system that work pretty well and seem to suffice for most bloggers. But sometimes users may require more sophisticated commenting feature, fortunately there are quite a number of third-party commenting platforms out there for you to consider. Read more…

42 Beautiful Contact Form Page Designs for Your Inspiration

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Contact form should not be restricted to the simple and blank html form. As a web designer and blogger, you should put more effort designing a nice contact form to impress your visitors. In addition to common fields like name, email and message, you can also enhance your contact page with some features such as social media information, appealing illustrations and map to improve your visitor’s overall experience.


Here’s a showcase of 42 very beautiful and creative contact-us form designs found from portfolio websites and design agencies around the web. If you think that there’s a need to redesign your contact form page, check out the collection to get some ideas and inspiration! Read more…

Top 35 Useful WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Comment Section

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Most of the bloggers generally agree that post’s content is everything. However comments are often just as important, they create valuable discussions which are considered the secondary content of your post. If you are WordPress user, you should know that the default comment box is too simple and uninspiring. Fortunately we can enhance it using various of plugins. Here we’ve compiled a list of 35 useful plugins for WordPress comments helping you get rid of spam, improve the appearance of comments, and increase your engagement and interaction with visitors. Check them out!


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How to Create and Add an Avatar or Gravatar in Blog Comments

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Have you created your own comments avatar or Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) that will appear beside your name when you comment on website or blog? Simply go to and create one for free. It’s so easy and here is the step by step tutorial.

how_to_create_and_add_an_avatar_or_gravatar in_blog_comments

Read more…

Disqus – Free and Powerful Comment System for Websites and Blogs

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Comments are valuable information and discussion made by audience in the websites and blogs. However, the default comment box in most of the weblog publishing platforms is simplistic and uninspiring. Being a serious blogger, it is important to enhance the capabilities of your comment system to build an active community from your audience, eliminate spam and improve the appearance of comments. is a free comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web. Why is this comment system worth the attention? First of all, it is used by some major websites such as CNN, TechCrunch, FoxNews, IGN, etc. It works for most of the popular publishing platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal and more.


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How to Solve the WordPress Problem of not receiving Email Notification of New Comments

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Comment notification via email is one of the great features in the WordPress. However many users found that they are not able to receive any comment notification emails after the WordPress is being upgraded to the latest version. If you are having the same problem, the WordPress plugin below which is compatible with Google Gmail will help you to solve it out.


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