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15 Proven Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery up to 50%

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We want unlimited battery timing, but unfortunately, the feature is not available yet. For now, we will have to make ourselves content with what we have, but the problem is we don’t want to charge our mobiles again and again, and we are always looking for ways using which we can extend the battery timing of our mobiles. One thing is certain that the battery timing can be extended using certain tricks, but, it is not clear yet how much extra timing we can get.


It also depends on your mobile phone: many mobiles with heavy processors consume more energy than those with low processing speed, and if we use the same tricks of battery saving in these two mobiles, the results will certainly be different. However, what is highly important is that how you can extend the battery of your mobile and here is a list of 15 proven tips that you can use to extend the battery of your Android phone.


1. Kill the Apps Running in the Background

If the apps are running in the background in your android mobile, the mobile keeps on processing these applications and thus keeps on utilizing a significant amount of battery. Whenever we kill any app, we are mistaken that we have actually closed it but that is not the case because it keeps on running in the background. These background apps keep on checking for signals as well as data, and apart from consuming battery, these apps also consume lots of data.

There is an interesting feature in Android which kills the background apps automatically – only those apps that you haven’t used for some time. You can also use the app killer for this purpose, but its use is quite controversial because it will also close those apps which you frequently use, and starting your favorite apps from the scratch will take more energy than you saved by closing it. It is best that you should use the built-in options to kill apps manually.

2. Tweak the Apps

There are different apps that are very important and you want them running all the time like email and contacts apps. You must keep in mind that these apps will consume lots of energy. The best option for these apps is that you should tweak them. For this purpose, you can go the settings and there you will be able to set a time interval after which any app will access your email service. For instance, if previously it was 5 minutes, you can change it now to thirty minutes or 1 hour depending on your priorities.

There are also different apps that keep on synchronizing with the web server and consume lots of energy. You should also turn off the synchronization for these apps.

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS Services

There are different services in our mobile that we use all the time and the prominent among these are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. There is no need to keep these services on all the time because they too consume lots of energy. For instance, if you are at a place where there is no W-Fi, then it is foolish to let the W-Fi remain active. It is extremely simple to turn these features on or off: all you have to do is swipe your finger on the screen from the top down, and a bar will appear, here the active features will be highlighted and those which aren’t highlighted are off.

Another important thing is that whenever you are in an area where there is no mobile service, turn your mobile off or keep it on the flight mode because when there is no service, your cell phone keeps on connecting with the signal towers and thus consumes lots of battery.

4. Adjusting the Brightness

Brightness adjustment in you mobile can really help you a lot to save some battery. Programs certainly consume battery and so does the mobile screen. As screens produce light, they consume lots of battery. You can adjust the brightness of your device to few lower points and you will notice that the battery timing is significantly increased. You can find the brightness bar at the top of your screen when you swipe it down. For AMOLED screens, it is better that you keep the background color black.


You can also lower the time that your mobile takes to kill the light. If it’s five minutes, you can reduce it to one or two minutes. Avoid live wallpapers and screen widgets as much as you can.

5. Turn Off Vibrations

You can also save lots of energy by turning off the vibration because electric motors that produce vibrations are highly energy inefficient. When creating vibrations, you mobile moves against the friction as well as some energy is lost in the form of heat. Therefore, if there is no need of any vibrations, then you can turn them off. Android mobiles have different forms of vibrations like your phone vibrates when it rings and the other vibrations are of haptic feedback.

6. Ideal Temperature for Batteries

You might not be familiar with this, but here is an interesting and important fact your battery works properly at a particular temperature. If there is too much cold, then the internal resistance of the battery will increase causing hindrance to the power supply. Similarly, if there is too much heat, there won’t be any internal resistance, but it can cause your battery to wear out earlier than the expected time. In the extremely hot climates, the battery’s capacity of charging will decrease gradually, and in the end, it will stop functioning.

7. Battery Boosting Packs

The amount of battery timing that you will get depends primarily on the size of the battery of your mobile. If its size is bigger, the battery timing will be more, and if the battery is comparatively smaller, the timing will be less. There are different types of battery boosting packs available in the market, and few of them are in the form of the phone case. These boosting packs are useful because you don’t have to carry two or more devices at the same time. If you are looking for these battery boosting packs online, you can explore these and many other Android related products on Groupon.

8. Charge Whenever You Like

There is a cliché about the mobile batteries that you should charge them only when they are near empty. This is just a cliché, and there is nothing true in it. You can charge your mobile whenever you like, in fact, you should. You can charge the mobile even when the battery is 90%. This is the best thing about the batteries in the modern electronic devices.

9. Turn the Mobile Off

Turning your mobile off also saves lots of battery because when your mobile is turned off, the consumption of battery equals no consumption. If you think that you aren’t expecting any important phone call, you can turn your mobile off to save some battery. It is better to turn your mobile off when you are giving some time to your loved ones.

10. Uninstalling the Applications

You might have installed too many applications in your mobile out of curiosity, and there certainly would be few among them which you hardly use at all. The best option is that you should uninstall these apps so that you won’t have to close them again and again in order to avoid their running in the background.

11. Use Power Saving Mode

Instead of turning off different features in your mobile phone to extend the battery timing to maximum, you can also use the power saving mode instead. There are also some extreme power saving modes which limit the usage of your mobile only to phone calls, texts and browsing. This way you can get few extra hours of battery.

12. Check Battery Reviews

No matter how much measures you take to extend the battery of your Android mobile, if the battery itself is inefficient, then you will get nothing. If you are buying a smartphone, it is better that first, you read some reviews about that phone which will also include some comments about his battery. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that battery timing varies from mobile to mobile.

13. Update the Applications

If the applications in your mobile are not updated, they will consume lots of battery when compared with the mobile in which all the applications are updated. Do not rely on the automatic updates because there are few apps that require manual permission. You can also check for the updates of different apps in the Google Play.

14. Reduce Unnecessary Widgets

You might like lots of widgets on your Android screen because it is easier to access things this way, and you might be thinking that these widgets are just dead icons which do not consume energy unless brought to life by clicking. If you think so you are wrong. Even when dead, these consume lots of your battery. You should remove all the unnecessary widgets.

15. Use Different Tips Together

All the tips that are mentioned above work well and each can contribute a share to expand the battery of your mobile. However, it is suggested that you shouldn’t limit yourself with one or two tips. You should explore all the tips and then finally you can choose which tip works best for your Android phone.

Author: Lisa Myers

This article is written by Lisa, She works at Coupon Goo as a software engineer.

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