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20 Mobile Advertising Tips You Must Learn

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“If your plans don’t include Mobile, your plans are not finished.” –Wendy Clark, Integrated Marketing Coca-Cola Companies.


Yeah… it is very true, in sync with the current milieu. The e-commerce of 2014 doesn’t remain same today as before. It has converted into m-commerce of 2015. With the shift towards the mobile advertising, many marketers are scrambling to get mastery in mobile advertising procedure.

Having the world at your fingertips is just like the wonderful and hassle-free approach to acquire any aspect. And, when today the digital marketing is going to be defined, the mobile advertising has to be in the front of the conversation. Of course, the mobile is the new media star.

There are 10 out of 15, who access the internet through mobile devices rather than PCs.

“The Mobile Web Initiative is important. Information must be made seamlessly available on any device.” -Tim Berners-Lee

As simple as that, when the website can be opened in any device seamlessly, then the marketers and the customers both will be contended. Navigation and the page speed are the imperative steps responsible for how long a customer sticks to a website.

Pillars to build the cogent mobile advertising campaign


The mobile marketers are always looking for the tactics to stay one step ahead of their competition. Indeed, the mobile advertising is challenging, but there are approaches to raise the flag of your mobile campaign elevated in the air.

Have a look on some tips about mobile advertising:

1. Know your audience
Don’t just shoot in the dark. Ensure about your audience and then target them after reviewing all the parameters. Decide what you want to act. Mobile is all about getting users to act instantly. Set the proper agenda and then work on it.

2. Consider your customer’s mobile habits
When it comes to crafting a mobile marketing strategy, the marketers must have acquainted themselves who their customers are and how they use smart phones. Yeah…“Know your customer” is the golden protocol of the marketing. This is the significant component contemplated whilst promotion.

Do the users use mobile devices? Which is more focused-the mobile apps or the searches? Do they use the tablets or the smartphones? Find the answers to these questions before indulging into the process of mobile advertising campaigns.

3. Use the right analytics
Mobile marketing has the diverse considerations from the traditional digital marketing. Without the correct analysis, you won’t be able to take a step forward. So, set up your baseline and then proceed towards the right direction.

4. Select the right ad partner
Picking the right ad partner relies on the number of factors that are specific to your individual needs as a marketer. Let’s explore some of them:

  • His work strategy
  • Incentivized vs Non-Incentivized Environment
  • The objective
  • The tools and tactics

5. Pick the right ad format for your audience
Choosing the right platform for advertising is an essential element. Platforms may vary from social media to in-app ads, SMS ads and more. It depends on the audience who uses distinct types of platforms.

As an illustration, if your target audience is molded towards the mobile gaming, then it is beneficial to show ads there, whereas, if someone is addicted to the social network, then it will be fruitful for you to target at that network.

6. Rethink banner ads
Although, banner ads are the imperative components of the mobile advertising procedure. Though, in some instances, it does not prove ideal. However, still, despite all the erratic elements, it can be beneficial for your organization, just depend on the circumstances.

7. Speak to your mobile audience with mobile-preferred ads


Target the mobile users!!! You have to create the ad, specifically catered to the mobile audience. But, don’t forget the desktop users. Just, craft an alternative ad for the mobile users and keep progressing.

8. Keep your goal in sight
The aim is your ambition, aspiration! Don’t forget to target that. And, for this, it is very requisite to build an apposite strategy. And, your goal should include top KPIs. According to the Ovum’s study, the KPIs may be:

  • Sales
  • Social media shares or likes
  • Searches
  • Click-throughs
  • Texts or emails sent

9. Personalize ad segmentation
Personalization of your ad experiences is the substratum after keeping the units firmly placed. It relies on the spenders. As an illustration, serving the cross-app promotion to the high spenders can help you retain them within your own ecosystem of other app titles.

10. Make your CTA mobile-friendly
So, are you ready to create a strong call to action!!! Done with the setting up the goal? So, start with that. Your CTA might ask the mobile users to sign up for your newsletter, share a link or shop now. Just keep it simple and short. The mobile users usually skip the ads having asked to fill the form or application. So, just concentrate on this parameter too.

11. Location is key
It’s imperative to place the ad at the right place. Like, placing the ad amidst the video game is not the right time and place. Set your location prior and then go for it.

12. Be social
Social media mean the sharing!!! So, grab the golden opportunity. Be social, make social. A study has shown that the users are three times more likely to share the content via iPhones or the smartphones rather than the desktops. So, go ahead with the social network.

13. Make data-driven tweaks
Crafting the analytics is good. But, in the further steps, you have to adopt other measures too like- by using data to segment, understand and target your marketing efforts. Try different approaches, then you will reach to a firm destination and be able to optimize the campaign.

14. Responsive ads are also the pivotal element


Today, 80% of the mobile users love to browse the internet through the handheld devices. Just ensure that the ads offer the kind of interactivity the consumers want. Plus, navigation should be intuitive and the page loading speed should be faster.

15. Use all available ad extensions
Ad’s extensions increase an ad’s CTR and it has been already announced by the Google that it also contributes to the quality score. So, incorporate it in your schedule and use it.

16. Target broadly and then refine
If you have your business catering the relevant products and services, then exhibit it over the large compass. Focus on the parameters like device, carrier, Geo-location, demographic, contextual, etc. and you will be in the beneficial zone. The broader your approach, the more users are likely to reach.

17. Consumers respond to mobile marketing when relevant to buying decision
Thrive Analytics’ 2015 Local Search Report has shown that 55% of the consumers have clicked on the mobile device. Though, the screen is smaller, but the ads have the greater acceptance.

18. Don’t over think it
Keep the things simple and sophisticated! Give users the seamless experience and they will follow you. Don’t make it confusing!

19. Test multiple creative sets at regular intervals
Testing is the quintessential component in each procedure. And, mobile advertising is a subtle balance of art and science. Keep your goal set to continually test, optimize and improve the performance. You can also test at different versions too.

20. Measurement is the ultimate step to be adopted
Eventually, you need to ensure that your campaign is being adequately and accurately measured by analyzing the post-click behavior. Check this by putting your shoes in the consumers’ and then audit.

“Mobile is the future, and there’s no such thing as communication overloaded.”- Eric Schmidt, Google.

Keep your mobile advertising campaign worth to be responding by the consumers in the cost-effective and hassle-free manner.
All the very best!

Author: Aarif Habeeb

Aarif Habeeb is a digital marketing strategist and technical content writer for WeDigTech. He has worked for small, medium and large organizations and helps marketers overcome the barriers to success through digital marketing.

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